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New VCP-Desktop Practice Test Released

Are you on your way to VCP-Desktop certification?  The VCP-Desktop Exam is a core component for this certification and the just released VCP-Desktop Practice Test will help ensure your success– and quickly.

The VCP-Desktop Practice Exam will test your skills and abilities implementing, installing, and configuring a VMware View 5.x environment deployed on a VMware vSphere 5.x implementation.   Successful candidates will demonstrate mastery of skills and abilities across both vSphere and VMware View knowledge domains.

Are you ready with the right stuff: 

  • vSphere skills including implementation and administration
  • Experience creating and administering virtual machines, configuring host networking and storage and working with DRS, HA and other cluster related vSphere features
  • 6-12 months of VMware View experience
  • Ideally, industry-recognized general IT certifications or equivalent (2- 5 years)

Purchase the new VCP-Desktop Practice Test and be on your way to success!


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