Today, VMware announced product, customer and partner momentum for its VMware Edge and IoT portfolio, demonstrating unique and mission-critical use cases. VMware Pulse IoT Center scales to millions of devices and sensors and across six different industries including healthcare, building management, energy, automotive and manufacturing. With VMware Pulse IoT Center 2.0 management, monitoring, and security of IoT devices and the data associated can mean the difference between safety and disaster, profitability and loss, and even lives saved.


Customer examples include:

Industry: Smart Home Care Netherlands 

Company: Siza provides medical and technology support to people living with disabilities so they can live more freely, safely and independently. Every day, the staff at Siza apply their energy, knowledge and expertise to support people living with disabilities so that they can organize their own lives. More than 3,500 people with physical, mental or multiple disabilities, non-congenital brain injury or an autism-related impairment are supported by Siza.

Sample IoT use case With Pulse IoT Center: A client of Siza who uses a wheelchair and heavily depends on his breathing equipment must always stay close to a medical facility in case things go wrong with his equipment and/or his physical condition. If problems occur, the nursing staff must be able to respond quickly. With IoT-based monitoring and alerting capabilities, Siza can observe the patient’s medical condition with wearable sensors and monitor his supporting equipment. As a result, Siza can predict in advance if the patient might need help and then proactively send a nurse to his current location. This enables the patient to move around more freely and live more independently.


How VMware Pulse IoT Center helps:

  • Manage, monitor and better secure medical equipment such as wheelchairs and oxygen breathing apparatus in real time
  • Provide over-the-air security patches to enable devices to operate properly and remain highly secure
  • Monitor the behavior of devices like wheelchairs and medical equipment – issue alerts and notifications to accelerate response times for medical and support staff

Industry: Smart Manufacturing​, Germany

Company: ​Uvex is in the business of protecting people. Uvex individual personal protective equipment augments protective wear like goggles, helmets, gloves and shoes with sensors and services, which help to identify possible critical situations/environments for workers. These sensors and services allow customers to alert emergency responders and provide additional functions including augmented reality (AR) and smart gesture control. Uvex enables AR with information projected onto the inside of safety spectacles providing users access to sensor and measurement data from equipment in real time. Uvex Smart Gesture Control allows users to control the functions of machines without having to physically touch the equipment.

Sample Use Cases with Pulse IoT Center: Safety sensors and services to provide better protection for workers and to improve manufacturing processes. Personal safety use cases include sensor-enabled protective shoes which tell the bearer that he/she is carrying something too heavy, helmets which detect when the bearer has stumbled, slipped or fallen, and safety goggles with integrated heads-up displays which can be controlled by the simple movement of your hand! These smart safety systems provide better protection for workers on construction sites and in factories, fewer accidents and faster response time for incidents.​


Additionally, Uvex is aiming to reduce scrap and errors in its manufacturing of high precision safety goggles by monitoring machines and environmental parameters to better understand the impact of environmental changes in real-time and how these changes impact production. This real-time monitoring will increase production output yield and improve product quality. ​


How VMware Pulse IoT Center helps:

  • Provide an IoT management platform on top of which multiple IoT uses cases are implemented
  • Manage and monitor IoT sensors and gateways deployed factory wide, identify and respond to manufacturing process anomalies to create product quality improvements
  • Provide over-the-air updates to IoT the infrastructure and sensors monitoring critical manufacturing equipment


Partner momentum:

Industry: Smart Building Automation​, Germany

Company: Kieback & Peter is a leading provider of building automation solutions. By using software and hardware to interconnect heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection and other building technology, Kieback & Peter deliver an integrated and optimized building management system. Kieback & Peter create more comfort, efficiency and safety – through simple, smart solutions. “We at Kieback & Peter have virtualized our building management system Quanteon on VMware technology for many years. Using VMware Pulse IoT Center as a foundation for our new products is a logical next step for us and will further extend of our long-time relationship,” said Christoph Paul Ritzkat, CEO, Kieback & Peter.


VMware Pulse IoT Center, as a part of the VMware Edge portfolio continues to gain momentum and traction  with both customers and partners. VMware NSX VeloCloud, another offering in the VMware Edge portfolio is helping customers connect their IoT deployments from the edge to the data center and to the cloud. Learn more about the Velocloud momentum here. Overall, VMware Edge momentum proves that Edge and IoT deployments are moving from small-scale tests to large-scale reality—and VMware is the infrastructure management platform provider of choice for Edge and IoT. Click here to learn more about VMware Edge and IoT solutions and here to sign up for the IoT Pulse Center 2.0 beta.


Attending VMworld Europe 2018?

Make sure to visit the VMware IoT and Edge Zone located at the entrance to the VMworld Solution Exchange in Hall 7.  See VMware Edge in action with our customers and partners – including VMware Pulse IoT Center, VMware Project Dimension (Request Beta Program Information), VMware Hypervisor on Arm, Dell Technologies solutions and examples of our IoT deployments.