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Is your VCP Recertification Deadline Approaching?

VCP merchFor many of our readers it’s almost time to renew your VMware Certified Professional (VCP) for another two years. Recertifying gives you a chance to demonstrate

  • advanced technical skills and qualifications
  • skills in a new technology that can boost your salary and advance your career
  • your continued commitment to professional development

Find your VCP recertification date by logging into your VMware Certification Manager account.

Learn more about your recertification options as well as a list of resources available to help you get ready.


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Karl Childs

About Karl Childs

Karl Childs is a Senior Manager with VMware Education Services. He has 20+ years experience in IT Education and Certification, working with global companies such as HP, Novell, and MCI. While his background is in Instructional Technology and Training Development, he enjoys applying those skills within the IT and software industry.

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