The VMware blogosphere is a wealth of knowledge covering everything from how-to content to put your skills to the test, to strategic concepts that can help you think differently about work. Check out a few of the latest posts from the Professional Services bloggers below!

Planning a DRP Solution for VMware Mirage Infrastructure
 In this post, Eric Monjoin describes how to design infrastructures that standup and act as reliable DRP solutions. Highlighting the different components of the VMware Mirage infrastructure, Monjoin notes those Mirage components that can be easily configured to act as reliable and redundant solutions.

“Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for Dummies” Blog Series – Part 2 Gary Hamilton continues his series on “Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for Dummies.” In this blog post, Hamilton outlines network functions that can be delivered as virtual network functions (VNFs) instead of hardware appliances, focusing on use cases for connecting remote offices using vCPE and virtualizing the mobile core network using vIMS.

Cloud Business Strategy Part 2 of the Cloud Business Management Series focuses on building a comprehensive Cloud Business Strategy. In this section you’ll read about common indicators of Cloud Business Management success and learn to ask questions that can help guide and roadmap your strategic path toward ideal Cloud Business Management.

Why I Think vRealize Automation 7.0 is a Game Changer vRealize Automation 7.0 is the latest iteration of VMware’s Cloud Management Platform for automating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and custom IT services. This blog highlights some of the game-changing updates in this version of vRealize Automation, including its simplified architecture, easy installation, and Converged Blueprint Designer.

Why Should CIOs Invest in Network Virtualization with NSX?  With NSX, VMware has the premier network virtualization software, but why should a CIO invest in network virtualization? In this blog, you’ll learn about the security, agility, and availability / disaster recovery benefits of network virtualization and find out what CIOs stand to gain by investing in a top-tier tool, like NSX.

The new culture of IT echoes the industry’s earliest days. A trip back in time reminds us that in its earliest days, IT was a team made up of software developers. The digital transformation imperative of modern business once again requires that IT step into a software development role. This blog addresses IT’s evolution and transition from an entity serving internal customers to one whose impact on the end-using consumer is critical.

DevOps: The Operations Side How should Development and Operations teams work together to operate efficiently and push toward common goals? This blog covers the Operations side of the DevOps equation, outlining key roles that include automation, infrastructure and application blueprints, patches and upgrades, and systems monitoring.