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Update to VCIX Program

The VMware Certification Program is committed to helping candidates get the most value from their VMware certifications. As part of the enhancements we announced last December, we updated the program structure and paths to include VMware Certified Implementation Expert 6 (VCIX6).

For candidates who earn both a VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) Design and Administration/Deployment certification in the same technology track, the VCIX6 will be awarded as a special designation instead of a separate certification. This is a significant achievement, and we want to recognize those who earn both Design and Admin/Deploy certifications through a designation that can be shared and displayed for others and that allows us to combine credentials representing a complete overview of your advanced skills.

To upgrade from a VCAP5, complete the alternate VCAP6 certification. For instance, a VCAP5-DCA plus a VCAP6-DCV Design would earn you the VCIX6 designation.

The VCIX6 special designation will be complete within your certification transcript once it’s enabled within Certification Manager.

In the case of the Network Virtualization track there is not a Design exam available at this point so you will earn the VCIX6 designation by achieving the VCAP6-NV Deploy certification only.

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Paul Sorensen

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8 thoughts on “Update to VCIX Program

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  2. Graeme

    Hi Paul,

    What if you hold both VCAP5 Design and Administration would you automatically receive the VCIX5?


  3. Andras Herceg

    Thanks Paul for the update. the VCIX6 is not yet displayed at my site, when will it be available? (I have VCAP5-DCA/DCD + VCAP6-DCD)

  4. Anonymous

    In the above blog, it states the following:

    “…. The VCIX6 special designation will be complete within your certification transcript once it’s enabled within Certification Manager.”

    Does it mean that there will be no separate certificate for VCIX6-DCV, and VCIX6-DCV is not yet released? Besides, what is the meaning of special designation?

    I asked Certificate Operation and they have no estimated release date for VCIX6-DCV.


  5. Victor Wu

    According to upgrade path of VCIX6-DCV, it has two paths, it is confirmed ?
    If hold VCAP5-DCD + VCAP6-DCV Deploy = VCIX6-DCV
    If hold VCAP5-DCA + VCAP6-DCV Design = VCIX6-DCV

    And when is the release date for VCIX6-DCV ?

    1. Anonymous

      Inside VMware MyLearn Portal -> MyEnrollments -> Certification Manager -> Track Your Certification Status, there is a link to Certification Catalog. The Catalog lists the currently available Certifications, and VCIX6-DCV is not one of them.

      VMware Certificate Operation asked me to check the Catalog. Candidates who fulfill the requirements will be notified by email.

    2. Anonymous

      According to VMware Certification Operation, the certification paths for new candidates and for VCAP5-DCD/DCA holders are valid. But it is still unclear whether a separate VCIX certificate will be issued. Maybe only the “special designation” will be granted.

  6. Sudesh Tendulkar

    Hi can anybody confirm we have access to NSX Documentation (For commands) and the VMware KB articles during VCIX-NV exam?

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