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What Do IT Hiring Managers Really Want? – Stand Out with VCA

Ever wish you could get inside the mind of an IT hiring manager? What are they really looking for? How can you help your resume float to the top of their stack?

This IT World post from former CIO Eric Bloom provides just such a glimpse. He explains that, when he was hiring new IT professionals, seeing an IT certification on their resume provided insight not just into their skill set, but also their frame of mind. He knows the person cares about his or her career enough to spend time and money finding and signing up for a class, studying, and taking the exam. And from that he can guess that the person also:

  • Is a self-starter
  • Follows through on planned activities
  • Is professionally minded
  • Has knowledge in a defined area of study

Of course, on-the-job experience is also key, as the IT recruiting firm AVID found when it surveyed hiring managers it works with.

“Employers want technical professionals with relevant, hands-on experience who can relate to on-the-job requirements, but they also want individuals who’ve been specifically trained on current versions of IT systems, software, practices, and procedures,” they explain.

If you are in the first few years of your IT career, certifications are an important opportunity to show managers that you’re driven and eager to learn, even if you don’t have as much experience under your belt. The VMware Certified Associate track was designed with this in mind.

Becoming a VMware Certified Associate is the fastest, most cost-effective way to stand out from the crowd when applying for a new job. With exams and free eLearning in three areas—Data Center Virtualization, Cloud, and Workforce Mobility—you can focus on the most in-demand skill set for your goals. Or earn multiple certifications to demonstrate flexibility and initiative, characteristics that hiring managers are always looking for.