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2016 VCDX Defense Improvements

VCDX merchQ4 is always an exciting time for the VCDX program. As the year wraps up, this is time we spend planning, reviewing, and adjusting for the coming year. There are a few areas that have long been in discussion with the two VCDX Advisory Council members all year, as well as, many of the panelists. Those areas involve the Defense and Troubleshooting scenarios, and the time spent on them in the VCDX-Desktop and VCDX-Cloud defenses specifically. We are happy to announce some improvements that should make these easier to prepare for in 2016.

  1. Removal of the Troubleshooting Scenario from all defenses – We’ve decided through multiple discussions that the time spent here is better used elsewhere.
  2. Expand the Design Scenario by 15 minutes – The time that was previously used for the Troubleshooting Scenario will roll into the Design Scenario to allow more time for both candidate and panelists to interact and focus on architectural design aspects.
  3. VCDX-Cloud and VCDX-DT scenario time –  These will now be 45 minutes total to match VCDX-DCV and VCDX-NV, and will follow suite by removing the Troubleshooting.

Effectively going forward in 2016, all four tracks will simply have a 45 minute Design Scenario section instead of a 30 minute and a 15 minute Troubleshooting Scenario. In addition, by re-aligning Cloud and Desktop it helps make the defense length the same across the board for scheduling purposes. All materials including blueprints, VCDX workshops, and other documentation will be updated to reflect this change going forward, but the good news is you know it NOW! People preparing for VCDX defenses in 2016 can now focus on their design defense and the design scenario only.

We feel this is a great change to the process and consolidates efforts for the panelists and candidates alike.

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About Chris Colotti

Chris is currently a Principal Architect and VCDX Evangelist at VMware. Chris is amongst the first VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX#37), and author of multiple white papers. He now spends his time conducting VCDX Workshops as well as moderating VCDX Defenses. He is also heavily involved in setting the direction of the program itself with the Program Office.

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