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Announcing VMware Lab Connect™ – Connecting You to Better Learning

VMware Education is proud to announce VMware Lab Connect™, a new self-paced, technical training lab designed to enhance the learning experience of VMware customers.  This new VMware cloud-based, on-demand, multi-platform lab environment extends the classroom experience to further help students develop deeper technical skills to unlock maximum value from VMware products and solutions.  Based on VMware technologies, this lab environment is VMware’s largest scale Cloud service to date.

VMware is offering 30 active hours* or 30 days of VMware Lab Connect™ free, for a limited time to students in the Americas who attend a VMware-delivered VMware vSphere: Fast Track [5.0] or VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [5.x] class.  All students that have attended a VMware-delivered class in the Americas, on or AFTER October 1 are eligible for the VMware Lab Connect™ promotion.  Students can practice skills learned during the instructor-led training to prepare for a certification test, dive deeper into features of interest, or get hands-on practice before applying their skills in an operational environment.

Available initially in the Americas, VMware Lab Connect™ is targeted for release in Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan in Q1 2013.  VMware Lab Connect™ has been in beta since October 1 with excellent user feedback.  Customer’s have commented:  “Wonderful!  Just reading documents or study materials does not have the same affect on learning as when you have a hands-on experience.” and “Awesome to be able to go back and review course material.  There isn’t enough time in the class sometimes to be able to finish the lab or understand lab steps.  Nice job!”

Full release of VMware Lab Connect™ began  November 30.

If you are thinking about registering for one of the below courses, please consider registering soon to take advantage of the free promotional access to VMware Lab Connect™:

For more information, visit VMware Lab Connect for details.

* Note: Active is defined as actual activity – idle time after ten (10) minutes is not counted.  Once a student accesses VMware Lab Connect, they have 30 days to complete the 30 hours.

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  2. MKumar

    I had completed my classroom training in May 2012. Would appreciate if Lab Connect could be extended to students who have attended this course prior to October 1, 2012.

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