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FREE eLearning: VMware vCloud Connector Fundamentals [V2.5]

New FREE eLearning course VMware vCloud Connector Fundamentals is a self-paced course covering the main features and components of vCloud Connector including installing and configuring.  At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe use cases for vCloud Connector;
  • Describe the features of vCloud Connector Core edition;
  • Describe the features of vCloud Connector Advanced edition;
  • Describe VMware vCloud Hybrid Service;
  • Describe the vCloud Connector architecture;
  • Plan your vCloud Connector installation;
  • Prepare for your vCloud Connector installation;
  • Install and configure a vCloud Connector server;
  • Install and configure vCloud Connector nodes;
  • Install the vCloud Connector user interface;
  • Verify that vCloud Connector is deployed properly.

It is 90 minutes well spent and the price is right.  Register today!  Or see all the Free eLearning courses available in many languages.


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