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VCP5-DCV Exam and Certification Retirement

VCP-DCVOur intention is to make VMware certification the most relevant and active virtualization certification in the market. Part of this includes retiring exams on older versions of our products. And so, we will be retiring the two exams related to the VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV) certification.

  • VCP5-DCV Exam (VCP550)
  • VCP5-DCV Delta Exam (VCP550D)

We will stop taking new registrations for these exams after March 15, 2017. If you are making a new exam appointment, you must schedule it before March 31, 2017.

Once these exams are retired you will no longer be able to earn a new VCP5-DCV certification. Of course, if you already hold the VCP5-DCV certification it will remain yours as long as you recertify every two years.

If you have specific questions or concerns please contact theĀ Certification Support team.

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Karl Childs

About Karl Childs

Karl Childs is a Senior Manager with VMware Education Services. He has 20+ years experience in IT Education and Certification, working with global companies such as HP, Novell, and MCI. While his background is in Instructional Technology and Training Development, he enjoys applying those skills within the IT and software industry.

12 thoughts on “VCP5-DCV Exam and Certification Retirement

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  3. Ranj bassi

    Hi Karl

    I currently hold a VCP5-DCV which expires in Feb 2017, is there a site I can view on VMware which will tell me options I have?

    I believe my options are I can still take the exiting VCP5 however this probably won’t be the best plan as I Understand it will be discontinued but it will buy me 2 years. is that correct? Or I could take VCP6 Delta exam?

    or VCAP is an option? Is a course required for this or recommended?

    or another option is to look at the Network virtualisation exam and course material?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      1. Joris Syen

        I think this answer is wrong. He asked if he could do the VCP5 (or VCP55D) exam again to buy 2 years. Not the VCP6 which. Is it possible for VCP550D certified people to redo the exam to buy another 2 years? Or are they forced to learn VCP6?

  4. Prashant

    Hi karl,
    Hope your doing good,

    I just started my carier in IT. Currently i hold CCNA, but also i am planing to achieve Vmware certification. At this moment of time, I am very confused because there are lots of certification in VMware such as VMware vSphere, VMware NSX,VMware Site Recovery Manager etc..Please suggest which would be best for me as a starter.

    1. Karl Childs

      Hi Prashant,

      As a CCNA, you might find the easiest path to be the VCP6-NV, which is our Networking Virtualization. If you hold the CCNA Data Center or Routing & Switching, you also get a waiver for the training requirement. From there, you can expand into the other certification areas.


      Alternatively, if you’d like to move directly into the core vSphere solutions and our mainstream virtualization competencies, the VCP6-DCV is a good place to start.

  5. Prashant

    Is my networking skill would be use if i get this VCP6-DCV certificate. Also which course would be best for me. VCP6-DCV or VCP6-NV.

    1. Karl Childs

      Hi Prashant, I recommend the VCP6-NV, based on your CCNA and networking experience.

  6. Prashant

    Hi karl,
    Hope you are doing good!

    I have one quick question. If some one wants to start as fresher then what you suggest about VCP6 DCV . Also DCV is related with networking or its totally different from networking filed.
    I have some confusion about this.

    1. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

      The DCV track does require some networking knowledge, but only in the context of administering a vSphere solution. To start, the VCA is a great option, to bring up to speed. It is also a good path to determine where your focus may need to lie.

  7. Richard Davies

    I’m an existing VCP550, having recertified two years ago. I had been planning on simply recertifying by taking the VCP550 exam again but I discovered today when attempting to book the exam that I was not allowed to take that exam again! That now leaves me with 10 days to study for and sit the v6 exam. not impressed!

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