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30+ Videos Added to VMware Learning Zone this Month!

SEM_Banner_LearningZone_440x230_V1The VMware Learning Zone video library added over 30 new videos last month, including an extensive collection on vSAN Troubleshooting. These videos are now fully available to all Premium and Standard subscribers to the VMware Learning Zone.

VMware vSAN Troubleshooting Series

  • Introduction: Introduces the series of bite sized videos that cover troubleshooting, design, requirements, compatibility, and upgrades.
  • Summary

VMware vSAN Compatibility Series

  • Introduction: introduces VMware vSAN Compatibility and overviews how the customer can be sure that the VMware vSAN environment is supportive.
  • VMware vSAN Hardware & Software Requirements: talks about the Hardware and Software requirements for the VMware vSAN 6.2 requirements
  • VMware vSAN Architectural Best Practices: focuses on best practices, including a whiteboard discussion on architecture, and key hardware and software affecting VMware vSAN performance
  • Is My SSD Supported in VMware vSAN?: discusses the process to check if a customer’s SSD is supported in a VMware vSAN cluster
  • Is My RAID Controller Supported?: discusses the process to check if a customer’s storage controller is supported with VMware vSAN

Storage Policies Series

  • Introduction: introduces Storage Policies for VMware vSAN
  • VMware vSAN Storage Policies In-Depth: explains how VMware vSAN Storage Policies will influence how a VMware vSAN cluster will perform
  • What Are Witnesses?: explains witnesses for VMware vSAN Storage Policies and its importance
  • Component States: explains component states for VMware vSAN Storage Policies and how failures are handled
  • Policy & Object States: explains Policy and Object states and what this means for customers that are running a VMware vSAN environment
  • Component Layout FTT1 SW1: explains how to draw out a Storage policy so you can understand what policies look like under the covers
  • Component Layout FTT1 SW2: shows how to draw a VMDK that has failures to tolerate of 1 and Stripe Width of 2
  • Component Layout FTT1 SW1 VMDK 400: looks at VMDK of 400gb in size that has FTT1 and SW1
  • FTT2 SW2 VMDK100: draws a VMDK of 100gb in size that has FTT2 and SW2
  • Summary

VMware vSAN Common Issues Series

  • The Upgrade Process: talks about the importance of the VMware vSAN upgrade process
  • Upgrade Best Practices: talks about best practices when performing upgrades in a VMware vSAN environment
  • Inaccessible Objects: talks about inaccessible objects in a VMware vSAN environment and what this means for customers
  • Creation, Modification of Disk Groups: talks about creation and modification of disk groups and the process to follow before removing the disk/disk groups
  • Capacity: talks about Capacity and how much free space is recommended in a VMware vSAN disk group
  • Summary

VMware vSAN Troubleshooting Tools Series

  • Part 1: covers VMware’s most useful troubleshooting tools for VMware vSAN-vSphere web client, esxcli and more.
  • Part 2: covers Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) and the commands to run to get output using RVC and more.

VMworld 2016 Series

  • Advanced Troubleshooting for NSX: walks you through the NSX Infrastructure communication, NSX Central CLI, Validating and Populating NSX Controller Tables
  • VMware Identity Manager: Application Management and Business Use Cases: walks you through the process to identify and define iAM and iDaas, IT outcomes and complimentary solutions provided by VMware as part of Identity Manager, the Saas and on-premises offerings of Identity Manager and discusses business use cases.
  • vRealize Automation: Abstracting the vSphere Endpoint as a Cloud Resource: covers the Cloud layers and Roles in vRealize Automation and different types of Reservation and Business groups.
  • Automating your Network Services Deployments with VMware NSX and vRealize Automation: discusses building your vRealize Automation blueprints with automated network services deployments from VMware NSX.

Meeting a vStorage SLA Series

  • Introduction: learn about the different modules of storage that will be covered in the vStorage SLA series.
  • Storage Concepts: learn about the importance of storage concepts and shared storage. The video talks about connections to storage from VMware’s perspective with Fibre channel, iSCSi and NFS.
  • vToolkit – VAAI: learn about VTOOLKIT- VAAI and the (vStorage API for Array Integration) API from VMware that offloads or enhances processes to the storage array.

Deploying a Multi-Tenant vRealize Automation 7 Solution Series

  • Part 2 of 13 – Technical Introduction, Lab Environment: introduces the lab environment, and discusses the purpose and functionality of the various roles.

VMware vSAN Software Components

  • This video talks about the importance of the VMware vSAN software components and what happens under the covers in a VMware vSAN cluster.

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