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Tapes, Troubleshooting, and earning CloudCredibility.

Last weekend (it’s still raining), in an effort to avoid total house destruction by my kids, we trooped off to the local library. Having returned with a respectable pile of assorted children’s literature, including several audiobooks that contained tapes rather than CDs. I then spent at least an hour explaining the basic operation of a tape player. There was much confusion. “Yes, you need to rewind the tape, yes it is a bit slow, no, it’s not broken, you need to turn the tape over to listen to the other side…” Inevitably it ended up with me picking a shredded tape from the machine with an HB pencil. Next week – The record player is coming down from the attic.

Speaking of old-school, a number of you will remember the Troubleshooting course from  4.0 times. Well, it’s risen phoenix-like in a new and shiny 5.1 edition, and we are very excited about the imminent Beta that will run in the next few days. VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop is a 5 day offering, and includes over 75% hands on labs, with over 100 scripts, it’s sure to challenge even the seasoned vSphere Admin. Keep an eye on the website for more details and release dates.

Finally, be sure to take a look at our first social engagement platform, Cloud Cred. There’s a host of tasks and challenges for individuals and teams to demonstrate and earn cloud credibility, with the opportunity to earn rewards, and possibly scoop the grand prize.

HB pencils at the ready!



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