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VMware wins Embeddy Award

VMware Open Edge for IoT named winner of 2019 Embeddy Awards Program


A fundamental characteristic of IoT, when viewed from the perspective of an enterprise IT organization, is the heterogeneity of the necessary physical compute infrastructure, especially IoT gateways. We define IoT gateway function to be the system that both bridges and de-couples the local area industrial communications protocols from the wide-area network. IoT is about measuring Read more...
data on screen

So, You Got ’42:’ Now What?


Question . . .” “Yes . . . !” “Of Life, the Universe and Everything . . .” said Deep Thought. “Yes . . . !” “Is . . .” said Deep Thought, and paused. “Yes . . . !” “Is . . .” “Yes . . . !!! . . . ?” “Forty-two,” said Read more...
Transfer and storage of binary code sets

IoT Systems Will Never Control Cyber-Physical Systems!


The title is deliberately provocative, and I’ll attempt to convince you it’s true in a few paragraphs as well as give some real depth into cyber-physical control systems.   The NIST definition of Cyber-Physical Systems: Cyber-Physical Systems or “smart” systems are co-engineered interacting networks of physical and computational components. These systems will provide the foundation Read more...
Global world telecommunication network with nodes connected around earth.

On the Dynamicity of IoT Ensembles


Here’s an excerpt from, ‘A Revised View of the IoT Ecosystem’, Vinton G. Cerf, IEEE Computing Edge, July 2018, (also appearing in IEEE Internet Computing, vol. 21, no.5, 2017) Emphasis mine.   For a long time, I had the idea the configuration of a suite (ensemble)** of Internet of Things (IoT) devices would be an infrequent Read more...