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Question of the Week (vCloud Air)

This week’s question comes from the vCloud Air video series.




A) 99.9%
B) 99.95%
C) 99.99%

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The New VCDX Advisory Council!

VCDX merch

I am very excited to announce something new that we are going to try to help us make better more informed decisions for all of us that are part of the VCDX community, known as the VCDX Advisory Council!

The small group of advisors will help the new Program Manager Karl Childs and I prioritize and decide on ideas coming to the program from all of you.  Some details on this new group of advisors is as follows:

If you have input or ideas you can not only come to Karl and myself, but also to one of these advisors if you know them well.  Our ultimate goal is to build COMMUNITY around the VCDX Program, current holders, and those aspiring to become a VCDX.  I have always believed in communication with every thing I do and this is no exception.

We have hand selected the first group based on their past and current involvement, and we needed to start quickly so there was no time to solicit every current VCDX.  The next selection round will have a process put in place for a VCDX to make their case to be an advisor.  Stay tuned for more updates to follow!  I will also note this is most likely not a permanent program, it’s intended to make the right decisions initially to keep the program scaling, but time will ultimately tell.

Kudos to the newest VCDXs

VCDX merchPlease join us in giving a huge welcome and tall order of congratulations to the newest members to our VCDX community!


  •  Adrian Roberts


  • Steven Bridle
  • Jason Yeo


  • Marc Huppert
  • Anders Olsson
  • Joe Silvagi
  • Bill Gurling
  • Elvys Martinez Brana
  • Rob Nolen
  • Jason Shiplett
  • Todd Simmons

VCDX is the highest level of certification offered by VMware. The certification allows candidates to validate enterprise-class skills in VMware Solution design and implementation. Certification is achieved through the Design Defense where all candidates must submit and successfully defend a production-ready VMware Solution before a panel of subject matter experts. This unique process ensures that those who achieve this level of certification are peer-vetted and ready to join an elite group of world-class consulting architects.

To learn more about these, and all the VCDXs, visit the online directory.

EMEA VCI of the Quarter Announced

EMEA VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) of the Quarter Award is a regular prize given to those VCIs that aspire to be the best of the best.  The awards are the EMEA Education version of the “Oscars” identifying and rewarding excellence.  The award recognises outstanding VMware Certified Instructors from the region who share their expertise about VMware technologies with others.  The award is designed to support, promote and develop VCIs by inspiring them to continually raise the standards of training.  The winners are chosen by the EMEA VCI team of Andy Cary and Undeleeb Din.

At the recent VMworld held in Barcelona the EMEA VCI of the Quarter Award for the period of July to September was given to Paul McSharry by Sundar Nagarathnam VP of Global Services and Education.

Paul McSharry

Paul McSharry from the United Kingdom delivered several vSphere, vCloud Automation Center classes this quarter across EMEA.  His average evaluation scores were above 4.9 out of 5 on each of the three instructor categories.  Paul has created his own website and Twitter feed to share information on VMware Education and Certification with students.  He is also the author of the Official VCAP5-DCD Study guide.  When he is not teaching he is an independent virtualisation consultant, specialising in web hosting and virtualisation technologies, working with large retail and financial enterprises.

This last quarter Paul was instrumental in helping VMware Education release the new NSX Install Configure and Manage course.  After attending a bootcamp on the new course he came back to EMEA and delivered the first NSX classes and followed it up shortly afterwards with a Train the Trainer to enable the EMEA Instructors.  He was also the first person to pass the VCP-NV.

Some of the comments from his students highlight how well he is respected:

“Very experienced Instructor with great knowledge on vSphere, Networking and NSX. Answered all questions very well, Thanks a lot!”

“The best instructor I have ever had on a Training.  He had no problem to tell real world scenario where to use different solutions and scenarios covered in the course.”

Certification of achievement winners were also recognised at VMworld.  The winners are those individuals who have been chosen by the EMEA VCI team of Andy Cary and Undeleeb Din as making an outstanding contribution that should be recognised by their peers.

Sven WischnewskiSven Wischnewski from Germany wins the award for delivering the most classes since the start of the year with 21 classes







Jens SoeldnerJens Soeldner from Germany wins the award for being consistently amongst the first to deliver new VMware courses






Imants SkerstensImants Skerstens from Latvia wins the award for the best evaluations.  This year he has scored perfect five out of five in all three evaluation categories on 9 separate occasions

Question of the Week (vCOPs)

This week’s question comes from the vCenter Operations video series.



A) The Efficiency badge
B) The Health badge
C) The Capacity Remaining badge
D) The Density badge

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Calling all Firefighters! Build your vMuscle with advanced training in VMware’s vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop [5.5]


There’s a reason firefighters stay fit.

When a building is in flames and the red lights are flashing, firefighters rely on their strength, smarts and skills to pull through a crisis.  Before disaster hits they train, they test equipment, they learn from each other.

Our instructors and students are a lot like firefighters running virtual drills — they’re building vMuscle — especially after completing the advanced vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop [5.5] from VMware.   Based on VMware ESXi 5.5 and VMware vCenter Server 5.5, this advanced five-day intensive builds the knowledge, skills and vMuscle you need to troubleshoot even the most complex VMware vSphere environment.

Just ask Bryan O’Connor, a Newcastle, UK-based VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) and vExpert.  Bryan has amassed his vMuscle through dozens of VMware training courses over the years.  “I teach all of the VMware tracks and have been involved with VMware training for nearly 7 years.  What I liked the most about this course is having to think for myself, but knowing [an expert] was available if things did go wrong.”

VMware Certified Instructor and vExpert, Bryan O’Connor, flexes his vMuscles!

Hone and tone with hands-on exercises

Running drills builds skills, but this VMware course requires a serious analytical mindset.  Expert trainers will work with you to hone, tone and tighten up your troubleshooting thought processes using our lean new vSphere Web Client.  You will challenge your mind using the command line interface and log files to analyze, diagnose and correct problems on the fly in the vSphere environment.

Jeff Petersen, Network Engineer from the US Railroad Retirement Board in Chicago, talks a lot like a veteran firefighter.  “I’ve been through a couple of upgrades.  I’ve rebuilt environments from the ground up and in our Disaster Recovery and test environments in our Data Center. I took the [vSphere] Optimize & Scale course and asked the instructor for an even more advanced class.  Now was the time for Troubleshooting.”

Recruits be aware!  Not everyone can be a firefighter and not everyone should take the Troubleshooting Workshop.  This is advanced training is for IT Pros only – you must qualify with one of the following pre-requisites and experience working with the command-line interface is highly recommended:

•  VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data  Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV)

•  VMware vSphere: Fast Track [V5.1]

•  VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V5.1]

•  Equivalent knowledge and administration experience with ESXi and vCenter Server

“There is a lot more to this upgrade than there has been since the last few,” continues Jeff who used the Troubleshooting course to plan for issues before they happened. “The certificates and single-sign on, I really learned what I needed.  There were some significant changes in using the Web Client than the fat client interface.  It helped to have instructors side-by-side troubleshooting with you.”

vSphere Web Client and Single Sign On (SSO) interface

Troubleshoot and train your way!  Online or In-person courses.

Some firefighters lift weights.  Others climb the pole or run to build strength.  The same is true for IT training.  Whether you prefer online or in-person courses, VMware offers both.  It is your choice and they’re equally effective.

Both Kevin and Jeff took their Troubleshooting Workshop in-person – one in Chicago, one in the UK, through VMware’s extensive network of authorized training centers.  “I much prefer an instructor-led class,” says Jeff.  “I feel like you get more in the immersive teaching environment with less distractions.”  Kevin agrees, “I would rather have face-to-face contact in a classroom environment…it helps me focus on what’s going on.”

Bryan on the other hand had a different reality, “I took the course online, the decision was made for me, I live in the UK and the only way I could have taken the course in-person would have been to visit the States. Let’s be honest, one of the advantages of virtualization is the ability to telecommute!”

VMUG = Our own community of expert Firefighters!

Even a fully qualified VMware Certified Professional (VCP) like Kevin Gosney can use a spotter during training and later when the sirens sound.  “I am pushing myself to have a full set of skills in VMware.”  Kevin is a Systems Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific in the UK.  He has strong multi-country management experience having supported environments in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and others.  “I have registered with VMUG & VMware Forums.”  This is how Kevin stays connected to the experts in our community.

Kevin Gosney of Thermo Fisher Scientific UK

Bryan also keeps his skills fresh through the VMware VCI community.  “I’ve been a vExpert for the past three years, I subscribe to the vExpert forum, and I’m also a member of the North East of England VMUGs.”

No matter where or how they train, everyone likes a little recognition – a chance to show off their vMuscles.  “There’s a course completion certificate that you get with all these classes.   Mine is framed and posted on the wall.  But I didn’t update my LinkedIn profile yet…that will come when I actually perform the upgrade.  You can’t go bragging about something you haven’t done!” offered Jeff.

Bryan took a more public route; he shared his experiences on his own blog vbry21.wordpress.com — via Twitter @bryanoconnor21 — and no doubt with his fellow VMUG members.

So how did Bryan O’Connor celebrate after completing the vSphere Troubleshooting [5.5] Workshop?

“I went to the gym.” said Bryan.

Of course you did Bryan…keep flexing those vMuscles!

For more on VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop [V5.5] and to check the various class formats, visit the course page.

Talking VCDX at VeeamON With vBrownBag

This week I was at the VeeamON conference for a few days and the vBrown Bag folks asked me to spend a few minutes talking about VCDX.  Emad Younis and I set it up as an interview which was interesting because he’s thinking about going for his VCDX.  I figured it would give him the chance to ask some questions of his own.

Based on part of the conversation, I added some more context with a blog post about Presenting the VCDX Value to Your Boss.  We touched on this as well as fear of the VCDX panelists in the video.

As always I wanted to thank vBrownBag for giving me some air time literally my first official week on the job.  I could not have asked for better support from the community so far.  I am hoping we get the chance to do many more of these to keep getting people interested in becoming a VCDX.

New Network Virtualization Certification Available – VCIX-NV


The new VMware Certified Implementation Expert – Network Virtualization (VCIX-NV) certification validates your ability to install, configure, and administer NSX virtual networking implementations in a demanding hands-on lab environment.

Successful candidates will demonstrate core networking abilities, as well as Enterprise-class NSX networking implementation skills.

Watch the video to learn more about this new program, or download the exam blueprint.

Question of the Week (Horizon Mirage)

This week’s question comes from the Horizon Mirage video series.


A) every 10 minutes
B) every 30 minutes
C) every 60 minutes
D) every 90 minutes

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What’s New with Horizon (with View)? Our Latest Webinar Will Expand Your Horizon.

Horizon (with View) [V 6.0] has some fantastic new features, and our FREE webinar will tell you about some of them. Led by Senior Technical Trainers Bryan Lenderman and Linus Bourque, you will hear:

  • Highlights of the new Horizon features
  • The new features of View 6, specifically
  • An overview of RDSH Desktop and Application Pools
  • An overview of Cloud Pod Architecture

For those who can’t wait to get started or those wanting more background on the product, we also have a download available for a free 60-day evaluation of VMware Horizon (with View). We recommend you take it for a spin and get acquainted with the software before the webinar. Bring your questions to the webinar on October 29, 2014 at 9:00 AM PDT.

Register for the FREE webinar today! 

Your speakers are very knowledgeable on Horizon (with View).

Bryan Lenderman, a VMware Certified Instructor at VMware


Bryan Lenderman, a Senior Technical Trainer for VMware, co-leads this webinar and has been with VMware for the last 7 years. Bryan has a total of 11 years of Technical Training experience plus 7 years as an IT Field Consultant. Bryan’s certifications include: VCAP5-DCA, VCP5-DT, and VCI level 2, and MCSE.



Linus Bourque, a VMware Certified Instructor at VMware


Linus Bourque is a Senior Technical Instructor for the VMware Education Americas Tech Lead Team and will co-lead the webinar. Linus has more than 12 years of technical training experience and has been with VMware for over 8 years. His certifications include CISSP, VCI, VCAP-DCA, VCAP-DTD and VCP-DT.