VMworld 2019 US Edge IoT Sessions Schedule


VMworld 2019 US is right around the corner and the Edge and IoT team has put together a whole new set of sessions for you. From IoT security standards to IoT automated dairy factories, this year’s sessions and labs are filled with business and technical topics with speakers from ExxonMobil, ServiceNow, Intel, DXC and so much more. Check out the full list of Edge and IoT sessions and labs below and register away!


Edge Strategy & Vision Sessions

Extend Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy to the Edge with VMware Edge Solutions [EIOT2750BU]

Learn how the VMware edge portfolio of solutions can extend your digital foundation to the edge. VMware Pulse IoT Center, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, and VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud combine the simplicity and agility of cloud, IT security, management, and compliance standards with operational technology (OT) and edge environments. These solutions provide and enable an on-premises infrastructure to your edge and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Monday, August 26, 12:30 PM – 01:30 PM

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Network Edge: The New Frontier for EUC, IoT, 5G, and Beyond [NEDG2605BU]

A skyrocketing number of cloud applications. Giant-size files needing to be quickly transmitted. Highly mobile end users consuming these apps and files. When the WAN couldn’t support the new requirements of an evolving network, SD-WAN became relevant to solve these issues. But the next wave of transformation is here, and SD-WAN is ready to support even more resource-intensive requirements by becoming the network edge, absorbing other functions such as compute, analytics, security, and multi-cloud to enable the enterprise to support business where it is conducted—at the edge. In this session, you will find out how the network edge blazes the new frontier to become the business enabler for apps, cloud, users, and everyone at the network edge.

Monday, August 26, 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM

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Edge Computing Innovations in Office of the CTO and Dell Technologies [EIOT2715BU]

Edge computing is a fast-moving area that’s full of innovation opportunities. The VMware Office of the CTO is committed to the edge revolution and is working hard to introduce new technologies and experiences to our customers. This session will showcase work underway across Office of the CTO and the broader Dell Technologies companies. This is where you’ll see the bleeding-edge projects you won’t see anywhere else, along with our visionary plans for the future.

Tuesday, August 27, 03:30 PM – 04:30 PM

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Product Sessions

Introducing Pulse IoT Center 2.0 [EIOT3138BU]

Join this session to learn all about what’s new and exciting in VMware Pulse IoT Center 2.0—a secure, enterprise-grade, edge infrastructure and IoT device management solution that helps OT and IT have complete control of their IoT use cases from the edge to the cloud. During this session, our experts will walk you through remote IoT device management and problem resolution using Pulse IoT Center. You will also see a demo of how to keep your IoT applications, OS, and firmware up to date over the air using Pulse IoT Center.

Monday, August 26, 02:00 PM – 03:00 PM

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Living on the Edge: A Day in the Life of an IoT Device [EIOT3162BU]

Life in the world of IoT doesn’t have to be dangerous, unreliable, or unpredictable. In this session, you will learn all about a day in the life of a VMware Pulse IoT Managed Gateway, including how to successfully onboard, manage, monitor, and secure IoT devices as part of enabling critical IoT infrastructure management capabilities.

Tuesday, August 27, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

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Armed and Ready: VMware Tech and Solutions on Arm-Based Systems [OCTO2944BU]

Arm-based systems are becoming important in a number of new and critical market segments, such as IoT, edge compute, edge NFV, and cloud. This breakout session will go over market segments where Arm-based technologies have an impact, and describe what VMware is doing to address these new challenges, including but not limited to VMware ESXi on Arm, Arm-based virtualized edge, VMware Photon OS, and VMware Pulse IoT Center.

Tuesday, August 27, 05:00 PM – 06:00 PM

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Bridging IT and OT by combining Pulse IoT Center, vRA and vRO [MCO3148BU]

This session will show how VMware Pulse IoT Center can be integrated with vRA and vRO for tasks and automation coming from the IT department. Why is this important? Imagine a change in the core infrastructure demands that all gateways (that could be hundreds) need an update of their local firewall settings. Without Pulse, this would be a manual task to update each and every gateway. Pulse does this via its remote management component in where an update package and campaign are built and distributed. With a vRA integration into the Pulse APIs, this change can be automated, including package preparation, and initiating the Pulse update process. From Pulse, integration is provided for all IT relevant information to send the data into vRO. Thus, greatly reducing the time to manage and monitor the shop floor from an IT perspective.
Wednesday, August 28, 02:00 PM – 03:30 PM 

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Customer Sessions

Customers Who Take Control of the Edge with VMware Pulse IoT Solutions [EIOT3140PU]

This year, we launched VMware Pulse IoT Center 2.0, an IoT infrastructure management and monitoring solution that helps OT and IT have complete control of their IoT use cases from the edge to the cloud. Join this session to hear our customers reveal why Pulse IoT Center has been integral to their IoT infrastructure transformation.

Monday, August 26, 03:30 PM – 04:30 PM

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Chitale: VMware Pulse IoT Center Automates a Leading Dairy Factory in India [EIOT2688BU]

Learn how Chitale, one of the largest dairy companies in India, uses VMware Pulse IoT Center to automate their production facility. Panelists will discuss the major challenges that were present in the manufacturing plant before the Pulse IoT Center deployment, along with the implementation aspects and execution mode of Pulse IoT Center. You will also hear about the benefits identified by the customer after the implementation of Pulse IoT Center.

Wednesday, August 28, 09:30 AM – 10:30 AM

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ExxonMobil: Lessons Learned in IoT [EIOT3157BU]

Attend this session to learn about ExxonMobil’s Internet of Things (IoT) journey and perspectives on industry maturity for IoT and device management. You will also learn where VMware Pulse IoT Center evaluation helped align on the industry’s perspective of the IoT device lifecycle.

Wednesday, August 28, 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

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Partner Sessions

A New Theory of Gravity: Shift to Edge Computing [EIOT3704BUS]

We are at an inflection point in which the explosive growth of IoT and other technologies is going to dramatically transform the infrastructure landscape. As data’s center of gravity shifts away from the Cloud, new edge compute and network technologies and architectures will be needed to help companies deliver intelligence everywhere. These new capabilities are becoming more critical for operating in the digital business. As a result, not only must these distributed platforms be managed and maintained but also be secured to protect the business. In this session, Accenture will present our experience with co-innovating with our clients as they embark on a digital transformation of their business.

Monday, August 26, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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Unlocking Business Value with the Unified Management of OT and IT [EIOT3152BU]

IoT is fundamentally changing our work and personal environments. Connected things are quickly becoming the new normal, driven by the ubiquitous use of consumer-grade IT, the digital agenda, and the industrial Internet uniting the operational technology with its information counterpart. And the outcome economy is driving organizations to buy based on the value of the impact of the service rather than an intrinsic value of the product. Well-managed IoT solutions are a key way of unlocking that business value as they quickly provide tangible results and additional decision-making context. Learn how DXC is working with VMware Pulse IoT Center and VMware Workspace ONE to deliver end-to-end managed services and the platform that powers Industry 4.0.

Wednesday, August 28, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

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How to Drive Measurable Business Value with IoT [EIOT3144BU]

ServiceNow and VMware have partnered to enable IoT solutions that drive measurable business value. Learn how the combination of VMware device lifecyle management capabilities with ServiceNow operational service management results in actionable events and actionable data for IoT. During this session, we will discuss industry use cases for building automation, video surveillance, cold chain, and more.

Wednesday, August 28, 03:30 PM – 04:30 PM

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Security Sessions

Secure Edge Systems and IoT Devices with VMware and Intel [EIOT3399BU]

The heterogeneous, fragmented non-standard environment of IoT makes it hard for customers to go beyond POCs and get real value out of the data coming from devices due to the inherent lack of trust of Edge devices. Intel and VMware have taken strong measures to create a secure framework at the Edge with the integration of TPM 2.0 capabilities into Pulse IoT Center. This helps with onboarding a heterogenous set of devices securely and attestation of devices at various levels of the kernel and application stacks in order to detect any kind of tampering of unmanned devices. In this talk, we will examine how VMware, as part its IoT infrastructure platform, has implemented the TPM 2.0 functionality to improve platform and device security built on a chain of trust from hardware layer to applications.

Tuesday, August 27, 05:30 PM – 06:30 PM

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Bring IT Security Standards to IoT and Edge with VMware and Forescout [EIOT3170BU]

Security IoT deployment is top of mind for every CIO/COO. Do you know if every connected device on your network is secure? Can all of these devices be patched and managed if you experience an SSL attack? Join this session to learn how VMware and Forescout take a multilayered approach to solving IoT security. It starts with discovering all devices connected to your network and onboarding new devices to create an end-to-end trust model from the cloud to the edge. It then goes to monitoring both the device health and network behavior to confirm devices are doing what they’re supposed to be doing and making sure you can manage and patch edge systems and connected devices when necessary. Bring IT security standards to IoT.

Thursday, August 29, 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM

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Hands-on Labs Sessions:

VMware Pulse IoT Center Hands-on Lab Expert-Led Workshop [ELW-2089-01-EMT_U]

Explore the features of VMware Pulse IoT (Internet of Things) Center. Discover how to onboard, configure, manage, monitor and secure across heterogenous IoT Edge systems and connected devices at scale with Pulse IoT Center.

Sunday, August 25, 04:30 PM – 05:45 PM

Monday, August 26, 01:30 PM – 02:45 PM

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VMware Pulse IoT Center Hands-on Lab Self-Paced Lab [SPL-2089-01-EMT_U]

Explore the features of VMware Pulse IoT (Internet of Things) Center. Discover how to onboard, configure, manage, monitor and secure across heterogenous IoT Edge systems and connected devices at scale with Pulse IoT Center.

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VMware {CODE} Sessions:

DevOps Lessons at the Edge for Cloud Architects [CODE1716U]

Challenges such as security, configuration management, and scalability slow down adoption for applications with an edge or Internet of Things (IoT) component. As a cloud architect, you can design for these requirements in private, public, and hybrid clouds. You can increase your value to your organization’s IoT project by getting an understanding of core DevOps practices and how they apply at the edge. Working on a distributed team to a nail-biting deadline on a model Mars rover exposed us to DevOps at the edge firsthand. We will discuss design choices, configuration consistency, test-driven development, microservices, and continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD). We will illustrate how VMware Pulse IoT Center, Wavefront by VMware, and VeloCloud by VMware can be valuable tools to accelerate your IoT project.

Tuesday, August 27, 03:00 PM – 03:30 PM

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