The Boston Consulting Group expects government spending on IoT to increase from $5 billion in 2015 to $12 billion in 2020. Smart cities rely on IoT to improve operations such as traffic management, emergency response and public services. VMware and Samsung ARTIK’s smart city demo integrates ARTIK’s insight plane with VMware’s infrastructure plane to give a 360 view on smart city operations. This post outlines how the VMware and Samsung¬†ARTIK partnership can help your city capture the value of IoT and enhance the lives of citizens.


Artik VMware Smart Bridge Demo


IoT Use Cases in Smart Cities:

  • Emergency Response: Improve incidence response and predict emergency situation by connecting alert systems to law enforcement proactively. Enabling real time IoT updates over the air can help law enforcement better determine the relevant facts about an incident and capture perpetrators faster. Healthcare professionals can also receive live streamed patient data from an ambulance so medical advice can be given en route.
  • Traffic Management: Optimize the flow of traffic and save patrons’ time with smart parking by leveraging operational data from gateways in real time. Sensors that measure vehicles in a given area can also be managed and monitored from one central location. This can help city planners improve traffic models and optimize the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Smart Waste Management: Provide a better quality of life for city dwellers by optimizing smart waste management. Monitoring smart sensors on trash cans can enable haulers to know when carts are full. This in turn helps optimize pickups and allows haulers to create more efficient routes.