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Monthly Archives: October 2015

NSX & IT Operations Videos Released in the VMware Learning Zone

VMware Learning ZoneFour new Network Virtualization videos by instructor Paul McSharry and two videos on transforming your IT Operations have recently been added to the VMware Learning Zone video library:

  • NSX Architecture – Troubleshooting This video walks though building a logical design, including a close look at NSX components, how they work together, and how data flows between them. It also shares how to logically assess and respond to unexpected platform behavior.
  • NSX Switching – Overview of VXLAN Replication and VM-to-VM Communication Helps you understand how VMs talk to each other, including an overview of vSwitch, VXLAN Control Plane Modes, and VM-to-VM communication.
  • Network Virtualization – vCNS vs NSX Compares vCNS and NSX, including key functionality that helps you determine which is most appropriate for your environment.
  • Network Virtualization – NSX VM Packetwalks Overviews security devices, focusing on NSX Edge and the distributed firewall.
  • Transforming Your IT Operations – In this video, operations architect David Crane shares why your focus needs to include more than just technology when moving to a new technical architecture and infrastructure. Analysis of, along with the planning and design of your future state operating model, are just as important if you want to realize the full benefits of transformation.
  • Green vs. Grey – Rethinking Your IT Operations – Can you really create a new greenfield IT organization with no legacy constraints? In this video, operations architect Neil Mitchell explains that while anything is theoretically possible, most IT execs need to face the reality of impact on legacy IT operations.

These videos are available to anyone with a VMware Learning Zone Standard or Premium subscription.

ITaaS Transformation, Writing Volumes, and more


The VMware blogosphere is a wealth of knowledge covering everything from how-to content to put your skills to the test, to strategic concepts that can help you think differently about work. Check out a few of the latest posts from the Professional Services bloggers below!

App Volumes Writable Volumes Orphaned
Senior Consultant Jeffrey Davidson talks about App Volumes and how Writable Volumes can become orphaned.

From CIO to CEO: Shaping Your ITaaS Transformation Approach
The CIO to CEO series has focused on how to run, organize and finance an ITaaS provider. In this post, Transformation Consultant Jason Stevenson explores how to approach ITaaS transformation to gain the most value.

ROI Analysis: 4 Steps to Set the Scope
Lisa Smith, Business Value Consultant, gives advice for choosing the metrics to include in your ROI analysis as you seek funding for an IT project.

Staffing Your Cloud Organization – A Heuristic Model
Pierre Moncassin, operations architect, explores approximating staffing ratios in a cloud organization as a logarithmic function of infrastructure metrics.

Building a Resilient Integration from Your Cloud to your IT Service Management Platform
Most cloud implementations will require integration between the self-service provisioning workflow and the CMS. Pierre Moncassin shares his tips for success.

2016 VCDX Defense Dates

VCDX merch
We are excited begin announcing VCDX Defense dates. More will be added later, but we wanted to let you know some of the dates now. We will continue to let you know as more are added.

  • DCV ONLY in Palo Alto for the week of February 15th – Applications due Dec 11
  • DCV ONLY in the UK week of April 25 – Applications due Feb 14
  • DCV, CMA, DTM, NV in Palo Alto for the week of July 25 – Applications due May 15

Update 1/5/16:  New dates have been added to http://vcdx.vmware.com/calendar.  All people looking for current date information should refer to the website.  They are also shown below by month.

Note:  Dates may be subject to changes/updates based on physical location availability or other unforeseen issues.  Candidates should never book travel until they have received an invitation to defend for the confirmed defense week.  Actual physical locations will be updated in the calendar and on invitations to defend.

You will notice that in 2016 we are separating out when we have defenses for Data Center Virtualization (DCV) from the other three tracks. The main reason for this was to allow more flexibility in arranging panelists. VCDX-DCV is still the most widely applied for track and we wanted to make sure we supply enough panelists for those.

Currently applications are still being accepted for VCDX5. We will update and announce when VCDX6 is available and when VCDX5 will no longer be accepted at the various defense dates, and the calendar will be updated to reflect this.

In addition, while VCDX5 is still being accepted the waiver that has been in place for the VCDX-DT and VCDX-Cloud candidates will still be active, however, once VCDX5-DT and VCDX5-Cloud are fully retired the waivers will be dropped.  UPDATE:  The retirement of VCDX5-DT and VCDX5-Cloud has been announced as of Nov, 11th 2015.

This is an initial list, and as panelists and candidates are scheduled and assigned for defenses, more will be added throughout the year. For example, we may add an NV defense earlier in the year as the number of applications come in to support it. The initial consolidation of defenses on Desktop, NV, and Cloud is primarily due to the fact that DCV still represents the bulk of the applications we get. We’ve done this to ensure we can dedicate panelists for the other tracks and still manage the scheduling and workload. The program is growing, so we’ll continue to adjust with the growth!

Please be sure to check out the calendar below and subscribe for updates so you can always know of new events and changes to existing ones.

VCP5-DCV Delta Exam and Apple Watch Offer Extensions, plus Two New Design Courses


VCP5-DCV Delta Exam Extended
Great news! You can now recertify and keep your status as the VCP5-DCV Delta exam has been extended through December 31, 2015.

Two New Design Courses + VMware NSX V6.2 Training
Check out this blog to see if the three highly anticipated training courses released in August are right for your career path. Subscribe to our email list to stay up-to-date on newly released courses, certifications, or savings opportunities.

Apple Watch Offer Extended
Complete select VMware courses and get your choice of either a free Apple® Watch or 15% off the course price. Get the details here.

VMware Certification Spotlight
Please give a huge round of applause to the following people who earned a VMware Certification last month:

We know there are more people who recently earned a VMware certification. If you would like to be spotlighted in the future, be sure to tweet out which certification you earned and add the hashtag #vmwcertified. You can also check out #vmwcertified on Twitter for the latest list.

Save 50% off Our SRM Beta Class in December

BETA ClassesOur new two-day VMware Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.1] training course is designed for experienced vSphere administrators, architects, system engineers, and systems integrators who are responsible for deploying VMware Site Recovery Manager. You’ll gain the knowledge needed to install, configure, and manage Site Recovery Manager V6.1 as well as how to write and test disaster recovery plans.

This beta class will be delivered as Live Online on December 21-22 so you can attend from anywhere, saving you travel costs on top of the 50% discount off the price of the course. Space is limited, so register soon.

How VCP Re-Certification Affects your VCDX

I’ve been fielding some questions lately about the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) recertification policy from a lot of VCDX’s like myself that have been receiving emails. I can tell you I pretty much ignored them as they came in because the reality is, it does not affect your VCDX certification. Some VCDXs have wondered if their VCP expiring would also cause the VCAP/VCIX and VCDX to expire. This is NOT the case, and here is the proof.

In MyLearn there are now two sub-tabs under myTranscript, one for “Current” and “Expired”. While on a call with Paul Sorensen I logged in and checked for myself, and you can see that yes, in fact, I have three VCP’s that are expired.


However, you can then see in the “Current” section that my VCAP’s and my VCDX are all still current.


I want to reiterate something we have long said: your VCDX does not expire! Your VCDX is versioned, however, and there is always a plan for people to continue to keep their version up to date, but unlike the VCP it does not expire.

Upgrading Your VCDX Version:

The only requirement to upgrade your VCDX version is to take the latest VCIX/VCAP Design Exam only.  There has been a few people that asked “how can I take the VCIX/VCAP Design exam if my VCP is expired?”  The answer is quite simple…..it does not matter. You can always book and sit for exams out of order.  There is no requirement to have an active VCP for you to sit and pass the design exam.  Once you do, it will upgrade your VCDX and underlying certifications.  So logistically, it’s not an issue to just book and take the VCIX/VCAP design exam as a VCDX to get your version upgraded.

Partner Program Qualification Note:

For partner authorizations requiring VMware certifications, a current VCDX will count towards any lower-level certification requirements, regardless of whether the lower-level certification has expired.  See your specific Partner Authorization rules for more details.

The VMware Knowledge Base, Installation Video Tutorials, and more


Each month, we share the top VMware Global Support Services (GSS) news, alerts, and announcements from our sister blog, VMware Support Insider. Read on to find out what you might have missed.

ALERT: Linked Clone pool creation and recompose failure
Please read this article before upgrading to vSphere 6 update 1.

vRealize Operations Manager 6.1.0 – new KB content
We’ve updated and created new Knowledge Base articles for all users of vRealize Operations Manager 6.1.0.

Downgrading from VMware Workstation Pro 12 to VMware Workstation 11
This short video will demonstrate how to downgrade from VMware Workstation Pro 12 to VMware Workstation 11, including changing the virtual hardware of your virtual machines.

Log Insight 3.0.x release – new KB content
Check out our list of new and updated articles for users of Log Insight 3.0.x.

Upgrading from Workstation 11 to Workstation Pro 12
Watch this quick video to see how you can upgrade from VMware WorkStation 11 to VMware WorkStation Pro 12.

The VMware Knowledge Base
As one of the best resources for troubleshooting problems, the VMware Knowledge Base allows you to search thousands of articles written by GSS support techs, product development and QA engineers, and Technical Communications writers. The articles specialize in corner cases, troubleshooting, workarounds, and more.

Installing VMware Workstation Pro 12 on Windows
Watch this one-minute video tutorial to find out how VMware Workstation Pro 12 can be installed on your Windows PC or laptop.

ALERT: Important information before upgrading to vSphere 6.0 Update 1
Please read the enclosed Knowledge Base article before upgrading your environment.

Top 20 Articles for August 2015
Our August 2015 list ranked by the number of times a VMware support request was resolved by following the steps in a published Knowledge Base article.

Follow VMware GSS
Stay up to date on all things support by following these social media channels:

New vSphere V6 and Horizon V6 Courses

Last month we released several new courses on vSphere V6 and Horizon V6. Make sure you know when the latest courses are released by signing up for email alerts.

vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6]

This course teaches experienced vSphere users advanced skills for configuring and maintaining a highly available and scalable virtual infrastructure. Through a mix of lecture and hands-on labs, you will configure and optimize the vSphere features that build a foundation for a truly scalable infrastructure and discuss when and where these features have the greatest effect. Anyone who is ready to take their understanding of vSphere to a deeper level and learn how to use advanced features and controls will greatly benefit from this course.

Lab Connect also available to enhance your learning experience.

vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop [V6]

This hands-on training workshop gives you the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve troubleshoot a vSphere 6 environment. This workshop increases your skill and competence in using the command-line interface, vSphere Web Client, vRealize Log lnsight, and other tools to analyze and solve problems.

vSphere: Skills for Operators [V6]

This two-day technical course combines lecture and hands-on labs to give operators and administrators who create and manage virtual machines the skills required to be effective and successful.

Horizon: Design and Deploy [V6]

This course presents a methodology for designing and deploying a VMware Horizon solution, including best practices and recommendations for the type of information you must gather and analyze to make sound design decisions for the client systems, the desktop options, the vSphere infrastructure, and the Horizon components. During class, you will apply your new knowledge by working with other participants to design and deploy a Horizon solution for a real-world project.

Newly Released Hands-On Labs

In Case You Missed It!

Each month, we’ll share the latest news and announcements about VMware Hands-On Labs (HOL). If you’re not familiar with VMware HOLs, it’s a free online portal created by VMware that provides access to the latest products in a tested and documented cloud based virtual lab environment. Check back each month to learn about the latest HOLs available to you.

New Advanced Hands-on Labs Released!
New HOLs on advanced topics such as NSX, vRealize Automation, vSphere with Operations Management, Workspace, and Virtual Volumes and Virtual SAN are now available. Check them out for a deeper dive into the various products and solutions.

VMworld 2015 Hands-On Labs
If you’ve been anxious to get your hands on the VMworld 2015 HOLs, they are now available! Take a look at these two blog posts for the full list of VMworld 2015 HOLs that have been released.

Technical Women of the VMware Hands-on Labs
The women behind VMware HOLs are spotlighted in this post. Learn more about their journey to the HOL team and what inspires them to continue contributing to the HOL program.


2016 IT Skills and Salary Survey + Contest

We’ve partnered with Global Knowledge to conduct one of the industry’s most extensive and comprehensive studies of IT and business professionals, the 2016 IT Skills and Salary Survey.

This important research will help us identify IT and business pros’ salary trends, valuable training and certifications, and other fundamental topics. We’ll be asking questions like the following:

  • How does your salary compare to national averages?
  • What skills are in demand in the competitive job market?
  • Which certifications and training impact salary?

We invite you to be part of this important research study, which will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. You’ll receive a complimentary copy of our IT Skills and Salary Report when it’s published in April, and if you take the survey by November 6, you’ll be entered to win one of eight $250 American Express gift cards.

Take the survey