What story does your retail store’s IT infrastructure tell?

Enterprises are evolving their business models with the Internet of things (IoT) to deliver impactful shopping experiences and meet their consumers’ expectations. A store’s IT infrastructure is a driver and no longer a support function.

Retail industry leaders/merchant innovators who are constantly pursuing new technologies to boost consumer experience can now bank on our team of industry-focused professionals to blend business objectives and technologies with the practicalities of everyday operations.

Better Together

With Harman’s Smart Retail solution, retailers can comprehend their customers better and create differentiated experiences . Harman’s Smart Retail solution provides in-depth analytics on shopper behavior using non-intrusive IoT sensors (Directional sensors, Grid-Eye sensors) to feed into an anonymous video analytics engine to get a heat-map view of the retail floor and real-time alerts for floor management services. In addition, it enables you to optimize shelf inventory, manage cooler stock and reduce store energy costs. Using a customized dashboard, your team can drill down to review specific parameters and optimize them for optimal results.

Taking advantage of Harman’s robust retail IoT platform, system administrators can securely redirect and manage continuous streams of data coming from various connected devices. This data-driven solution also permits retail executives to gather deeper insights into buyer engagement, the efficacy of store displays, optimal floor navigation paths, and store “hot” zones ripe for personalized offers.

Using this sophisticated technology also requires ongoing and real time managing and monitoring which VMware Pulse IoT Center can provide. With VMware Pulse IoT Center, you will have complete visibility and control of all things associated with your Smart Retail solution as well as any other IoT use cases in your organization.

VMware Pulse IoT Center will help with onboarding, managing, monitoring and securing these robots, along with any other IoT devices connected to the corporate network, on an ongoing basis. This ensures that IT has complete control over and visibility into ‘things’ and infrastructure across all IoT projects through a single console. With VMware Pulse IoT Center, retailers will be able to upgrade the software and security patches on these smart devices—over-the-air and in real-time—to minimize downtime and avoid security breaches. Using the console, retailers will also be able to track operational anomalies and automate actions with the help of alerts and notifications to minimize disruptions.

Come See us in Action!

This year, along with VMware, we are showcasing the most powerful and secure retail IoT platform at National Retail Federation (NRF) in New York from January 14-16.

Our demo will include:

  • Non-intrusive footfall and dwell-time sensors – provides in-depth analytics on shopper behavior and traffic patterns. It aggregates and analyzes the in-store consumer footfall/behavior data with product sales data.
  • IoT mobile applications – enables to monitor and measure specific retail parameters and the effectiveness of in-store/POS marketing activities in real-time.
  • Data- and Insight-based recommendation engine – with up-to-date information on parameters such as shelf inventory, cooler stock, and store energy costs, it improves the in-store sales and support staff effectiveness.
  • Better Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) level – enables straightforward inventory management and planogram compliance.
  • Operational Management and Monitoring– with Pulse IoT Center

Let us help you realize the power of IoT for Smart Retail! Join us at NRF 2018, New York, and witness our insight-led solutions for the smart retail ecosystem.

See you there!