According to the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), “Edge computing is a decentralized computing infrastructure in which computing resources and application services can be distributed along the communication path from the data source to the cloud.”


Where does machine learning (ML) fit into the equation and why does it matter to an industrial C-Suite?


Whether your enterprise is in manufacturing, transportation, or utilities, IDC predicts more than 75% of enterprise software will include some aspect of machine/deep learning for predictions, recommendations, or advice. Decision makers understand that their industrial assets and the production tied to it serves as the lifeblood in their quarterly earnings. Coupling both automated ML technologies & Edge Computing allows for enterprises to improve asset performance in real-time, reduce operational costs with ever increasing bandwidth charges, and prevent unplanned downtime, extending the lifecycle of critical equipment.


A SORBA IoT and VMware Pulse joint solution stands on the premise that data and time are highly valuable assets that are underutilized and possess tremendous economic opportunity whether you’re in IT or OT, both worlds will need to collide to achieve one goal, customer satisfaction.


Join the Conversation

Please join VMWare and SORBA IoT for a webinar about the convergence of IT/OT in delivering Industrial IoT Solutions. In this webinar, VMware Inc., a global leader in enterprise IT, and SORBA IoT, a global leader in Predictive Maintenance and Process Optimization technology solutions, will discuss how to take control of the industrial edge and IoT with a low barrier to entry automated machine learning platform, predictive analytics and a powerful Edge computing infrastructure.


VMware and SORBA IoT will discuss:

  • How Edge computing is a critical foundation for implementing predictive analytics and industrial IoT use cases
  • Why security and device management cannot be an afterthought in any Edge/IoT implementation
  • Best practices for building a single Edge computing architecture that can support multiple IoT uses cases
  • How to shift industrial systems maintenance and operations paradigm from reactive – break/fix to proactive with machine learning and predictive analytics at the Edge


Click here to register for the webinar. Note, this webinar will be available to view on-demand after the live date.


More on ITG:

ITG Technologies is globally recognized IoT & predictive analytics integrator. We leverage AI & Machine Learning by integrating the SORBA platform for our customers, providing predictive maintenance and process optimization solutions. We have proven technology to reduce maintenance costs by 25% to 40% and improve your process increasing quality, efficiency, and reliability. SORBA has lowered the barrier of entry for the industrial verticals to implement AI & machine learning to solve mission critical problems.


End to End Solution –

  • Open platform: Architecture/APIs for improved business system integration
  • Intelligence On the edge: Real-time digital models, machine learning algorithms, deployed on equipment to serve as your virtual operator in the event of a critical failure arising.
  • Own the data: Industrial customers will never have to worry about IP being sold off in the terms & conditions
  • Optimize costs:  The software requires no data scientist or coding experience, therefore capex savings are applied in eliminating costly resource intensive data science teams. Built for engineers who want to derive more value from their process and solve pain.
  • Industrial platform:  Big data solution providing simple rule setting analytics and advanced machine learning models on a single platform. SORBA assures rapid deployment of models, hierarchical organization of assets down to the component level, versioning, retraining, and transfer learning (LIOTA agent).