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Free Book Excerpt: Configuring the Protected Site in SRM

Our friends at VMware Press bring you another chapter from Michael Laverick’s Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0.

Now that the core SRM product is installed it’s possible to progress through the post-configuration stages. Each of these stages depends highly on the previous configuration being completed correctly. It would be correct to assume that this then creates a dependency between each stage such that you must be careful about making changes once the components have been interlinked. Essentially, the post-configuration stages constitute a “workflow.” The first step is to pair the two sites together, which creates a relationship between the Protected Site (NYC) and the Recovery Site (NJ). Then we can create inventory mappings that enable the administrator to build relationships between the folders, resource pools, or clusters and networks between the Protected Site and the Recovery Site. These inventory mappings ensure that VMs are recovered to the correct location in the vCenter environment. At that point, it is possible to configure the array managers.


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