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You Asked & It’s Back – VCP5-DCV Delta Exam Returns

Over the last few months the VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV) Delta exam has proven to be a very popular route to certification for many in our certified community. While we thought most people would take advantage of this opportunity to recertify before the end of the year, we have received many requests to extend it.

We don’t want to see anyone lose their certification status, so to make it as easy as possible we are returning the VCP5-DCV Delta exam (exam code VCP550D) as an option for recertification for anyone who passed the VCP510 exam. The streamlined, online exam will be available through March 10, 2015.

If you had previously requested authorization, but not registered with PearsonVue, your authorization is still valid. If you have not yet requested authorization from VMware, you can do so here.

We strongly encourage you to recertify. Those who do not recertify will lose their certification and will be required to redo the certification path as a new candidates (including mandatory training). For more information, please review the policy.

11 thoughts on “You Asked & It’s Back – VCP5-DCV Delta Exam Returns

  1. Simon Greaves

    The links are broken.

    Error! The link you used is no longer valid. . If you have questions, please contact the system administrator and reference order none.

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  3. Alan Strand

    Shame on you for not extending this for those who passed their VCP50 exam. I found out about the delta exam late in the game and had one opportunity to try to pass the exam before it expired on November 30th. “Missed it by that much” and now I am stuck having to take the full exam.

    1. Paul Dezzutto

      Hi Alan
      Did you attempt the VCP550D and not pass? Or were you not able to register and take the exam? For those qualified VCP5-DCVs, you may retake the Delta exam. There’s no limit on number of retakes.

  4. Benjamin Troch

    The community strongly feels that this re-certification is a step in the wrong direction and I will bring it up during our discussions on the next VMUG full day user conference. Why is a re-certification necessary? It costs me money for something I have already achieved. I believe this is not very respectful and basically is a cash cow for VMware Edu. I can only say it’s a slap in the face for people who passed the exam before and now have to fork out the money to get exact the same creds. It makes the certification less desirable and it will make people look at other certifications over time. I will follow up with a blog post on this but would really like to know the motive behind a re certification.

      1. Alan Strand

        OK – my bad. The actual name of the exam I passed is VCP5-DCV Exam (VCP510) —- Passed. This was 5.0 at the time but by the time I took the test I guess it was 5.1 So all is good and I will be taking the VCP550D test again!

    1. Ethan

      I agree to an extent. I understand the need to have re-certification as the technology has changed so drastically since vSphere 4 that someone saying they are VCP and only having knowledge of vSphere 4 isn’t really someone that should be able to say they are still VCP. However, the only aspect I don’t like is forcing people to take a class if their certification lapses. I feel whether your certification has lapsed or not you should be able to take a re-certification exam without having to take another class. That’s the big cash cow that VMware is taking advantage of. I always want my certifications to be up to date but I don’t feel I should be so strongly penalized if I miss a cutoff date. By taking a class and passing a past exam that should exempt me from having to take the class again to re-certify.

  5. Paul Sorensen

    Hi Benjamin

    We understand that introducing a new policy is always a controversial thing (no matter what policy), no doubt is more difficult for some than others. Like other certification programs that have a re-certification policy is to keep people engaged with the program and technologies, particularly since technology changes so fast.

    Our hope is that people will use re-certificatoin as an opportunity to move up to VCAP or across to a different technology area. However we had strong feedback that many people who took the 5.1 exam would prefer to move to 5.5, so in order to make this a little less inconvenient and lower cost we created the Delta exam. We’re keeping it live through May 10, 2015 to help those who would rather go this route. Even so, I encourage everyone look at taking something new if that is feasible for for them.

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