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VCP6-DCV Certification Now Available

VMW-LGO-CERT-PRO-6-DATA-CTR-VIRTOne of our most popular certifications is now available on vSphere 6 technology: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV).

This certification that validates your ability to deploy, configure, administer and scale a vSphere 6 virtualized data center, including administering and troubleshooting virtualization technologies such as:

  • vSphere HA and DRS Clusters
  • storage virtualization using VMFS
  • Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control
  • network virtualization using vSphere standard and distributed switches and Network I/O Control
  • vSphere management using vCenter Server and vRealize Operations Manager Standard
  • Virtual Machines

Check out the requirements for new candidates and migration paths for current VCPs on our website, where you can also find the complete objectives for each exam related to this certification: 

Note: The three exams related to this certification are currently in Beta delivery. Learn more about beta exams.

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Jill Liles

About Jill Liles

Jill has worked in IT training and certification for 10 years and is currently the Senior Marketing Manager for VMware Education Services. She holds VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) and Hubspot’s Inbound Certified accreditations. You can find her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/JillLiles1 or behind the scenes at www.twitter.com/VMwareEducation.

53 thoughts on “VCP6-DCV Certification Now Available

  1. Sam

    What’s the difference between VCP6-DCV & VCP6-DCV Delta ?
    I see both says Proctored, so I believe like VCP5-DCV Delta we can’t appear for this while sitting at home and has to be taken at the authorized PearsonVue Center, Correct me if I’m wrong on that?

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      HI Sam,

      Yes, proctored means that the exams are delivered at PearsonVue centers and not online.

      The Delta exam is shorter and covers fewer objectives: 75 questions in 90 minutes versus 100 questions in 120 minutes.

  2. Joe


    I am not clear. Who needs to take the Delta exam ? What does it provide beyond the normal exam.


    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      Hi Joe,

      The VCP6-DCV Delta exam is an option for people who have a current VCP certification that want to migrate to the new VCP6-DCV certification. You can find details on it here.

        1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

          You must hold a current VCP certification for any solution track to take the Delta exam. See Path 1 here.

  3. Aleksandr Pushkin

    What’s difference between vSphere 6 Foundations Exam and VCP Exam?

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      Hi Aleksandr – The vSphere 6 Foundations exam covers the fundamental skills necessary to understand and begin deploying VMware vSphere environments, while the VCP6-DCV exam covers installing, deploying, scaling, and managing the environments.

  4. Benja

    Hi Jil,

    no more downloadable blue print?

    when it will be released other certifications (vcix6-*)?


    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      Hi Benja,

      We don’t have dates for the VCIX exams yet, but you can sign up here to be notified when they are released.

      We are no longer providing a PDF blueprint of the exam objectives for a couple of reasons, but primarily to make sure that you always have the latest information to study from. We’ve heard stories in the past of people studying from downloaded blueprints that were out of date – by keeping the information in a live format you can be assured that it is always the latest version available. We recommend saving a bookmark of the exam web page for easy access to the most current information.

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  6. Mehrdad

    Hi Jill
    Is VMware Certified Professional 6 – Delta Exam available online ?
    Regards ,Mehrdad

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      Hi – these exams are all delivered at PearsonVue testing centers, not online.

  7. CA

    Hi Jill,
    When will the 60% off vouchers be emailed to the people who did the 5.5 delta exam?

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      We’ll be posting information about how to get the discount on this blog in the next week or so.

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      The VCP6 certifications will be available at VMWorld but I don’t have a time table for VCIX yet so I can’t say for certain.

      1. Roland

        will VCP6 be released earlier than vmworld US ? Can you dig a bit into when VCIX will be released ? I Think it would be very nice to have it available as vmworld US starts.

  8. Raido

    So do I get it right – VMware certs now last for 2 years and still have version number added to them?
    What is the point?
    I had to take VCP5 Delta 3 weeks ago to stay VCP certified.
    Now you release VCP6 and I have to take exam again.
    VCP of old release will fade out anyway when new releases come along.
    Why do you have to have lifetime added to cert if they are tied to specific release version?

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      Since you recertified your VCP you don’t have to take the VCP6-DCV right off the bat – you have reset your clock and have 24 months to act. Our goal is to keep people engaged and evolving with VMware’s technology. We have an increasing number of options to move up or across the technology stack or to upgrade your versions. We hope that people will take advantage of that.

      1. Raido

        I hope that when VCIX6-DCV comes out then current VCP5 is enough and I don’t have requirement to become VCP6-DCV to go for VCIX6-DCV..

        1. Karl Childs

          In general, the prerequisites for any higher-level certification are all of the same version. So the prerequisite requirement for VCIX6 certifications will be the VCP6. However, the upgrade paths make it somewhat easier to get to those newer versions.

          1. Raido

            Really confusing.
            You add expiration to your certificates but keep version numbers.
            Then expire VCP5 just few weeks before VCP6 comes out.
            I have nothing against expiration but then it should be version number free (like Cisco certs).

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  11. Solomon

    am not sure how my datastore is running out of space.anyone please help/assist.

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  15. Rubin

    now that the VCP6-DCV exam are out. when will you guys announce the retirement of VCP510 exam? I am taking my VCP510 on the 24th, and need to keep an eye on this just in case if I have to retake the Exam. I am not a certify on VCP5 yet and don’t have any VMware certification. I attended the VCP5.0 training a couple of years ago.

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      We don’t have any information about retiring exams at this time. But we will post an announcement here on this blog and on the program overview page when we do. Good luck on your exam!

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  17. Chris

    Hi Jill, can you please drop me a link to the study notes for the VCP6-DCV delta? I am due to write on Friday and wanted to get the lates up-to-date information to study up on.


    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      Hi – you should find all the info you’re looking for here under the Objectives and How to Prepare tabs. Good luck on your exam.

      1. Chris

        Thanks Jill, I am releaved after many hours of study, to find that most of the data is still the same as the original. I also understand the reasoning behind removing the blueprint and just having specific sub-documents. It would be handy, if I may suggest, to just include a zip file with all necessary pdf’s. Writing today at 3 so will feed back. For some reason, even though I have been working at an architectural design level with vmware and other technologies for over 7 years!

  18. IntelAgent

    My question would be, if I attempt the vcp6-dcv beta exam before the recertification deadline in May, but they don’t expect to get results back on a beta exam for 8-10 weeks, will VMware still expire my certification while I await results? Assuming I pass, will they reactivate my certification once results are in?

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      Hi – they address this here – but yes, if you take the beta exam and pass it before your recertification deadline you would be recertified based on the date you took the exam. However, if you do not pass it you could lose your certification, so keep that in mind – you might want to consider an alternate route to recertify.

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  20. John

    Is this still in beta? And when do we expect the full exam to publicly available?

  21. Paul Dezzutto

    Hi John
    Yes, the VCP6-DCV (2V0-621, and 2V0-621D) are still in beta. The beta period is driven by several things. The most important variable is capturing enough valid test results to run our test/item analyses. We will be updating the web pages with production dates for the exam (once available).

  22. Niall Hatton


    I hate to a pest and I realise I am not the only person to have asked this question…but… Is there any information, even based on previous years to give an estimate for how long these beta usually run for? I took the beta foundation today and know from the print out it could take 8-10 from when the beta concludes before we get any indication of results. However it would be really nice to know how long these usually run for so I know when to expect to hear back.

    I did not realise how badly I would want to know how I did, till I saw everyone else taking other exams finding out 8 secs after completing never mind 8 weeks 🙂

    Many thanks

  23. johnm

    I have just passed VCP5.5 DCV and wanted to do the VCAP. As this is being discontinued i would like to do the version 6 equivalent. I understand I have to sit the VCP6 DCV exam before I can sit the VCIX DCV? I can’t stress strongly enough how much I disagree with this, I would have to learn the new features in version 6 to sit the VCIX anyway. Its not as though I had the option of holding off doing the VCP5.5 and just doing the 6 exam without doing a what’s new course at a rip off price.

    vmware are getting bad reputation in the industry now as just using this as a money making scam and really need to re evaluate their stance. I’m reading more and more comments with people’s discontent with Vmware eeducation and rightly so in my opinion.

    If I have got this wrong please accept my apologies.

  24. Niall Hatton

    This was my first experience with VMware training and certification and I must say if I had to pay for it out my own pocket – No way! Thankfully my employers are funding it.

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      That decision has not been finalized, but we will update the web page as soon as it has been.

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  26. itzik reich

    im trying to schedule the vSphere 6 Foundations Beta (2V0-620) exam but i only see dates in May.
    will the beta exam carry on to june, when is its deadline?

  27. Chrstian Sanchez

    I just completed the VMWARE VSPHERE: INSTALL, CONFIGURE, MANAGE [V6] class, what exam would be the best for me to take? Fundamentals or the DCV6 test?

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author


      You’ll need to pass both exams to earn the VCP6-DCV certification, but we recommend starting with the vSphere 6 Fundamentals exam first. Check out Path 1 here.

      1. Chrstian Sanchez

        Is there any major reason why i shouldn’t take the DCV first? I have been studying for that exam and taking the vmware training practice test of 15 questions. after watching the whats new in vsphere 6. was my class intended for the Fundamental exam?

        1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

          You can take the exams in any order, as long as you pass them both you will become certified. The vSphere 6 Install Configure Manage class is most closely aligned with the vSphere 6 Foundations exam, but it also covers material on the VCP6-DCV exam.

  28. Niall

    Hi Jill,

    Has there been any news on when the exams are coming out of beta and when results to those who took beta will hear any news?

    The wait is killing me 🙂

    Many thanks for your time.

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