According to Charles Barrett, Mark Ewert, and Ben Goodman, authors of the free ebook Applications for Dummies:app_dummies

“Applications are some of the most expensive parts of any IT organization, and they have a profound impact on the performance of the business, either negatively or positively, depending on the way in which they have been implemented…Application delivery and management is a critical feature of any enterprise landscape and as organizations start to consume mobile, SaaS, and web apps along with traditional client server applications, identity management becomes as critical as the delivery mechanism…”

Download your copy to explore:

  • the history and future of applications: Where we’ve come from, and where we’re going.
  • the presentation of applications: How to deliver them.
  • application protocols: How to access what you need.
  • Security management: How to make and keep applications safe and secure to use.
  • end users: Who gets what, how they get them, and why.
  • access: How to access applications from various locations.
  • virtualization: Whether to virtualize applications or not and how.
  • licensing: The right blend of delivery methods.