No one would argue against the transformation that AI and IoT on the Edge delivers. Just look at your most agile companies in both new and established industries and you will see that Digital Transformation is key to their success and they are leveraging AI and IoT for strategic advantage.


So while the direction to adopt AI and IoT is clear, implementing these new technologies very often exposes gaps in our processes, people skills, business operations and tools. We ponder: “how am I going to deploy this and what is this? What about management, monitoring, security, configuration drift and updates?  Is this solution compliant for our business?”


Confused? Concerned? Scared? (Don’t be, keep reading.)


Microsoft and Dell Technologies have partnered to “demystify” and solve these challenges. Microsoft does an amazing job of AI and IoT while VMWare does an amazing job with infrastructure management. VMware’s Pulse IoT Center solution enables you to manage your IoT infrastructure with AI on the edge, specifically Azure IoT Edge and EdgeX Foundry. With Pulse IoT Center  you can: deploy, manage, monitor, and secure your enterprise’s IoT Edge and AI solution, regardless of hardware or location. – and do all of this at IoT scale!


The diagram below shows how Azure IoT Edge and VMware Pulse IoT Center delivers a complete IoT solution, from the hardware up.

Join the Conversation

With Pulse IoT Center and Azure IoT, we can realize the value of AI on IoT and manage the entire infrastructure. You can learn more about this joint solution by visiting the VMware’s IoT booth at VMworld 2018 or attending VMware and Microsoft’s webinar: Simplify how you deploy, manage, and get value from IoT with Microsoft, Dell and VMware.


Webinar with Microsoft and VMware


In this webinar, our industry experts will be covering:

  • Challenges with deploying IoT in the enterprise
  • Why security cannot be an afterthought
  • How Microsoft, Dell and VMware provide an enterprise capable and scalable IoT infrastructure.


We hope you’ll be able to join us for this informative and valuable webinar. To learn more about the speakers and register for the event, please visit the webinar registration portal.



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