SEM_Banner_LearningZone_440x230_V1VMware Learning Zone subscribers get one year of unlimited access to our cloud-based video training library taught by top VMware experts, including all our new releases. This month, Steve Flanders continued his series on VMware vRealize Log Insight with several new videos:

    • Using Dashboards – teaches you how to use dashboards and widgets, including a look at the types of dashboards and what’s available in common content packs.
    • Finding and Using Content Packs – teaches you what content packs are, how to use them, and where to find them.
    • Building Content Packs – demonstrates how to build content packs.
    • Creating Alerts – shows you how to create alerts, including the various parameters you can configure such as type, naming, descriptions, email forwarding, threshold setting, etc.
    • Configuring vRealize Operations Manager Integration – shows you how to configure vRealize Operations Manager integration with vRealize Log Insight.
    • Configuring VMware vSphere Integration – demonstrates how to configure vSphere integration with vRealize Log Insight.
    • Using Event Types – walks you through event types: what they are, why they’re important to understand, and a live demonstration of how they are ingested, analyzed, and viewed.
    • Configuring Event Forwarding – demonstrates how to configure event forwarding, including the various reasons and scenarios in which you would forward events.
    • Benefits of vRealize Operations Manager Integration – reviews three key benefits you gain by integrating Log Insight with vRealize Operations Manager.
    • Configuring Log Insight Agent Parsers – shares how to extract useful information from your logs client-side and send them to Log Insight in a parsed form.
    • Troubleshooting an Issue in Log Insight – discusses approaches and techniques helpful to troubleshooting issues that might be encountered.

These videos are available NOW to anyone with an active VMware Learning Zone Standard or Premium subscription.

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