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Security is a complex challenge that almost automatically comes to mind with the thought of internet of things (IoT). Unlike traditional manned devices such as laptops and phones, IoT devices don’t rely on human intervention. These heterogeneous things and devices are connected to enterprise networks and infrastructure that extend from the Edge all the way to the cloud. This means that as the number of things and devices increase within organizations, so does the risk and potential for security threats. Furthermore, the fragmented and highly distributed nature of Edge and IoT environments creates new security challenges for establishing trust for all Edge devices.


Better Together

Forescout and VMware

Forescout and VMware are collaborating together at the IoT infrastructure level to help enterprises ensure their connected devices are secure and can be patched and managed during security threats such as an SSL attack. Together, we are delivering a consistent secure IoT infrastructure by streamlining IoT deployments with automated device detection and identification. Forescout and VMware help with enforcement of security configurations and compliance of IoT devices at scale.


During the VMworld session Bring IT Security Standards to IoT and Edge with VMware and Forescout (EIOT3170BU), VMware and Forescout experts will explain how they are taking a multilayered approach to solve IoT security. Speakers will cover how to discover all the devices connected to a network while onboarding new devices to create an end-to-end trust model from the cloud to the Edge. This session will explain how enterprises can monitor both device health and network behavior to confirm devices are doing what they are supposed to be doing and making sure they can be managed and patched when necessary.


VMware and Forescout will also show how they are applying cohesive full-scale IT management and security standards to the vast array of heterogeneous IoT devices in a demo at the Edge and IoT Zone, booth #1255.


Intel and VMware

Intel and VMware have developed a joint solution to help customers help customers go beyond POCs and get real value out of the data coming from devices, without worrying about the lack of trust of Edge devices. Together we are creating strong measures to create a secure framework at the Edge with the integration of trusted platform module (TPM) 2.0 capabilities into VMware Pulse IoT Center. This creates a secure attestation of devices during the boot and file execution processes to ensure devices and applications are free from any kind of tampering.


During the VMworld Session, Secure Edge Systems and IoT Devices with VMware and Intel (EIOT3399BU), security experts from VMware and Intel will examine how VMware, as part its IoT infrastructure platform, has implemented the TPM 2.0 functionality to improve platform and device security built on a chain of trust from hardware layer to applications.


There will also be two joint Intel and VMware demos at the VMware Edge and IoT booth #1255 and the Intel booth #1039. Experts from both organizations will demo secure device on-boarding (SDO) and container management on a robotic arm through the integration of VMware Pulse IoT Center with TPM technology.



VMworld Edge and IoT Security Overview


Secure Edge Systems and IoT Devices with VMware and Intel

Tuesday, August 27, 5:30 – 06:30 PM

Session ID: EIOT3399BU

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Bring IT Security Standards to IoT and Edge with VMware and Forescout [EIOT3170BU]

Thursday, August 29, 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Session ID: EIOT3170BU

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VMware Edge and IoT Booth #1255

IoT Security at First Sight! – Forescout and VMware

Secure IoT Device Provisioning – Intel and VMware


Intel Booth #1039

Intel TPM integration with VeloCloud and Pulse IoT Center – Intel and VMware



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