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VMware Certified Instructor of the Quarter Award for EMEA Region Announced

The EMEA VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) of the quarter award is a regular prize given to those VCIs that aspire to be the best of the best.  The awards are our version of the “Oscars,” identifying and rewarding excellence.  The award recognises outstanding VMware Certified Instructors from the EMEA region who share their expertise about VMware technologies with others.  The award is designed to support, promote and develop VCIs by inspiring them to continually raise the standards of training.

The EMEA VCI of the Quarter Award for the period of April to June 2014 is Sascha BAS_2197_CDMilic of Switzerland.  Over the quarter he delivered several new and existing classes, and on several of them, all the students gave him perfect scores along with outstanding feedback such as “Sascha provided us with an excellent learning experience providing additional background information to support the course materials. Context was provided and guidance around the our implementation of vCAC. Questions answered expansively. Highly commendable effort.”

Not only was Sascha amongst the top VCIs in terms of number of days teaching he was also running the some of the most challenging courses of any of the candidates shortlisted.  He delivered the brand new class on vCloud Automation as well as more established vSphere and Orchestrator course.  He was the lead instructor on the vCloud Automation course which meant he delivered the first class anywhere in the world as well as enabling other instructors across the region in a train the trainer event.

Thanks also to the other candidates who were shortlisted. The decision by Undeleeb Din and Andy Cary this quarter, as always, has been very difficult.  All of the other instructors had very high standards and we value your achievements and even though you did not win this time, you can consider it an achievement to make the shortlist of 10 from the community of several hundred.

Look out for the invitation for nominations in October and you too could win an iPad, a plaque, and a mention on the VMware Education site.