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IT Professionals — Do You Have What it Takes

There are millions of open job requisitions for cloud-related IT jobs worldwide, and new job ads are posted every day. With this increase comes the harsh reality that IT professionals around the world are steps behind when it comes to attaining the skills necessary to thrive in the cloud computing industry.

Jason Boche, VCDX #34

By 2015, the demand for cloud-savvy IT professionals will grow five-times greater than the already staggering millions sought out today. There is an urgent need to retrain existing IT staff, encourage certification and learn by working side-by-side with experienced consultants.

Per CIO Today “IT hiring managers report that the biggest reason they failed to fill an existing 1.7 million open cloud-related positions is because job seekers lack the training and certification needed to work in a cloud-enabled world“.

Get the training and certification needed to stay relevant in today’s IT market. A VMware Certification adds real value to your career and to your company.  Where to start?

One thought on “IT Professionals — Do You Have What it Takes

  1. Paul

    As a Freelancer, who does attain certifcation, I can say that in my experience it is the high expectations of the hiring companies that is the main reason that Cloud vacancies go unfilled. The hiring companies want a top quality solution in a market that is relativly new and do not want to give anyone who hasn’t done several Cloud implementations a shot at it. Even if the CV of the Consultant has manay years of successful implemenations in related Wintel and VMware projects.

    Back in the day when I first started Consulting I was given much more trust and time including Proof of Concept environments and Pilots phases.

    Now it is Project Managers saying “Give me a high level design, low level design, then implement through to handover to BAU all within 6 – 9 months” for environments that should take twice that long to implement and iron out issues.

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