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Today’s retailers are focused on driving more conversion, enhancing the customer experience and improving store operations. However, these priorities can often be deterred by challenges such as theft, poor store layout, and a lack of understanding customer behavior. A smart surveillance solution can help overcome these challenges and enhance the overall customer experience in brick and mortar stores.


According to Zebra Technologies, 79% of North American retailers are investing in IoT technologies[1]. The internet of things (IoT) is enabling retailers to better protect employees and customers, gain shopper behavior insights, and more efficiently track inventory as it moves from the warehouse to the store.


Smart Video Surveillance Solution

As the number of connected devices increases, retailers must provide security beyond their employees and customers. Securing all of the devices on the network including smart video surveillance solutions is essential in adding that extra layer of protection. Some of the challenges retail companies face while adding smart video surveillance solutions to their systems include integration of dispersed systems, health monitoring and device management. Retailers should plan to address monitoring, management and security for all surveillance cameras that are connected to their network.


VMware and Axis Communications smart surveillance solution enables retail organizations to build a safer shopping environment for their customers while also protecting people and property. This end-to-end smart surveillance solution integrates Axis Communications state of the art surveillance capabilities such as IP cameras with VMware’s Pulse IoT Center, an IoT device management and monitoring solution.


Join the Conversation

Please join VMware and Axis Communications for an IoT webinar about “Smart Surveillance Solutions for Retail,” as they address the major decisions retail organizations consider when creating a smart surveillance solution.


In this webinar, VMware and Axis will be covering:

  • Why your retail IoT use cases will fail without a stable, secure IoT infrastructure
  • Onboarding, management and monitoring challenges and solutions for retail organizations
  • Success stories in smart surveillance implementations
  • Best practices for getting the highest value from smart surveillance in retail


We hope you’ll be able to join us for this informative and valuable webinar. To learn more about the speakers and register for the event, please visit the webinar registration portal.

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