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Short Extension For VCP Recertification Deadline (and a Reward for Those Who Met the Original Deadline)

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Hi Everyone,

One year ago we announced that the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) program would implement a new recertification policy requirement – requiring candidates to renew their certification every two years. At the time we gave all certification holders a one-year grace period, which ends on March 10, 2015.

As we have talked to customers and partners, we realized that some of our partners (who employ many VCPs) may have not had enough notification to pull their VCPs out of the field/office with sufficient time to get them recertified. Additionally, we were notified that there were some myLearn system issues this weekend that may have impacted some candidate’s ability to log in and get authorized to take an exam.

For these two reasons, we are giving everyone a short extension of the grace period – extending the deadline until May 8, 2015.

I know that this may frustrate some people who worked hard to meet the original deadline on time (i.e. recertifying between March 10, 2014 and March 10, 2015). We therefore want to thank each of you who acted early by allowing you to upgrade your certification to VCP6 (via a VCP6 migration exam) for 65% off (normal retail price is $225 USD). To take advantage of this offer, you must take the exam by August 31, 2015. As we finalize the details we will contact you directly with details of how to claim your discount, as well as provide more information here.

We’ll also soon be publishing detailed information about the new certifications and migration paths on this blog. As the certifications, exams, and related training courses are released publicly, we will also update our website and announce them here on this blog (you can also sign up here to be directly notified by email). Although training is not a requirement if you are already certified, the vSphere: What’s New [V5.5 to V6] course is a great way to begin your preparation and therefore highly recommended. As other courses (instructor-led and On Demand) and preparation materials are released we will highlight them here.

In conjunction with the short extension we will also be extending the availability of the VCP5-DCV Delta Recertification Exam until May 8 for those of you who want to recertify using this exam.

Again, I want to personally thank each of you who took action and recertified by the deadline. Our team diligently strives to improve and evolve VMware certifications, ensuring maximum value to your career.

Thank you again for your support!

Paul Sorensen

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Paul Sorensen

About Paul Sorensen

Paul has worked in the IT training and certification industry for over 18 years. He has a passion for online learning – particularly video-based training. He also enjoys engaging with customers in an effort to help them build and improve their careers through focused training, hands-on experience and certification.

213 thoughts on “Short Extension For VCP Recertification Deadline (and a Reward for Those Who Met the Original Deadline)

  1. realtek

    This is great news Paul, how does this get applied to my account? It still says the Certification ends on March 10th.


    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, Yes, it will be indicated in your account shortly. This was a bit sudden for us, so we are still working on the details.

      1. Rohan

        Hi Paul

        Great work mate keeping the blog postings alive, I have recently completed the VCP Delta exam and I was of the view that the delta exam covers my exisiting VCP5 certification, however I have been recieving emails reminding me of my Cert expiration.. My question is, do I need to re-cert of VCP5 considering that Ive completed the Delta exam?



      2. Sastry Malapaka

        I have Vcp 5 and have authorization for VDCA550 what will be the last or how much time i have. Can i take this say in June 2015 and be recertified, since my vcp 5 expires next month in May 2015.

      3. Anilkumar Punjabi

        For those who plan to take New VCP Exams ..Would VCP 5.5 Still valid or They can directly VCP 6.0 .. i had been through training for VCP 5.1 exam but couldnt unfortunately make it in first attempt ..Can i take VCP 6.0 exam directly ?

  2. Mark

    When are we going to know when the VCP6 migration exam will be available? “Soon,” “someday,” “this year,” are not explict enough for those of us with looming certification expirations trying to decide between preparing for and taking the delta exam or waiting to certify for VCP6.

    Frustration is an understatement. First, changing the policy for already granted certifications, and now the certification expirations coinciding directly with a new major release of vSphere.

    Why not just extend everybody’s certification for 6 months until the vSphere 6 dust settles?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the feedback and sorry about your frustration. We did not know when the release of vSphere 6 would be coming so we did not plan around that.
      However due to the reasons outlined above, everyone will be extended until May 8, 2015. Those who met the original deadline will be able to take a VCP6 migration path at 65% off. The exams will be releasing soon, but the dates are not quite solidified enough to release them yet. We will have a blog post in the next several days that discuss the migration options. Please watch for that. We will release the information as quickly as we have it nailed down.
      Paul Sorensen

    2. Isaiah

      I fully agree with Mark’s comment..! Why not extend current VCP5 professionals until VCP6 is available as the next upgrade. To be honest, I personally feel like VMWARE is “price gouding” (referring to suppliers’ benefiting to excess from a short-term change in the demand curve) and not really delivering “certification value” as spoken…
      Please rethink your process and approach or risk loosing loyal & dedicated IT Professionals.

      Respectful, yet frustrated!!


      1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

        Hi Isaiah,

        Thanks for your feedback. I hope that you will stay with us. You can recertify on the same technology, up-level or move to a new technology track. Our hope is that you will stay engaged. The key is that you do something every 24 months.


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  4. Rajesh Rana

    Bonus is that I can still take the delta exam for VCP 5 recertification. But, It makes sense to take the VCP 6 migration exam. Any idea how long we have to wait until the VCP 6 migration exam is available? I hope you appreciate that it’s not always easy to take time out from working with demanding clients to study and take these exams every few months or year.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Rajesh,
      We should have more information on the migration paths and the general release dates for the exams shortly. We will post both here on the blog.

      1. Rajesh Rana

        Thanks Paul. Forbes raised a good point that the VCP6 migration should be available to VCP5 certified as well. Any firm dates before 8th of May would be helpful to decide.

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  6. Forbes

    This is pretty infuriating. Telling everyone with 24 hours to go before the cut-off, as many VCPs are scabling to get this scheduled, is not what I’d expect from a professional education service.
    – When will the VCP6 be available?
    – WIll the “VCP6 migration exam” be available for only VCP5.5, or VCP 5 as well?
    – Will the “VCP6 migration exam” be available in an online format like the 5.5 delta exam?
    At the moment I’m not sure where the value in the delta exam exists.
    A 2 year recertification period doesn’t work if the major exams (and prodcut releases) don’t come out more frequently than this. This was a short-sighted timeframe to base it on. Please reconsider.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Forbes,

      Thanks for your feedback – any policy change is difficult on both sides. The short notice was not intended. We received notification from the partner team on Thursday and the myLearn issues occurred over the weekend. Our only hope is that this helps some people out, and we don’t think this approach actually hurts anyone. We had no plan to extend the deadline before those escalations occurred.

      We should have more information on VCP6 availability and migration paths soon. I will post them on the blog as soon as they are nailed down. in the mean time if you met the deadline, want to take advantage of the 65% discount to move to VCP6 then you can start preparing now.
      Paul Sorensen.

      1. realtek

        It is very annoying but I am very grateful for the extension. 2 Hours after me booking the exam this was posted, not ready in any shape or form and to be given this extension has helped me out dramatically. I now have time to prepare and prep.

        Thanks again, nice work!

        1. RDissel

          Pfffff….. In all rush I just did the exam this evening and man do I feel scammed.
          After the frustration with the online exam failures yesterday I payed 90 euro’s (that’s right, euro’s) to do the exam just now….
          And now I find out that I didn’t have to take it anyway… I really feel scammed VMware…
          Out of principle I’m not going to take any VCP 6 exam….

          Good job on alienating your own certified professionals (i’ve been one since VCP3).

          1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

            HI RDissel,

            The extension was not planned and I apologize for the late notice. The myLearn issue and partner request drove the need to extend. I wish that we could have done this a few weeks ago to give people more of a heads up. I apologize for the inconvenience.

            Paul Sorensen

          2. Alexandru Covaliov

            I’m quiet sure VMware took the frustration into consideration. They will give you a 65% off candy and you will forget about frustration. Ohhh… I forgot that many IT Pros passed their exam not so long ago and their VCP510 certs expire somewhere in August. So… why not to make some games with moving exam deadlines back, forth and I don’t know.
            Who likes Windows? No body. 90% are frustrated about bugs, bsod and other surprises. But people are still using Windows with many censored words. The same thing here. Take a 65% off candy and you will forget about frustration.
            Now… Many people passed their VCP550 exam that is valid till 2017. What’s next? 65% off candy valid till August 2015? Hmm…. Should I take it? That’s 50/50. As I don’t know if will be another game with back and forth.
            Of course I’m not frustrated as I don’t know what to expect and I had to re-certify. I’m just very confused about these games. There is a country: Moldova. It’s in Europe, between Romania and Ukraine. So… the government changes laws every month. LAWS! Of course people get frustrated and don’t believe the government. And how do they solve that? Just move their life/family to other countries where if less frustration =))))

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  8. MarcelM

    I got the mail but it is mentioning only my VCP3 with a new date is this not for VCP4 as I need that one to renew.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Just heard back from the technical team – you should receive a notification for your other credentials. They are batch processing them throughout the day. Check back and let us know if there is still a problem tomorrow.
      Paul Sorensen

  9. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

    Hi Marcel,

    Hmm, you should get an email for the VCP4 as well. I’ve brought this up with the team and they are looking into it. In any case you will need to recertify or else your certification will expire. This is your chance to act! Good luck!

    Paul Sorensen

    1. Phil

      Ditto on the VCP4 issue with the addition of the VCP5. My VCP3 is extended but my VCP4 and 5 still show tomorrow. I’m assuming your response applies to all VCP versions, not just 4?



      1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

        HI Phil – we are working with the team to look into this. Thanks for the heads up!
        Paul Sorensen

        1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

          Hi Phil, same for you – Just heard back from the technical team – you should receive a notification for your other credentials. They are batch processing them throughout the day. Check back and let us know if there is still a problem tomorrow.
          Paul Sorensen

        2. Praneet

          Hi Paul,

          Is there any discount on VCP 5 exam now as it is extended till May.

          I know it was there earlier but was not able to take advantage of it due to some personal reason.

          it would be good.. if we get discount on VCP5-DCV exam.

          Thanks & Regards
          Praneet J

          1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

            Hi Paneet,

            There was not a discount but the VCP5-DCV Delta end-date has been extended until May 8, 2015 as well.

  10. Patrick

    So you make people RE-certify weeks before you release a new exam – so you can charge double? Why not just make people take the v6 exam? It’s not the customers/partners fault 5.1 was a disaster and you had to release 5.5 and now you’re finally ready for v6.

    Not to mention, you are completely getting rid of the VCAP certificates that thousands of your loyal engineers have used their years of experience and months of studying to obtain. This is a huge kick in the pants in my opinion.

    Your certification path is resembling a Citrix product naming road map.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Patrick,

      Appreciate your candid feedback. Unfortunately the certification team did not control the timing of the product release and we agree that the timing is not optimal as it relates to recertification. However, the delta exam and the 65% discount is our best attempt to give to reduce the costs of the exams (not charging double). If you don’t want to take VCP6 you can wait until 24 months until your credential expires. Although would love to have your get the most recent release we understand if you wait until your next expiration deadline.

      As for VCAP – we are moving towards a new credential for vSphere 6 – VCIX6. Those who hold VCAP5 credentials will receive some credit as they migrate to the new credential, so stay tuned for that information in a future blog post.

      Thanks again,
      Paul Sorensen

      1. Dominic Rivera

        I guess the real question is *why* isn’t the certification team in sync with the product team. It seems logical that you would have to have some regular cadence as you have to develop a new certification exam to coincide with the release of a new product. At this point, it’s all but known that vSphere 6 is due out ‘real soon now’ given that VMware has released all of the new features and had a public beta on the product.

        I can say that i’m pretty frustrated that I had an entire team of people re-certify to avoid having to take a new class, only then to have the re-certification before VCP6 requirement get extended. So I’ve spent a number of PSO credits to send 7 people through the process which is going to yield 0 value now. Given that change and the change to VCAP ( immediately sunsetting the current track to VCDX and leaving people without a track to finish ) I’m really having a hard time in seeing the value in the certification program at VMware.

        1. Alex Galbraith

          Completely agree and I would add something to that Dominic. I work in a senior design role which does not require me to be massively hands on with VMware (as I imagine many VMware professionals do), and I felt the benefit of passing both the VCAP4 & 5 DCD certs.
          The VCIX now removes the ability for you to concentrate on design skills only, and forces you to do the DCA equivalent as well. Why should I spend weeks/months of evenings learning Powershell commands and studying for something I will never need to use?
          Based on this I will not be progressing to the VCIX path and will be thinking long and hard as to whether to even do the VCP6, due to the addition of cert expiry, which makes no sense if the cert is related to a product version only anyway.
          Don’t get me wrong here, I am a big VMware fanboi (and 3x vExpert) but the current certification track decisions being made are very poor in my opinion.

        2. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

          Hi Dominic,

          I appreciate your feedback. The timing of the v6 release is unfortunately close to the deadline. Whenever you change, update or implement a certification policy the timing is not perfect. However, our goal is to keep people engaged with the technologies from a learning standpoint (along with their practical experience.

          You can always stagger your team as they move towards upgrading to VCP6 certifications. All of their clocks were reset and they have 24 months till they need to recertify again.

          Thanks again,
          Paul Sorensen

          1. Dominic Rivera

            I have a *very* hard time reading your comments and understanding your position.

            I have asked my employees to maintain their certification on the current release of vSphere as we are generally aggressive in our adoption of the vSphere hypervisor platform. It worked well as I found it valuable for them to immediately certify when a new product was launched which would engage them in learning a new product, while also providing value to the company in that we didn’t have to send them to additional classes ( which our level we didn’t find a lot of use for ) as there was previously always an overlap between a new version of hypervisor and a window in which you could recertify without taking a class.

            What VMware has done with their new policies is to decouple the certification process from the product in terms of how long the certification lasts *but still make the certification product specific*, which is simply assnine. If you want to have a certification that is time-limited, great, but it should be valid without regards to the specific product version. If you want to have a certification that’s bound to a specific product, again great, but then I don’t think you get the right to ask anyone to recertify on the exact same product just because a clock runs out. I’ve seen in your other comments that you called this a ‘standard industry practice’ and it may be, but I’d really expect VMware to provide a bit more thought leadership on the topic and make it more valuable for the customer.

            Reading through the comments, recent policies are universally loathed, and VMware has a responsibility to own up to those choices and make things right. Through the companies past, this has happened a few times ( vRAM licensing, CPU core limitations etc ).

            Your comment on staggering certifications of employees…… I don’t even have the words for that. I’m not in the business of managing certifications for employees. At one point I thought the certification was valuable for the team, however now I’m reconsidering that and feel that if major changes to the program aren’t implemented pretty immediately I would pull my non-trivial investment in the VMware education program, and it’s not a choice that I would revisit lightly.

        3. william bishop

          Dominic! THIS!!!! And your follow up comment, which unfortunately cannot be replied to….IS EXACTLY THE POINT!!!! Well done!
          I’m in exactly the same position. A six man team that I have been sending to training, arranging study time and cert time…and for what? Like I’ve said 3 times today already, decouple the version and the cert, or make the cert 3 years. How hard is it to understand. As it is, I will stop sending my guys, and stop requiring the certs. There’s no value in it.

  11. Susan

    I have two certifications VCP-DCV and VCP-DT, it is necessary to both exams or can give only one of them and both recertify?

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles

      Susan – you only need to take one recertification action and both your certification dates will be updated.

  12. Dominic

    The news is very timely and welcomed, however, with the recent outsourcing of the phone lines there is a huge disconnect when US VMware Professionals and Partners call in to verify information. The agents answering the phone are more than willing to create a ticket, which adds to the stress and frustration levels.

    Will my VCP-Cloud certification expire today 03-09-2015, the morning of 03-10-2015 or the evening of 03-10-2015? It would be great to not only announce deadlines with dates, but add the time in UTC format at well.

    With your blog post and VMware’s accouncement, will the VCP-Cloud be included in the extension? I see my VCP5-DT was extended. The made rush for recerting is terrible. I wish it would just go away!

    I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to VMware providing US contacts instead of shipping our calls offshore!

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      HI Dominic,
      The deadline for all of the certifications is being extended to May 8, 2015

      Paul Sorensen

      1. Johnny

        VCAP-CIA – please is this certification being extended to May 8 ? if not why ?

  13. Dominic

    @Susan: I was/am in the same boat. We have to take two exams. Go into MyLearn and view your transcripts, when you click “Renew” it will provide a new web page that will list the exams you can take to renew each certification.

    Good luck!

  14. Brad

    This is extremely frustrating. I would’ve loved to have waited to just take the vcp6 test but it didn’t come out in time before this cut off. I was forced to spend $225 out of pocket(not reimbursable) just to go take the 5.5. 65% off is no consolation prize as it is still like paying $303.75 for 1 test ($225+the $78.75 for the vcp6) when if vmware would’ve certified vsphere 6 when we were originally told, I would only be out $225. The extension does someone like me absolutely no good having already spent the money. Can you send me a voucher to take the vcp6 test at no cost?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Brad,
      Thanks for your feedback and sorry for your frustration, If you met the deadline you will get a chance to take one of the migration exam for 65% off. I hope that helps a little. WE would love to see you upgrade, but otherwhise you can just wait until you next expiration in 24 months. That is always and alternative for those who have recertified.

  15. Stefan

    I understand the desire to keep certified engineers up to date with your product. VMware is ever-evolving and this is a good thing. A product that stops reacting to the market place will soon disappear. As a VCP 3 and VCP 5 certified engineer I’ve put a lot of time and effort into certification and I don’t want that to happen.

    As raised here in other posts, expiring certifications on previous versions before the availability of the next major release if not intentional, still looks bad. The important thing is you are listening to customer feedback on this.

    Best regards,

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Stefan,

      I can’t be sure, but I doubt that the candidate recertification cycles will be in-sync with the product cycles. What we are trying to do is keep people engaged more often that every 3 to 5 years. Our hope is that people will use the oppotunity to up-level up-version or move to a new technology area.

      Thanks for your comments!
      Paul Sorensen

  16. jose fragoso

    Thank you for extending the deadline on vcp550D. Today, I tried to sing up for the test and it was unavailable so, I am really happy to see the extension.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      This is one of the key reasons that we did this.

  17. Kal

    Guys having just passed last night I have to agree this has been badly handled.

    Additionally I am really confused regarding recertification I am a VCP4 and VCP5. Susan and Dominic’s comments concern me. Having just sat the delta for 5 do I still need to sit another exam to re-certify the VCP4? If that is the case it seems slightly illogical to me.

    1. Dominic

      @Kal: No, if you passed the VCP5-DCV Delta Recertification Exam you have extended your VCP4-DCV and VCP5-DCV. The difference for Susan and I, is that we have to take another exam to extend our Cloud and/or Desktop certifications. One silver bullet for both Cloud and Desktop is the VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization VCP-NV Exam (VCPN610). I just moved my exam time from tomorrow to April to get a little more time with it. Passing is passing, but really passing and acing the exam makes me tickle inside!

      Anyhow, I hope I cleared up my comments for you.

  18. Jason

    I passed my VCP550 exam within the original deadline (just) on the 9th March, but it is stated it can take up to 30 days for the official confirmation of certification to come through. Will I still qualify for the VCP6 exam discount?


    1. Mark Thompson

      I had the same issue, I took my delta exam this morning and it doesn’t show at all on the VMware site. In the past it updated the same day. Why is it not updating on VMware when it is shown on Pearson Vue?

      1. Dominic

        @Mark: It will show up – my information took 24-hours to show up on my transcript. I assume it is all of the processing they are doing, which is slowing down “the Matrix”!

    2. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      The date that you passed and recertified is the key, not when the data is imported. So, rest easy!

      Paul Sorensen

  19. LDM

    After a mildly frustrating weekend preparing for the exam and not being able to try the VMware practice exam on their website this weekend due to an update of the website, I spent 2 hours via chat windows and phone conversations AFTER registering and paying the $120.00 for the VCP550D exam with BOTH Pearson and VMware due to my test not being available after I just paid for it! At this point I was very frustrated! Today is March 9 in the USA, and Pearson told me that the exam was removed (after I paid) because it was March 10 in Australia! You cant make this stuff up! Pearson removed my payment then I had to do the registration all over again once VMware and Pearson fixed the issue. I did not pass today and thought I would have to do the full exam next time around. The best news I got since this mornings fiasco was this extension and I am glad for it (would have been happier if I had passed) . So do I have to pay again to re-take the test within the 7 day period or not?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi LDM,

      On the online exams there is not a waiting period. You can do it again any time. The extension does give you more time to prepare, but don’t wait until May 7th!.

      Paul Sorensen

      1. LDM

        Paul, I took your advice not to wait until May 7th and just got re-certified today on May 6th.

  20. Randy Leonard

    I will NEVER, or like Taylor Swift said:

    We are never ever ever getting back together,
    We are never ever ever getting back together,
    You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me
    But we are never ever ever ever getting back together

    Like, ever…

    You lost me at EXPIRE. What a crock! I know how to run a VMware environment, have years of experience now and could care less about going through all this repeatedly for ZERO purpose. I have 5 certifications from various vendors, like Microsoft, CompTIA – this is a stupid policy.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Randy Leonard

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Thanks for your candid feedback. This is pretty common industry practice – many programs have very aggressive recertification and expiration policies.

      Honestly, technology evolves so quickly (even between major releases) that our main goal to to make sure that people stay engaged. We hope that people use the recertification as a chance to move up to a new level or across to a new technology track. Of course, you can choose not to recertify. That is a definitely your choice.

      Paul Sorensen

      1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

        By the way – love the Taylor Swift reference. This cracked me up.

      2. Brandon Rice

        Yes yes yes, it has nothing to do with improving the certifications revenue stream! You get a lot more traction out of your community when you’re HONEST. It is supposed to go both ways for value, and in this case it seems decidedly one way. Completely mishandled. vTax 2.0.

        I thankfully didn’t get hit by this, you could not have been more unclear in the messaging related to this all. If you have to have LONG blog posts and you see this much commentary — then you’ve failed miserably. You should have flatted the VCP certification and make a VCP just a VCP without a version attached. Yet you did not do this which is decidedly again in VMware’s favor money wise, as there is now a ‘compelling’ reason related to my resume. Get real, when there is an obvious gain for a company or person and some unclear abstract gain for the other party, the party getting screwed is going to call you on it.

        1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

          Hi Brandon,

          I’m sure that we could have been more unclear. Thanks for your feedback though. We did look at a number of different options and decided to let people quickly show that they were current (or not). Every two years they renew, up-level or move to a new technology track. I think that can only be good for one’s career. If none of it is relevant to them or their future employer they can just drop out (a few have, but much of the active audience has renewed at this point).

          In any case thanks for your feedback,
          Paul Sorensen

          1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author


            Also, I think that the many replies might partially be because i am concerned about this change and am trying to respond to people. A lot of the replies are from me. I actually do appreciate the feedback. It is good for us to hear (even the negative stuff).

            Thank again!

      3. Randy Leonard


        Thanks, you seem reasonable. The policy to completely negate all the work and money I spend a scant 2 years ago on the VCP 5 certification is COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE. I’m still a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer from many years back.

        Now I have a 100% discount on ANY and ALL VMware Certifications until the end of days. Simply don’t need a single thing to do with an organization that eats it’s young. I chose to accentuate the positive. Thanks and Good Bye.

        Happily, employers know talent and good sense when they see it. My paycheck is wonderful, would recommend this field to any young talent who want to work in a rewarding industry. Just get your feet in the door, learn your craft. If you need a cert to accomplish that, do the time and spend your hard earned cash.

        Then cut them off like a hangnail – you don’t need to RETEST, RECERTIFY and RE-SPEND your precious time and money.

        Glad you have a sense of humor Paul – still:

        We are never ever ever ever getting back together

        Like, ever…

        Just keeping it real over here,

        Randy Leonard, MCSE, A+, Security +, VCP Expired and Retired, Happy +

        1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

          Hi Randy,

          We’ve never met, but I hope that you appreciate that I did try to visualize you singing that to me. 😉

          Maybe at one point we can convince you to rejoin, but in the mean time I am glad that you are using our technologies.

          Thanks for your input!
          Paul Sorensen

    2. william bishop

      Yep, join the crowd. Just finished my 510 last year, screw it. They can expire my cert whenver they get ready (who the hell knows with the rate of change) and I will NOT recertify on vmware again. So, 3x, 4x, 5x….not playing this again.

      1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

        Hi William,

        You will have 24 months from the time you last certified to make a decision, so if you did 510 last year then can decide later. Completely your choice, but I would encourage you to think about it then.

        Paul Sorensen

        1. william bishop

          Nope. Not going to happen. They can either change to something more reasonable like a 3 year cycle, allow retention of versioned certs, or do away with versioning period. Any of these sensible options would change my mind…but barring that, nope. Done. Likely I will also drop the recert requirement for my team, so you will likely drop several more shortly. They use their skillset every day, we tried to stay at version…but who wants to do it if there’s either no benefit or no requirement, and you’re turning around and taking basically the same test in 24 months? And likely having to take a wasted class to boot.

          1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

            Hi William,

            Don’t retake the same exam – that is part of the point. If you are DC then take Cloud or Desktop or Networking. Upgrade your version the version every two years and get something new on the other 24-month cycle.

            Just my advice.

            Paul Sorensen

  21. Shahwar

    Hello ,

    If I take this exam next week ,Do I still get the 65% discount ?


    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Shahwar,

      Only those who met the original deadline will be eligible for the discount one of the the VCP6 migration exams.


      1. Patrick

        There have been 3 deadlines – what do you consider “the original” deadline ? March 10 ? or Last year …

  22. Moses Kamara

    Thanks Paul for the info but received the message after doing the exam this evening after having tried to since last Friday.

    I hope I still qualify for the VCP6 exam discount and will be receiving details on how to get it.


    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Moses –

      If you recertified within the deadline you will be eligible for the discount. We are working on those details and also on getting the VCP6 exams ready for release.
      Paul Sorensen

  23. Mark

    Paul, I truly appreciate (and did not expect) so many direct responses to our concerns.

    As mentioned above, why aren’t the certification and product release teams in sync?

    And more importantly, why are WE, the ones championing your products to our mutual customers, paying for it?

    The proper thing to do here is extend all current certifications until some reasonable window after the VCP6 exam is available. It really is the least VMware can do. Please make it happen.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your feedback. Regarding responses – Absolutely – this is important to us! We appreciate your support of the program.
      The timing of the recertification deadline and the VCP 6 release is actually a coincidence. We did not plan that it any way. I am actually glad that we can offer the 65% discount so that people can choose to upgrade early if they want. Once the grace period is over, the recertification process will continue with your latest credential resetting your 24 month clock. Our goal is to keep people engaged and evolving with VMware’s technology. We have an increasing number of options to move up or across the technology stack or to upgrade your versions. We hope that people will take advantage of that.

      Paul Sorensen

      1. Tom Howarth

        so you are giving a 65% discount to all those that took the delta exam before 10th of March, that is a start, but what about those like me who instead if taking the delta exam took the opportunity to upgrade to a VCAP in preparation of a VCDX. what “benefit” do we get.

        Also the VCIX is a silly certification, it neither sits well with the Admins, or the Designers. “common” practice – something I see scatters in your answers. is that Designers design and Admins Admin. so there was a natural fit of VCAP-xxA for Admins and VCAP xxD for Designers. Now we are in a position of having to take two exams one of which is so far out of our day to day work as to be a completely different subject.

        Also what happens to the Upgrade path for VCDX’s previously it was sit the VCAP-xxD exam to update to the next version. are they expected to site both exams to retain their title?

        I do not expect that the VCIX will get very much traction outside partner world were I fully expect that VMware will make it mandatory for enhanced partner status thereby forcing partners to sit both exams.

        This is a very very badly thought out decision. You haven’t even saved the cost of posting a certificate out as this is now “Online”

        When the VCAP exams were announced they were worth getting, those that passed received a nice certificate and a baseball cap. now we get access to a Cart to purchase our cap.

        This is very bad ju ju VMware. you are alienating those that evangelise for you in your customers.

        1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

          HI Tom,

          If you took VCAP that would have renewed your VCP certification and you will be eligible for a discount on the VCP6 exam.

          i appreciate your feedback on the VCIX. You are correct – partners make up the majority of VCAP certifications today and I anticipate that the same will occur for VCIX. It seems that role is evolving.

  24. John Fitzgerald

    This is all just a giant pathetic money grab/scam by VMware. I am proudly NOT re-certifying my VCP 3, 4, and 5 because of this pathetic joke. I have been a VMware admin taking care of 200 hosts for almost 7 years, the fact that I have to waste several hundred dollars to “re-certify” when the product sets for 3 and 4 have NOT changed. Its all just sad, with the pure greed we are seeing from VMware on multiple fronts (licenses, certifications, etc…) I think its time that we all start looking at Hyper-V, or spend the ridiculous amount of money we are spending on licenses and hire a couple developers for open stack… I used to be a HUGE VMware proponent, now I gladly give VMware the finger!

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your feedback. We have found that many are using this new policy as a way to update their knowledge while they are recertifying. Many people find that certification improves their credibility with employers, peers, etc. However, If you find that is not the case for you and that you anticipate that your current or potential future employer does not value certification then I would definitely not recertify in your case. That said, we would love to have to stay current and even move across technologies or up-level your credential. There are lots of options for you!

      Paul Sorensen

  25. Rav Sohi

    I have until 20:00 tomorrow (10th March) to start my scheduled re-certification delta exam. Am I able to cancel this and re-schedule before the new extension date without incurring a financial penalty? Having rushed to meet the deadline I feel I would be better prepared if I sat this in a week or so.


  26. Richard

    I would just like to see the certification tied to the version. Over time they will age off naturally as the new version take hold. Being a VCP5 will mean nothing when organizations are deploying versions 6 or 7. Instead of having to upgrade the cert, maybe look at having to generate so many learning credits over the two years. VMUG meets worth X, VMworld Y and you need a total of Z to keep up the validity. That shows you’re continuing your knowledge but doesn’t put the whole forced upgrade into place. I’d also suggest 3 years is a better term.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Richard, the certification is still tied to the version, but the recertification is tied to time. I like your ideas in broadening what counts. That would be ideal (but hard to implement fairly). Our goal is to help people stay engaged, level up or move horizontally across the technology stack.

      Thanks again for your input!
      Paul Sorensen

  27. David

    Yeah sure. The product team is not in sync with the training development?
    VMware is telling us how important it is to certify but internally it’s not important enough to talk to each other?

    I don’t believe the teams where not informed enough. We all know VMware is a commercial company that wants to make more money. If VMware really cared about us being certified it would set things straight and offered people that did the exam recently to do the exam for v6 for free.

    For me it’s not about the money. Its about the time it takes to do all the exams and certifications.
    As a administrator it’s hard these days to keep up with all the certifications from all different software company’s. Especially when you’re working in a mid-sized company that doesn’t have a dedicated team for every service so you focus on one thing.
    There’s enough running on top of VMware that requires certification.

    So it’s very annoying you have to do another exam to keep up with the newest releases especially when you recertified a month ago. And beside all the time and efford it requires you to pay again.

    Sorry guys but my boss wants me to find some time to just work for him. And in my free time I’d like to grab a beer and my wife every now and then. And offcourse some time to study to keep up with all the other $oftware company’$ who like to $ell.

    I should say, don’t be fooled. Skip the offer and get back over 2 years!

    Regards David

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi David,

      You nailed it on the head – it is about the time. That is the biggest investment in my opinion. Although we hope that you upgrade sooner, the key is that you do have 24 months.

      I appreciate the feedback.

      Paul Sorensen

  28. How Many Extensions

    Wow how many times have you extended the deadline now 4 times? 5 times? you really need to make you mind up and stick with it once and for all. We will get to May and you will extend again. You should have stuck with the original policy of re-certifying witihin 3 months of the release of vSphere 6, but that wont generate the $$$$ that this mess has will it?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      We have extended once, (don’t intend to do so again) and in my best judgment it was the best move that we could make give the issues that popped up. I hope that it did not cause you any inconvenience. The 3 month policy was very tough though and i would not want to go back to that – it required most people to take training, forced them into a product where they had very little experience. I do not find that policy friendly at all and it cost people a small fortune in a small timeframe. Many people hated that policy, but it is interesting to hear from someone who liked it. In any case I appreciate your feedback.

      Paul Sorensen

  29. Joris

    OK so I had to take 2 days off last week in order to study my “last-minute” Delta exam at home, because VMware really wanted to have a deadline on this “cheap alternative”. And now, just hours before the deadline expires, you tell us that the deadline is extended not for a few days but for 2 months? Thank you for getting me 2 wasted holidays.

    And now you expect me to go to my boss and tell him I need another certification, new books and study time by August 2015 because then I can use a 65% discount on a 265 price?

    This recertification makes no sense in the first place. My VMware trainer told me 2 years ago during the class that the vSphere 510 certificate would be permanent, which is logical because it is bound to a version. You can’t just change that without having unhappy trainees.

    I really hope the VCP6 exam can be done without a class and with a “online Delta”. If not, I will certainly not use the 65% discount by August. Sorry.

  30. Kevin

    I passed the VCP5-DCV Delta exam yesterday, How long does this renew my VCP 5 for ?

  31. Mark Thompson

    I first certified on version VCP 3, it seems like just the next day and I had to recertify for version 4. Each time the money and study time comes out of my pocket!!! I could somewhat justify the cost as it included the Workstation software but frankly that should be free to every certified VCP!! The certification period should be 2 years regardless of the current version!!! Otherwise I agree it is a money trap and frankly you have no regard for our time! I too had to take off time and pay out of pocket for the Delta exam only to find out I also will have to take the version 6 exam to stay current??? Cisco puts out new products all the time but they don’t require me to recertify my CCNP every time. I absolutely agree that for a cert to be worth much it should require periodic updating, that being said VMware needs to set a time period not a version recertification scheme.

  32. Harry Benejaraffe

    I think the often repeated phrase “We did not plan” says it all.

    Because it is industry practice — perhaps it is the industry that has to change. Where is the Innovation? While we are at it the phrase “Sub-optimal” should not be used again until this blows over.

    Who, if anyone was demoted because of this lack of coordination, communication and planning within VMWare? I received 6 emails between February 17 and March 6th stating that there would be “No Exceptions!” in larger bold font.

    Frustrated? No. Disappointed in Education team (and VMWare)? Oh most definitely yes. What would happen if no one bothered to get re-certified?

    Finally — why is it a 65% discount and not a 100% discount?

    At the end of the day — there is another day.

    – H

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Harry,

      It appears that I’ve self-demoted myself be trying to answer most of questions on this blog 😉 . But i am doing it to show that I am listening to your feedback and want us to get better. I appreciate all of the feedback that we are getting.
      Thanks again,
      Paul Sorensen

      1. Harry Benejaraffe


        I appreciate your taking the time to respond to each comment.

        – h

  33. Henry

    This is pathetic .. I gave up studying for your exam due to the duration of time.. If we were notified months earlier that this will be extended i wouldn’t have quitted half way.

    I got this email today before expiration, on the last day.. Guess what guys… Time extension…

  34. Dominic

    I can now officially relax, but for a moment. I just received confirmation that my VMware VCP-Cloud was extended to May 08, 2015. Sadly, no time announced – just a date. I don’t mind since I know that VMware is mad rushing to get notices out to VMware Certified Professionals and Partners.

    Thank you, Paul Sorensen and VMware!

    P.S. I was very close to giving up on you, VMware, just like John Fitzgerald above. I have no problem heading to open source solutions, such as OpenStack, OpenContrail and SoftNAS.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Dominic,

      Stay tuned the information will be coming within a few weeks.

      Paul Sorensen

    2. william bishop

      Interesting, as our 6 man team is also looking into the openstack solutions…They’ve come a long way, and in many ways experience with it is seen as more valuable than either the vmware or microsoft virtual certs. It can be complex to set up and manage, but it’s leaped in capabilities over the last 2 years. I will have to give that more thought, as it allows us to keep in the virtual game, and leverage 10+ years of hands on in the virtualization field.

  35. Varun

    I will be taking Delta Exam and VCP6 is also coming up. I can take VCP6 Exam without official training? It is important to include this in migration path for People who put in the effort to follow the ticking clock to renew certification. Else I would rather wait for VCP6 !

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Varun,

      You can take the VCP6 migration path exams without training as long as you are already a VCP.

      Paul Sorensen

  36. Steve

    Dammm, all testing centres were booked, got mucked around wit pearsonvue/ VMware accounts been stressed at work with projects and a month to do this exam today (having email and said can I sit it on the 10th as there is no testing centres available with 100 miles), they said yes you can sit it on the 10th today, I’m about 34 prepared then while studying last night I see you move the date….. Great, can’t reshedule last minute and I genuinely only new my cert was expiring a month ago.

  37. Robin van Zon

    Thanks for the extension, maybe now I have enough time to take the test.

    But as most people above say, the whole recertification for the same version is BS, as if I suddenly forget everything i learned after two years.

    Certification should be for live, like a drivers license.

    You should really rethink you policies, management at our company are seriously pushing there engineers to look at other virtualization solutions, we the engineers have to fight hard to convince them that VMware is the better solution, but with your actions like this recertification policies you make our job very hard.

    Just my two cents.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Robin,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m sure where you live, but my driver’s license requires periodic retesting!

      Frankly our goal is to keep people more engaged in staying up-to-date and uplevel their version, level or technology (try cloud or nv)!

      Thanks for your feedback,
      Paul Sorensen

  38. Andrey

    It seems VMware cannot get enough money from the customers, so it try to get one from the partners.
    The offer to upgrade your certification to VCP6 is just another joke, because after two years you’ll need to recertify again, for the same price (and in the near same time) as who upgrade certification until May 8.
    Isn’t it the time to change the virtualization vendor for partners?

  39. Alec

    Recertification for old exams is complete BS.

    I’ve not forgotten the pain of VCP 3 and 4. There’s 0 change my employer will pay again for certifications I already have. Echoing Robin above, I’m finding harder to justify the VMware tax and this stupid certification move just makes my job harder and makes my historic decision on the use of VMware as our choice of virtulization software across multiple site harder to justify.

    Terribly handled and terrible recertification plan.

  40. Joris

    Another thing that is really annoying: The certification date is extended 2 years from the moment you are taking the Delta exam, it is not extended from the date your certificate would expire. That means that if you waited an additional 2 months now, you would have 2 months extra months on your certification. Why is that? That is not fair for people who did the Delta exam in early stages.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Joris,

      Just to confirm, you are correct, the clock is set to the last certification that you earned.

      Paul Sorensen

  41. Jimbo

    Since major releases have been coming less frequently that the 2 year recertification cycle, although there is 65% off the VCP6 upgrade for now, early adopters will likely have to do the same course and exam again and at full price later.

    Also one might wonder how many VCPs simply didn’t recertify and how that percentage tallies up to VMwares forecast of the same. That VMware asked VCPs if they were planning to recertify just a few weeks back might give some insight on that,

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      HI Jimbo,

      A little insight to your quesions above: As we were hoping, a majority of people who were set to expire completed their recertification. We were very pleased that the actual number of people who recertified was higher than our estimates. We know that policy changes are a pain and there is never a good time to do something like this, but now that it is in place (or will be after May 8th then it makes it much less dramatic. Our hope is that people will use the opportunity to upgrade their version, move to a new technology or more to a higher level. Under our old policy people typically paid more but engaged less – we would prefer more frequent engagement.

      Thanks for your comments!
      Paul Sorensen

  42. Mike Ward

    Frustrated is not the word as echoed by many comments on this Blog.

    Its the timing of an announcement thats the most appalling thing. A simple we recongnise there have been some issues so a short extension to allow for this would have sufficed. Personally I feel VMware as a business need to learn to communicate better, the whole re-cert communication (when it was announced) and the way it has ben managed has been a complete farce and now it continues with the announcement today.

    Respectfully please sort it out VMware.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Mike,

      I could not agree with you more – we need to get a lot better about communication, clarify on our certification website (What certifications are available, Why you consider getting it and and How you go about doing it). We are working now and will continue to work to do a better job.

      Thanks for your comments!
      Paul Sorensen

  43. Mike P

    Still can’t really understand why a certification that specifies a version needs to be updated except to make money for VMware. Sure, when v6 comes out we need a new certification to show we are competent in that version, and if I choose not to certify in the newer versions that should be more than enough to indicate that my skills are not up to date….

  44. Lee

    Paul Sorenson, I do not envy your position, since it seems you are taking all the heat for a decision that you did not make. However please realize that this is what happens when VMware and associated companies do not listen, ask or otherwise care what effect their certification requirements have on people and their livelihoods. VMware will lose a lot of certified people over this and rightly so. That you say the certification team did not know when vSphere 6 was being released is highlighting either a colossal communications failure or that the company honestly does not care about the investment regular people make to get and stay certified (i.e. time, money, stress, etc…).

    Because of the mess, management has shown that they do not proactively look for solutions to changes they want to make and only cave at the last second due to customer (not user) disgust. This all could have been avoided had someone on the certification team simply picked up a phone (that thing on the desk with a curly wire attached to it) and called someone on the vSphere 6 development team. It looks like VMware needs to send more people to ITIL or PMP training. But that’s just another certification. It doesn’t prove they will actually know anything, right?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Lee,

      Thank you for your comment. I am honestly OK taking the heat – especially for a hot-button item like this.

      I mostly want people that read this blog and get our certifications to know that there are real people behind the scene (me and my team) and we care and really are trying to do our best (even if that is not always clear). I have definitely learned that you can’t please everyone. Believe it or not, a lot of the people that we have spoken to have given us positive feedback (or at least admitted that they could use a little push every couple of years). This I will promise you: we are working to do a better job to make sure that VMware certifications continue to be relevant in the marketplace, that our polices are easier to understand (and find) and that we are engaging with customers (like you).

      Thanks again,
      Paul Sorensen

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  46. Gopikrishna

    I am planning to take network virtulization exam. VCP is prerequsite for this exam.Can i take network virtulization exam now due to VCP5 extension?Please confirm this.

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles

      If you have a current VCP5 certification then you would be able to take the VCP-NV exam and recertify.

  47. Mike Maloney

    I too waited until the last minute for the delta exam. I spend all weekend getting ready to take it. I only have myself to blame for not prioritizing my time. The up side is that if you waited until the last minute and passed it (Like Me) you won’t have to spend your time worrying about it until may.

    I also realistically know there is someone counting the money at VMware but it has always been the most expensive platform. It’s also the best platform and the only one we trust where I work.

    I do feel that when we recertify we should be entitled to nfr licenses or at least the latest version of workstation and am disappointed about the VCAP. I only took the delta because I didn’t think I was quite ready for the VCAP.

    Thanks for maintaining a great product suite

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  49. Dashrath Raj

    Hi Paul,

    The above posts are from just few people from around the world, Vmware should think about the People’s frustation around the world.

    Vmware has a worst educational policy when you compare with any other technical study/exam policies.

    Its not just individual’s frustation, but even Corporates wouldn’t be spend upgrading their engineers every summer, when they have tons of servers to be upgraded in data center.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Dashrath,

      The policy is to recertify every two years not every summer. I hope that you are willing to stay with us.

      Thanks for your feedback!
      Paul Sorensen

  50. Sebastien Simon

    Hello Paul Sorensen,

    Could you clarify for the 1 hour- ontine course “VCP5-DCV Delta Recertification Exam” : the course is free but we still have to pay for the exam right ?

    I agree that VMware apply a validity for the Certificates but don’t you think it would be simplier and more fair to start this new Policy only for VCP6.


    1. Jill LilesJill Liles

      Hi Sebastien – Yes, the course is free but there is a charge for the exam.

  51. Charles

    If the release and certification teams are so far out of sync, maybe someone needs to loop in the business and sales teams.

    How will they feel about this recertification fiasco when partners start pushing competitor’s products because they’re tired of getting jerked around by VMware?

    Why are we wasting our money and our engineers’ time recertifying on v5 when the v6 exam is just around the corner? Just to satisfy some arbitrary expiration date set last year which didn’t take into account the v6 release schedule?

    Someone at VMware needs to wake up.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for your comment. Recertification, especially for partners is really, really commong – HP, Cisco, Oracle, Citrix, Microsoft. Almost all of them require recertification in one form or another and many are very strict about it. I hope that our new policy does not impact you too much.

      Paul Sorensen

  52. Dave Simpson

    I agree with Sebastien, in hindsight surely it would have been far more sensible to start a new certification policy with a new version of the product, whenever that is. I can understand where all the accusations of money grabs are coming from, since internally at VMware, I am pretty sure that there was some idea of when vSphere 6 would be released before it was made public knowledge. In fact, I know that to be the case, given that I, as a mere customer, have been aware of roughly when the release would be for quite a while now!

    The one thing we can see with the way VMware has mismanaged the situation up to this point is that pretty much everyone loses out in some way, As a VCP5, I recertified on 5.5 early, ensuring that I was ahead of the initial deadline because I had the time available to get it done whilst there were discounts offered. For that, I got to start the 2 year cert expiration clock way earlier than other people because I didn’t want to pay over the odds for something with a limited shelf life. Still, no worries, I have a cunning plan to attempt the VCAP-DCD to avoid having to do the VCP6 anyway. No – wait, that cert is going as well. So I am being offered a discount on a VCP exam I don’t want to take.

    How about a discount which could be applied against an exam of our choice, set to expire at the end of our current cert expiration cycle?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Dave,

      Unfortunately I have no good path for you – I agree that your situation on this is not cool. The only thing that i would suggest is look at VCIX when it comes out. Otherwise if there is another technology area such as cloud or NV – you might think about those (at a discount).

      Thanks for your comment,
      Paul Sorensen

  53. Mustapha

    until now, I am VCP4, i receive an email from VMware, he announced me a short extension for the VCP recertification grace period deadline.
    Credential: VMware Certified Professional 4 – Data Center Virtualization
    Now Valid Through: 08-May-2015

    Can i pass the VCP6 directly without attending a training for vcp6

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Mustapha,

      This is a great question. We are still working on the migration paths. Currently I don’t see anthing on the list for VCP4 directly to VCP6, but I will bring it up in our discussions.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
      Paul Sorensen

  54. Brandon Bolen

    Does the discount apply to the VCP6-Cloud exam as well? It would be nice 🙂

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Brandon,

      We are still working on the details, and on getting the new certifications ready, but yes, the discount will apply to the new Cloud credential.
      Paul Sorensen

  55. Chris Robertson

    This is a shoddy display of planning and communication. If us qualified engineers behaved like this in our workplace there would not be a place for us there for long. This is like Microsoft expiring the MCSE2003. Disgraceful!!! I am officially going to suggest we look into Hyper-V in our office. Why we pay over £200K/year for licensing and SnS when the company keeps disking us around like this is beyond me.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Chris,

      I am not exactly sure what you are unhappy about – the extension, the new recertification policy, or the retirement of the MCSE2003 (which we had nothing to do with, I promise). In any case I apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you stick with us. Our goal with the new policy honestly is that people stay engaged more consistently in maintaining their certifications, including expanding into new technology areas and/or upgrading to new versions or levels.

      Thanks for your feedback!
      Paul Sorensen

  56. Omar Salinas

    I have a Question.
    If currently I am VCP5-DCV Is It necessary to take the vmware course or can I present directly the Renewed VCP550 exam? and just pay the exam?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Omar,
      If you are already certified as a VCP you do not need to attend a training course to recertify.

      Paul Sorensen

  57. Sir Alan Turing

    Let’s imagine for a moment that I save my hard earned money to buy a brand new car from an auto dealer and drive off the lot. 10 years later, the auto dealer arrives at my residence with their tow truck attempting to remove my vehicle. “Why are you taking my vehicle?”, I ask. The auto dealer glances at me with a smirk and replies, “I’ve changed the rules. From now on, I’m going to revoke ownership of any vehicle I’ve sold which is older than two years by taking it from the owner and bringing it back to my lot.” “But the terms of my purchase at that time indicated that ownership of my car would never expire” I plead. The dealer now ready to drive off with my car remarks, “This is an older car, and I sell shiny new ones on my lot. Stay current by purchasing a new shiny car from me every two years from now on or else next time you try to buy a car from me, a penalty will be imposed.”

    What happens if the public is repulsed by this and decides not to purchase cars from this auto dealer ever again? Then what happens?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Sir Alan,

      I don’t see the connection that you make very well, but I can think of several others that support periodic recertification: drivers licenses, medical licenses, mortgage banking licenses, technology companies (Cisco, HP, IBM Oracle [recently initiated], real estate licenses, food handlers permits, etc. -it’s a pretty common practice even when roles don’t change and the person has lots of experience. It’s particularly common when laws or technology evolves. Our goal is that people will stay engaged periodically and expand their skills and knowledge. Many people have already recertified because that works for them. We hope that you will as well.

      In any case I appreciate your perspective.
      Paul Sorensen

    2. william bishop


      And it has happened, some of us are repulsed…and will not be buying another “car” again.

  58. Judy Wick

    In case anyone hasn’t mentioned this, but the industry standard for major vendor certifications is 3 years, and not the 2 years re-certification.

    Renewing every 2 years VMware certification, is left to be desired.

    VMware should seriously reconsider their recertification program as other vendors have done giving the options to others, 1) CPEs or 2) upgrade to the latest.


    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Judy,

      Thanks for the feedback. I like that idea and hope that we can evolve to something like that at one point. As I have mentioned, our goal is to keep people engaged. What you describe would do that.
      Thanks again,
      Paul Sorensen

  59. mark hodges

    I also renewed for the simple fact I am (was?) proud that I am a vcp #3169 and have been certified on all current versions.since 2005
    However vmware has the f’n nerve to tell me that unless I pay their subscription fee every 2 years they will take my purchase and earned vcp # from me?

    Thanks for the same loyalty to me that I’ve given to you.

    The best part is I will put $500 down on the fact that when March 2017 comes around I would be writing an esx 6 exam all over again because v7 will not be out.

    So infact vmware what you have done is forced me to delay writing my vcp 6 for 2 years..
    So I am actually always going to be 2 years behind the current release model

    How’s that for increasing the value of your certifications?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Mark,
      Good insight. That is exactly the downside of the new 24 month recertification policy. Many people will choose to not recertify for 24 months. Our hope is that people will look at new technology areas, versions and up-levels as an opportunity to expand the knowledge and credibility.

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Paul Sorensen

  60. ikhwan koo

    The extension does someone like me absolutely no good having already spent the money.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Ikwan,

      You are correct, but it hurts very little (if at all) and you can get the 65% discount it you want it.

      Paul Sorensen

  61. Simon Nicolas

    I am VCP5-DCV and just re-certified the certificate I took the exam VCP550D last week, my friend got the VCP4 2 years ago and an email sent to her that she only need to take VCP550 for the re-certification. I remember that before i took the exam of VCP510 2 years ago, VMware sent me an email that i need to take the VCP510 exam within a grace period. After that, i must take a course and the VCP510 exam for the new VCP5. May I know why she just take the exam now and can got the VCP5-DCV certification, that’s not fair i need to take it within grace period with high pressure and take 1 more VCP550D exam. For the next time of VCP6, i need to follow the VMware instruction for taking the exam within the grace period, but my certification still valid until the 2017 ????

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      HI Simon,

      I would contact our customer support team to have a closer look at your records.

      Paul Sorensen

      1. Simon Nicolas

        Hi Paul,

        No need for that, i just want to know any new policy has been changed, i remember that after a new version launched and VMware need me to take the new exam within the grace period (~2-3 months) without take any course. After that, i must take a course and exam, i got high pressure that i need to take care of my family and company project, also 2 months is not enough for me to take a new version update and exam. If the policy changed that i can wait for the current certification expire and re-new without any grace period and taking course, then i can reserve more time for the exam preparation and new technology update. thanks

        1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

          Hi Simon,

          The forced upgrade policy (~2-3 months after release) that you mention above is no longer in place. We have moved to a 24-month policy, which basically means that you have to do something every 24 months from the last time that you certified or recertified. I suggest that you look on the VMware Certification homepage (vmware.com/certification) for more information and log into the myLearn system and look when your certification expires.

          I hope that this helps!
          Paul Sorensen

  62. Bryan McGalliard

    So I just completed and passed the Delta exam today on the 10th. I am just now seeing that the deadline was extended, wish I had known sooner but oh well. Do we get the discount if the test was taken and passed on the 10th or did it have to be taken and passed before the 10th?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      HI Bryan,

      If you met the original deadline of March 10th (it sounds like you did) then you will get the the discount (details will be coming pretty soon, along with some information about the migration plans.

      Paul Sorensen

  63. Riaan

    Hi All,

    Thanks a lot for the extension. The only exam date I could get was Friday the 13th otherwise I would have to get all the prerequisites again.

    Would everyone just relax. ALL major software companies has got recertification dates. Even though we have experience in VMware technologies and most of us work with it everyday there are a lot of people who don’t and don’t stay up to date with technologies.

    Would you want someone to sit and google doing an upgrade for you or have someone that really knows what to do?

    I think it is a good policy for everyone to stay up to date.

    Thanks again for the extension.

    Kind Regards

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Riaan,

      Thanks for your support! I am glad that the extension helped you out. Also love your comment on googling. LOL.

      Thanks again!
      Paul Sorensen

    2. william bishop

      But that’s not exactly valid is it? Having certed in 3,4, and 5…I could walk through any portion of a 6x installed (and not just because I beta tested),but because I know how the software funcitons, and minus some minor changes, feel comfortable in whatever version I sit down at. It’s not that a recert policy is now in place. It’s that our previous certs are now gone (and let’s not forget those cost the test+2000 dollars), and that it’s now on a ridiculous 2 year cycle. Hey, newsflash, I work 60 hours a week, when in the next 18 months do you think I have time to study and sit down for this test? Or, (and who knows due to the constant changes) if I will have to pay for yet another waste of time and money elementary but obligatory class that a 9 year old could breeze through?

  64. Dave R

    A lot of people here share my feelings on this “MONEY GRABBING” approach to recertification. Don’t get me wrong I have no issues with recertification, I have done it for CISCO and JUNIPER but there is one major difference, they are not certifying against a version. I don’t do a CISCO IOS 11.4 exam I do a CCNA exam. If you retain a version in a certification then you cannot expire it. Microsoft is a great example, MCSE 2000/2003; certified to a version, it never expires but shows what version someone is certified against.

    I hold a VCP against version 3, 4 & 5 and always will because I am certified to a version. I will not be re-certifying, as it adds no benefit to my current career path, previously I have certified through my own funding, if I was still working with VMware I would only certify if my employer was paying based on this recertification approach.

    You have taken the good aspects from CISCO/JUNIPER to create a tiered skill based accreditation system, but you need to drop the version number and extend the window to a 3 year cycle which every other certification body follows. Versions do not change enough to maintain a version based approach.

    I am confident I would be more than comfortable in deploying a V6 VSphere environment, even though I am a V5 VCP. You are not re-inventing the product every 2/3 years you are expanding feature sets and functions but the bare metal is no different.

    Sort it out!

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your feedback. Honestly, this is about keeping people engaged more often and we hope that people use the opportunity to move across the technology stack or up-level.

      If we were after money you would probably see a much more aggressive stance – more required courses (at every level) and required recertification for every level, credential and technology. The reality is that most people will pay less money under this new policy than the old, primarily because they will not need to take the training (not required).

      In any case I appreciate your feedback!
      Paul Sorensen

      1. Rob

        Hi Paul

        I think you are missing the point when you say “The reality is that most people will pay less money under this new policy”. The true cost is to the lost productivity in your Partner network. The time spent every 2 years by staff members having to re-certify, this is the time taken off work as study leave and to write the exams. You also seem to forget that in some parts of the world we don’t have the market sizes to dedicate Engineers to a particular product and we have to train staff in multiple products… so in essence VMware is trying to monopolize the training budget… our VMware engineers need to be not only proficient in visualization, but the Windows OS, Networking, Security etc.

        So in short, we need to decide whether we spend our budget, in time, on VMware only or focus on the other Vendors training… I am not only refering to the financial costs here, but the average staff member has a limited appetite to continued learning… especially as they age and start families.

        I think your approach is very short sited and as VCP’s realize how much time they are going to have to invest in re-certifying over the rest of their careers you will see the numbers fall off.



        1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

          Hi Rob,

          Thanks for your comments – I have no illusions that this is easy or a no-brainer for people. However with technology changing so fast our goal is to keep people engaged and up-to-date more often and therefore become better at their jobs – this is a win for you as their employer, the employees and your customers. Many studies show that training and certification pay bid dividends people and companies. We have a lot of options to help people study on their own schedule including our On Demand courses (a great option) and remember those who are upgrading are not required to take the training (it’s highly recommended though).

          Paul Sorensen

  65. Noorani khan

    I’m confused here guys… I don’t understand the 10th March 2015 deadline.. The expiration on my VCP states valid until 19-Dec-2015 .. Can anyone clarify this for me please?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Noorani,

      What myLearn says is your source of truth for recertification.

      Paul Sorensen

  66. Noorani khan

    ok I think I got my answer

    “What certifications do I need to recertify by March 10, 2015?
    All VCP level certifications — VCP-DCV, VCP-Cloud, VCP-Desktop — that were earned prior to March 10, 2013 must be recertified by March 10, 2015. Any VCP2, VCP3, VCP4, or VCP5 certification can be recertified during this period by simply taking a current VCP or VCAP exam (however, you must still meet all current requirements for the VCAP exam). Anyone holding a VCP certification awarded prior to March 10, 2013 has until March 10, 2015 to recertify. Certifications awarded after March 10, 2013 have two years during which they need will to recertify. “

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Noorani,

      Log into the myLearn system and it will tell your expiration date. Basically, you have to do something every 24 months to stay current, and the system will look at your last earned certification. Look in myLearn and if it is still unclear you can contact customer support.

      I hope that this helps.
      Paul Sorensen

  67. Daryl Claiborne

    I’m a VCP-DCV, VCP-Cloud, VCP-Desktop and I had taken the VCPD550 yesterday. My certification don’t expire till Dec 20, 2015. Do the Delta Exam extend all my certifications are just the VCP-DCV?

  68. Justin

    This is really confusing can someone please explain I took my VCP on 08 Mar 2014. It says on the website that I’m valid through 08Mar 2016. Do I still have the May 15 cutoff? What about the delta exam. and VCP 6?

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles

      Hi Justin,

      If MyLearn says you are certified through 8 March 2016 then that is the date you need to recertify by.

  69. Jon

    I’m sure I’m not the only person who managed to recertify in time, despite the considerable inconvenience it caused me.

    To say the least, it’s annoying to find out the deadline is now being extended especially when the reasons are so weak.

    The “thank you” for recertifying on time just makes it worse – to get the discount I have 5 months to study for and take another exam whilst VMware gets more of my money.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for your feedback – glad that you were able to get recertified – you are not the only one. At this point the majority of people have recertified, although some have not. We really felt that the extension was necessary – we did not want people who were not notified or who had system issues to miss their chance to recertify. I would completely understand if you did not recertify for two years, but I hope that you take advantage of the discount to do or try something on VCP6- the alternative is to pay full price later on.

      Thanks for your feedback!
      Paul Sorensen

  70. Stu

    I feel that the whole education side from VMware is about making money, nothing else. Having previously certified on VCP5, with many of the questions in the exam covering subject matter not even covered on the actual course, I know that the courses or exams give you little of the technical knowledge required to support a vsphere environment when it goes wrong. At the end of the day that is what i need from a course and an exam, not Vmware telling me what their products can do. I know that before I attend a course, I want to know how it does it so when it breaks I have the tools to fix it. As for all this recertification after two years and only being able to sit an exam after sitting an official vmware course, well sorry, it’s hard enough to get employers to send you on a course anyway so I won’t be re certifying and won’t be recommending VMware procucts in future.

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  72. David

    Quick question: I am a VCP4. Regarding the recertification. do i need to attend a training course before attending the VCP5 certification exam?
    It is very hard or almost impossible for me to get fund from my boss for a $5000 course.

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi David –

      To upgrade to from VCP4 to VCP5 it is not required to attend training. You just need to pass the VCP5 exam.

      Thanks and good luck!
      Paul Sorensen

  73. Jonathan

    Have been diligently studying all morning, feeling confident, house going to be quiet for a couple of hours … great time to do the DCV5D exam!

    Jumped on the Pearson Vue website …. COMPUTER SAYS NO!

    “The service is unavailable.”

    Sigh. Maybe later 🙁

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Jonathan,

      Not enough information to help you here. If you are unable to get to the exam then you can contact our customer service team.

      Thanks and good luck on the test,
      Paul Sorensen

  74. sabindra maharjan

    i’ve already booked the VCP -DCV550 exam before i’ve got the information about VCP6 migration .so in this case can i migrate into vcp 6 exam without attending training ?
    would you plz response quickly .

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Sabindra,

      Training attendance is not required if you are upgrading.

      Thank you,
      Paul Sorensen

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  76. sabindra maharjan

    Hi Paul Sorensen ,

    Quick question : this is my first time to attempting VCP exam so to upgrade directly to VCP6 seems to be quiet hard for me. so even to attempt VCP -DCV550 exam , still i need more practise, so my concern is ” is there any time limitation to give VCP-DCV 550 exam or can i give it after 3-4 months by postponing the booked date ??


    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Sabindra,

      We have not announced a retirement date for the VCP – DCV 550 exam yet. I anticipate that it will be available for quite a while yet. We will try to give 3-4 months notice prior to making it unavailable.


    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Scott,

      I anticipate an announcement about VCP6 certifications and exams (along with the details) will come by April 15th.

      Paul Sorensen

  77. Juan B.

    I was about to start studying for the delta VCP 5.5 exam. I’m currently a VCP5..do I continue to focus on the Delta exam since my certification will expire on May 8th or can I take the VCP 6?

    thank you,

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Juan,

      I anticipate that the v6 exams will be announced by mid-April. That might not leave you much time before May 8th. You will need to decide on that.

      Paul Sorensen

      1. Rubin Mathias

        I took the install class for VPC 5.0, and I am not certify yet and I dont hold any VMware cert. I just schedule my VPC510 exam for April 24th. Do I still have until the extension of May 8th, 2015 or until the VCP510 is retired?

        1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

          Hi Rubin,

          If this is your first VCP certification they you will not have to do anything until 24 months after you certify. So after you pass the exam on April 24th, you will have 24 months before the recertification kicks in.

          Thanks and best of luck!
          Paul Sorensen

  78. Rubin Mathias

    thank you for the answer. my focal point is this: I have my exam schedule for April 24th, and if I dont pass the test; do I have until May 8th, 2015 like every to take my last VCP510 or is it when VMware set a retiring date on VC510 exam? ( meaning I can retake the exam until I pass the exam before the retiring date set by VMware).

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Rubin,

      The VCP510 exam will not be retired before May 8th. An announcement may come soon, but not before the 8th. I suspect that we will announce some retirements (of the older exams) around the time that we announce the new VCP6 exam releases. We will give people a few months to finish up.

      Paul Sorensen

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  82. Rubin Mathias

    you are the best Paul. I know you have been dealing with a lot frustration professionals(including me because it is so hard to get company to pay for training.), I am not minimizing their anger. but VCP510 exam not retire on May 8th will give a little calm and I can concentrate on passing it the first time. I do hope they extend the recertification policy to 3 years, but we have to wait and see. thank you

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Rubin,

      You are welcome. The 510 retirement announcement will come pretty soon (I suspect), but you will have a few months to complete it (I also suspect). Good luck! I would not hold my breath on that 3 year change – technology changes too fast!

      Thank you!
      Paul Sorensen

  83. Anurag Goswami


    I am VCP510 and VCP-Cloud Certified, please tell me can I directly give VCP6 certification or do I need to first give VCP5.5 exam and then I can go for VCP 6 certification.

    Thanks and regards,


    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Anurag,

      As a VCP5 you can migrate to VCP6 when it becomes available. You can see a post about the migration paths here

      Paul Sorensen

      1. Anurag Goswami

        Hello Paul,

        Thank you for your reply and sharing migration path link. I thought that first I have to upgrade to VCP 5.5 and then only I can give VCP 6 exam.

        But now its clear to me 🙂

        Thanks and regards,


  84. Sam

    VCP6-DCV Beta & VCP6-DCV Delta Beta is available now and currently the price is for $50 USD.
    So for people who re-certified within the earlier deadline i.e. 10-March-2015 are supposed to get 65% off, so can we use that 65% off on this $50 pricing as well ? If so how ?

  85. Marc


    I have booked to write my Delta Beta exam on the 27th of April. It has been intimated that it will take up to 2 months to mark the test. If my results dont come back before the 8th of may and my VCP5-DCV certification retires and I pass, does my certification reactivate? If I do not pass, will I still be eligible to retake the Delta Beta (because I had taken it previously) or would i then need to fulfill the course and new exam requirements?

  86. Mike C

    I have to agree that the 2 year certification expiration is WAY too aggressive. The time between the release of versions 5 and 6 has been more than 3 years. To require re-certification on basically the same product seems to be a little unethical. This really feels like they are trying to get more money out of its users rather than anything constructive. I know that many IT professionals will either not be able to or will not want to keep up with such an aggressive re-certification process.

  87. David M.

    “Good luck! I would not hold my breath on that 3 year change – technology changes too fast!”

    Now thats funny considering how long it took for 6 to come out and the test is still in beta. I have been certified in 3, 4, and 5.1. and was planning on keeping it current with 6. If you decide to expire my cert right before letting me test for 6 then I will proudly put “VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization Expired” on my resume right under my new Hyper v certs. I know your trying to make the cert more valuable to those that have it by keeping it fresh and I admire that but if you stick to May 8th then I have to walk away from you for your incompetence. What a way to betray the engineers who support your product.

  88. Edouard Brown Anderson

    Hello Experts,

    I just took the certification of VCP510 on the 4th of April 2015. Now i can see my transcript updated but cant see the certificate in the certification link. Am quite disturbed if the EXAM has already expired or i will not be granted due to the limited extension periode.

    Could any one please highlight me on that.

    Will i received the certificate VCP510 before upgrading to VCP6?

    Thanks for your feedback.

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  90. Lucio

    Just to be sure: is May, 8th, still a valid day to take the exam and keep the expiring certification? Or is May, 7th the last valid date?

    1. GuntherVL

      In my region there’s a VMWN6 course on May, 6th and 7th, which I enrolled to. Are exams taken on May, 8th valid?
      Please confirm.

  91. Benjamin Sacks

    Is there any chance of an additional extension, as a result of client projects and other items I simply haven’t had the time to get this done, I would be able to get it done by the end of May but am out of town on business until the 9th of May…
    I would really like to keep current, but the time required to complete a full recertification on a new version from scratch would likely have to wait well into the release of 6 for me to have the time required to do that…

  92. Steve

    Can someone please confirm:
    If May 8th is the last day to pass, does that mean if I take the exam May 1st, and fail, I can take it again on the 8th (seven days later)?

  93. Yudha

    I am a VCP DCV 5 (5.1) certified.
    Should I firstly upgrade to 5.5 (Delta exam), or I can directly take the VCP 6 Delta Beta exam to get recertified?

    Have a great day,

  94. B.Eardy

    Hi, the following questions may have already been answered but for my own peace of mind could someone from VMware please confirm the following:

    – As a 5.1 VCP, I am able to take the VCP 6 exam without taking the course OR upgrading to 5.5 first?
    – Since I originally enrolled and paid to take the exam before the original deadline, do I still get the discount on the VCP 6 exam when it becomes available?

    Kind regards

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