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Where in the World are VCAPs? [Infographic]

Our Where in the World are VCPs Infographic at the end of 2015 saw lots of interest. So, we asked Where in the World are the VMware Certified Advanced Professionals? To not much surprise, they are everywhere!

Which country do you represent?


24 thoughts on “Where in the World are VCAPs? [Infographic]

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  3. Miguel Romero

    I was asking this since 2014 when I was studying for my first VCAP. Interesting to know I am included in that 13% holding more than 1 VCAP certification!. Thanks Jill!

  4. Chris skaling

    I hold both, happy to be that 13%! that’s cool to see how many vcaps there are, I would think more in the US

  5. Bjรถrn Roth

    Wow, only 277 VCAPs in Germany. Now I am even more proud to be one of them. Congratulations to all VCAPs and thanks to Jill and the Education Services Team.

  6. Andras

    thanks for the infographic.
    Jill, can we get please a little bit detailed info about the (EU) countries where less than 100 VCAPs are? I am very curious about the results of Hungary:)

  7. Harry

    After I got certified as VCAP-DCA on v4 and v5, they announced that these certificates are expiring in the future. This was the point, where I stopped being interested in the VCAP cert program…

  8. Maciej

    It looks that I belong to that 13% of lucky multi-VCAPers ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am curious about the methodology used for identification of a test takers’ nationality. If it is based on test center location then this infographic is unreliable. I am from Poland and many of my compatriots (me included) preferred to travel to Czech Republic because at some point it was impossible to sit a VCAP exam in our country.

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      It is based on the address in your record, not where you tested.

  9. Brian

    Great to see the break down by this map, but I have a question. What is the total amount of VCAPs worldwide?

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  12. Vaibhav

    Thanks for the Infograhics. It would be an good idea to have a link which displays the names of all the candidates.
    This will benefit the organizations,consultancies and interested people to verify the integrity along with the office certificate.

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