The benefits of hyper-convergence in data centers are widely understood. Improved agility, flexibility and workload consolidation are all key reasons why hyper-converged technology is playing a primary role in data center modernization. In a recent study of IT managers using hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), 87% indicated HCI was a key factor in making IT more agile, and 25% indicated HCI had made them significantly more agile.


Hyper-converged technologies are now moving out of the data center and into Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and OT environments.


The primary role of IIoT hyper-convergence is to enhance operational efficiency at the network edge. Employing intelligent gateways and servers located at the edge of the network allows data analysis to be performed in close proximity to where the data is being captured. This helps generate real-time, insightful business intelligence that allows decisions to be made “in the moment”.


In addition, hyper-convergence at the edge is also a great solution to solve issues with legacy applications. Hyper-converged systems can support running legacy software and platforms, and new micro-services based applications on a standard hardware platform. This enables enterprises to gain higher levels of operational efficiency by consolidating workloads running at the edge.


VMware and Eurotech Partnership

In the context of these emerging trends, VMware and Eurotech have integrated enterprise virtualization and software defined technologies to deliver HCI solutions at the Edge.


Eurotech and VMware work closely together to ensure that best of breed solutions and technology of both the IT and OT domains are available as modular and integrated offerings. This enables businesses and their IT & OT organizations to meet their strategic needs for IIoT implementations.


Deep Dive into Hyper-Convergence at the Edge

Learn more in this free White Paper: Hyper-Convergence at the Edge – IIoT Use Cases White Paper.

Hyper-convergence at the Edge White Paper


The Hyper-Convergence at the Edge – IIoT Use cases white paper, authored by ABI Research, covers a range of topics, including an overview of virtual machines and hypervisors, and an explanation of the key differentiating factors between edge and cloud computing.


The paper also provides practical example use cases in the Retail, Manufacturing, and Rail Transportation industries. These use cases illustrate how HCI and IIoT technologies will increase efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and down-time of high-value assets, streamline inventory and logistics systems, and ultimately build platforms of innovation.


To learn more about the benefits gained by leveraging hyper-converged infrastructure for demanding applications and IIOT environments, download your copy of the Hyper-Convergence at the Edge – IIoT Use Cases White paper.