IoT Devices being monitored at a sports stadium


Data is the new fuel driving innovation. The pace of technological change is relentless across all markets. By next year, over 50 billion devices will be connected across the planet – aiming to improve lives, enhance safety and promote environment sustainability.

According to an analysis by International Data Corporation, worldwide spending on AI and ML technologies will soar to $46B+ by next year, a 768% increase from 2016. This exponential growth poses serious a problem for industries that do not prepare themselves with a proper IoT deployment strategy.  Since IoT works in real-time, it requires tools that can adapt to real-time, complex situations.  IoT is a powerful tool, but it comes with risks.

Three key challenges industries will face when deploying their IoT solutions include:

  • Device management
  • Security
  • Actionable visualization

Coupled together, under a proper IoT deployment strategy, organizations will benefit from a holistic approach that provides an intelligent digital infrastructure designed to simplify their IoT deployments.

VMware Pulse IoT Center is an edge and IoT device management and monitoring solution, purpose-built to remotely onboard, manage, monitor and secure all edge systems, devices and gateways.  VMware extends through Live Earth’s visualization platform by managing various heterogeneous IoT environments as one.  The combined solution implements comprehensive visualization insights across a distributed IoT infrastructure.


In a recent press announcement, Mimi Spier, Vice President, Edge and IoT Business, VMware says, “Our relationship with Live Earth will help implement our vision to help all organizations deploy more secure edge and IoT technology at scale, and accelerate innovation with a ubiquitous, digital edge to cloud foundation. Through this collaboration, Live Earth and VMware are making the edge intelligent by integrating real-time visualization with enterprise capable edge and IoT infrastructure management,”


Craig Johnston, VP of Business Development for Live Earth commented, “We are excited to work with VMware to create a more secure IoT visualization platform designed to reduce complexity when managing various environments and data feeds independently. This focused attention on a common operational picture can provide increased safety to society and priceless efficiencies to organizations.”


Join us on May 28th when Mimi Spier and Craig Johnston take a deep dive into Building and Visualizing a Secure Physical and IoT Infrastructure. Learn firsthand how millions of events per hour from multiple simultaneous systems are managed and secured through a real-time visualization mapping platform – providing industries with situational awareness and location intelligence like never before.


Webinar hosted by Live Earth and VMware