VMware are delighted to announce that the brand-new Internet of Things lab is now publicly available. In the hands-on lab environment, users can test drive VMware Pulse IoT Center in an isolated test environment. Users will have the opportunity to explore VMware Pulse IoT Center’s consoles and dashboards, enroll virtual gateways and manage simulated IoT environments, just as if it is a real-world scenario.

There is also a simulated IoT project already configured for users inside the lab. The lab consists of three modules with different use cases, all of which are a great way to see how VMware Pulse IoT Center works.

The lab offers users a valuable experience regardless of expertise level in the IoT space. Overall, this hands-on lab will give you a better understanding of how IoT projects work in general.


Real-life Installation

If you already have played with Liota (Little IoT Agent), you can use this environment to test different configurations or use cases for the agent, as the lab environment works just as a real-life installation. You can read more about Liota in one of the modules in the lab, or on


How do I access the lab?

Users can access the lab “HOL-1889-01-EMT – Internet of Things (IoT): VMware Pulse IoT Center & LIOTA (Little IoT Agent)” through the link below. You can log in with your existing hand-on labs credentials or create a new account for free.

Click here to access the lab