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2016 VCDX Defense Dates

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We are excited begin announcing VCDX Defense dates. More will be added later, but we wanted to let you know some of the dates now. We will continue to let you know as more are added.

  • DCV ONLY in Palo Alto for the week of February 15th – Applications due Dec 11
  • DCV ONLY in the UK week of April 25 – Applications due Feb 14
  • DCV, CMA, DTM, NV in Palo Alto for the week of July 25 – Applications due May 15

Update 1/5/16:  New dates have been added to http://vcdx.vmware.com/calendar.  All people looking for current date information should refer to the website.  They are also shown below by month.

Note:  Dates may be subject to changes/updates based on physical location availability or other unforeseen issues.  Candidates should never book travel until they have received an invitation to defend for the confirmed defense week.  Actual physical locations will be updated in the calendar and on invitations to defend.

You will notice that in 2016 we are separating out when we have defenses for Data Center Virtualization (DCV) from the other three tracks. The main reason for this was to allow more flexibility in arranging panelists. VCDX-DCV is still the most widely applied for track and we wanted to make sure we supply enough panelists for those.

Currently applications are still being accepted for VCDX5. We will update and announce when VCDX6 is available and when VCDX5 will no longer be accepted at the various defense dates, and the calendar will be updated to reflect this.

In addition, while VCDX5 is still being accepted the waiver that has been in place for the VCDX-DT and VCDX-Cloud candidates will still be active, however, once VCDX5-DT and VCDX5-Cloud are fully retired the waivers will be dropped.  UPDATE:  The retirement of VCDX5-DT and VCDX5-Cloud has been announced as of Nov, 11th 2015.

This is an initial list, and as panelists and candidates are scheduled and assigned for defenses, more will be added throughout the year. For example, we may add an NV defense earlier in the year as the number of applications come in to support it. The initial consolidation of defenses on Desktop, NV, and Cloud is primarily due to the fact that DCV still represents the bulk of the applications we get. We’ve done this to ensure we can dedicate panelists for the other tracks and still manage the scheduling and workload. The program is growing, so we’ll continue to adjust with the growth!

Please be sure to check out the calendar below and subscribe for updates so you can always know of new events and changes to existing ones.

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About Chris Colotti

Chris is currently a Principal Architect and VCDX Evangelist at VMware. Chris is amongst the first VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX#37), and author of multiple white papers. He now spends his time conducting VCDX Workshops as well as moderating VCDX Defenses. He is also heavily involved in setting the direction of the program itself with the Program Office.

5 thoughts on “2016 VCDX Defense Dates

    1. Chris Colotti Post author

      As mentioned this is not the final list and we are looking at locations for APAC most likely in Brisbane. Please subscribe to the calendar for updates. Defense are being held where we have panelists locally since that is the common denominator. We are asking for panelists availability in the coming weeks.

  1. Karl Childs

    To emphasize the possibility of additional defenses, we will accept applications for ALL tracks at any time. They need to be submitted by the deadline in order to be invited to the associated defense, but having the different track applications coming in allows us to plan and set up the defenses as needed. In other words, if we get a high enough number of applications for Cloud, as an example, we can set up a Cloud defense, or add to the existing DCV defense schedules. It’s all centered on ensuring we have panelists available to support them.

  2. Karl Childs

    As described in the blog entry, we will add in additional panels as we can and as we have panelists.

    The first addition will be in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA for VCDX-DCV only. There is a limit of only two defenses per day, so we will invite those who pass the application and design review phase, and who submit for these specific dates, on a first-come, first-served basis. There are two new dates:

    May 5, 2016, with applications due by February 25
    September 15, 2016, with applications due by July 7

    When applying, you will see these additional options on the submission page at:

    1. Karl Childs

      And we’re adding another location and defense days.

      On the same days as just recently added, we will also add Palo Alto for a location for DCV defenses:

      May 5, 2016, with applications due by February 25
      September 15, 2016, with applications due by July 7

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