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EdgeX Foundry, First 100 Days


EdgeX Foundry was announced in Hanover on April 24th and had its first meeting in Boston on June 1st. The meeting was attended by 50+ people from different geographies and organizations worldwide, ten member companies pledged developer resources, and several working groups were formed. Following is a summary of the excellent progress in the first Read more...

The Story of VMware’s Liota


Bask Iyer, in this article from Aug ’16, discussed VMware’s entry into the IoT market: “IoT is said to be the largest addressable market since the advent of the Internet, and the true potential of IoT has yet to be realized in the enterprise. As a company that has been delivering technology innovations to enterprises Read more...

Liota and EdgeXFoundry: Two Complementary Projects that are Better Together


In June 2016, VMware announced Liota (Little IoT Agent), a lightweight, vendor-neutral open source software development kit (SDK) for building IoT applications [1]. In April 2017, the Linux Foundation launched EdgeXFoundry, an open source edge platform architecture to enable interoperability in a plug-and-play IoT ecosystem [2]. Dell contributed the initial code to seed the vendor-neutral EdgeX Read more...