When we launched our Certifications Pros series at VMworld last year, it was an immediate hit. Our readers loved the stories and preparation tips from VCDXs, so over the last year we made more videos and added profiles of VCPs and VCAPs, too.

Beginning August 25, at VMworld San Francisco, we’ll be expanding even more, capturing video stories from certified professionals right at our booth. If you are interesting in being videotaped or want more details, please contact us at

While I enjoy reading the snippets on our Certification Pros page, I was eager to hear more about how our programs have helped professionals advance their careers while also helping businesses win more business.

VCAP-DCD/DCA Adam Eckerle

I think you’ll enjoy this Q&A with Adam Eckerle, a Technical Solutions Architect at Network Storage, Inc. in Indianapolis and a VCAP-DCD/DCA.

Why did you choose to get the VCAP5 certification?

“As more VCPs became more common, I wanted to be further differentiated. I had worked with a lot of great VMware employees and consultants, and I envied their abilities. I wanted to prove to myself that I had that level of knowledge.”

How have the certifications you’ve received complemented each other in your work?

“The certification program is great in that it allows you to get very specific and focused, while giving you opportunities to grow as you move up the stack. You can focus on end-user computing, or hybrid cloud, maybe add in desktops if you want.”

“We are seeing a blurring of the lines between the traditional silos of infrastructure: networking, storage, etc. They still exist more in big companies, but they are really breaking down in SMBs. That means companies are leaning more on smart admins who can manage all levels of the infrastructure. That’s why it’s important that, at the VCAP level, you have to have core knowledge in wide range of topics.”

How does VMware compare to other certification programs you’ve gone through?

“One thing is how well researched and designed the VMware tests are. There is no way you can pass one of those exams without having a really good handle on the material. Some other testing systems, you can fumble your way through. But there hasn’t been a VMware test that I’ve passed where I haven’t raised my hands up and given myself a high-five for it. They definitely mean something.”

“Another thing that makes VMware stand out is the social connectivity. The VMware community is by far the best, most valuable one out there. It’s been great to be able to find out about instructors before I take a course and connect with them by email. Then dovetailing with that is the VMUG experience, having the opportunity to foster a lot of admins from a knowledge perspective. I enjoy helping people—I’m even doing it on Twitter. Just the other day I responded to a guy who asked if DCD or DCA would be better for him.”

Can you tell me about a specific time that your VMware certifications helped you and your business?

“My company is a VMware partner, so that helps differentiate us from the competition. Then, when I’m giving presentations to customers, I always put up my “this is who I am” slide. It’s nice to be able to put my certifications up there. It’s been a conversation starter.”

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