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Monthly Archives: May 2012

vSphere Video: VMFS Datastores


Watch as Brian Watrous reviews VMFS datastores, then check out the rest of these free training videos in the vSphere Storage series.

Free vShield & Security eLearning Courses

Continuing our series of free eLearning courses, we have recently released several new security courses to bring you up to speed on the key components of the VMware Security Solution.

Introducing the VMware Security Solution Fundamentals provides the background information needed to work with the products included in the VMware Security Solution.

VMware vShield Fundamentals [V5.X] teaches you how vShield works, the main vShield components, key features, and usage scenarios. You will also learn how to install and administer vShield Manager.

VMware vShield App Fundamentals [V5.X] learn to install and administer vShield App, how to create vShield App firewall rules, and how to analyze traffic using the vShield App Flow Monitor.

VMware vShield Data Security Fundamentals [V5.X] shows you how to install and configure vShield Data Security to enforce a policy on how sensitive data is stored within your virtualized and cloud environments.

VMware vShield Edge Fundamentals [V5.X] demonstrates how to install VMware vShield Edge and how to configure vShield Edge to provide common gateway services such as DHCP, NAT, VPN, firewall and load balancing.

VMware vShield Endpoint Fundamentals [V5.X] shows you how to install vShield Endpoint and monitor the health of Endpoint components.

vSphere Video: Installing VMware ESXi 5


Watch as Chris Skinner takes a look at installing VMware ESXi 5 then check out the rest of the videos in the series.

VMware Training for Java Developers

VMware now offers several paths for Java developers to become an expert at building business critical applications:

Spring-logoSpring Developer Path

Step 1 Core Spring In just 4 days you will learn to build powerful, secure and testable applications with Spring. This course is ideal if you have an upcoming Spring project. At the end of the training you will be granted the opportunity to become officially Spring Certified to support your developer career.

Step 2 Rich Web Applications with Spring Learn to apply the latest in Spring to create beautiful rich web applications. Show off your Spring building skills after taking this training and impress your stakeholders.

or Enterprise Integration with Spring Learn to apply Spring technologies to solve integration problems you are facing. This training will help you to become an absolute master at using Spring for various complex projects. The training includes an official certification. This training will also take away any insecurity about whether or not being able to solve problems with Spring.

Step 3 Hibernate with Spring Learn to use the XML and annotation based configurations of both Spring and Hibernate. This training is suited for developers that want to be able to build Spring applications using Hibernate for customers or for company applications.

Grails  Groovy & Grails Path

Step 1 Groovy & Grails In just 3 days you will learn to write programs using Groovy and to use Grails for web development. By learning Groovy & Grails you will be able to use multiple development languages to build applications.

GemFireLogo2  Gemfire Developer Path

Step 1 vFabric Gemfire Essentials This self-paced course introduces the basics of GemFire, data regions and operations, distributed cache, advanced features of GemFire, and how to program with GemFire. In just 2.5 hours you will learn all the basics of vFabric Gemfire.

Step 2 vFabric Gemfire for Developers This professional 4-day course provides in-depth training in how to install, configure, and monitor GemFire applications. After this training you will be a professional at developing Gemfire.

All courses are being offered worldwide and more information about the developer program can be found here

VCAP5-DCD Exam Now Available

We're happy to announce that the VMware Certified Advanced Professional on vSphere 5 for Datacenter Design (VCAP5-DCD) exam is now available. VCAP5-DCD is designed for IT architects who design and integrate VMware solutions in multi-site, large enterprise, virtualized environments.

The VCAP program gives VCP5s a way to further enhance their skills and add new, industry-recognized credentials to their list of accomplishments. VCAP is also a stepping stone to the prestigious VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification.

Learn more about the program.

Free elearning on Virtualizing Business Critical Apps

VMware has released three free self-paced elearning classes to help you virtualize your Business Critical Applications by providing an overview of the key benefits, value propositions, best practices, and use case for each application.

Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications [V5.X]

Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange 2010 with VMware

Virtualizing SAP ERP Software with VMware [V5.X]


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