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VMworld Tech Exchange – 5 Reasons why Application Developers need to attend


I get a lot of questions about why application developers should consider attending our event. I think we have a pretty good story from a Virtualization and Cloud perspective I hope you agree. Hope to see you there, so register soon.

Here are the top 5 reasons why application developers need to attend.

# 1. You are a developer looking at Virtualizing your applications and need to learn best practices. We have a great session dedicated to this topic. Tim H. will walk you through some common use cases and go into technical detail on best practices. This is one session you cannot miss if you are on the fence about Virtualizing your application.

Session Title: Virtualizing Applications that used to be impossible
Session ID: ADD-08

# 2. You are a Java Developers looking to build Cloud applications for your organization and you need to learn what VMware has to offer. These are great sessions targeted at Enterprise Java Developers. Sessions are presented by our Engineers from the SpringSource team. Chris R. will be presenting the Spring into the Cloud Session, and Ramnivas L. will be presenting on VMforce. May the force be with us all.

Session Title: VMforce an Architectural Overview of the Enterprise Java Cloud
Session ID:
Session Title:
Spring into the Cloud: Understanding Spring as a Cloud Application Development Platform
Session ID:

# 3. You are developing next generation Cloud services and need to understand the ins and outs of the vCloud APIs and you also want to learn about the new SDKs that are coming soon. This is ideal if you have started your vCloud project and you need to hear straight from the engineering teams who built the code.

Session Title: vCloud API – SDK to improve effeciency when building your Clouds
Session ID:

# 4. You are an architect, lead developer and need to understand how RabbitMQ can help with application messaging when deploying your applications to the cloud. You might also be interested in the power that Gemfire can bring to your Cloud architecture

Session Title: Messaging in the Cloud with RabbitMQ
Session ID:

Session Title:
Cloud Data Management using Gemfire Data Grid
Session ID:

# 5. You have deployed or about to deploy Zimbra and would like to learn best practices when deploying Zimbra and customizing your Zimbra interface for your users – building Zimlets.These are two great sessions targeted at Zimbra Application developers and maintainers. You will learn from the experts, ask your questions and meet the engineering teams.

Session Title: Developing and Deploying Custom Zimbra User Interface and 3rd Party Integrations
Session ID: ADD-05

Session Title: Zimbra Deployments best practices Virtual Application Benchmarking
Session ID: ADD-06

The Zimbra Sessions @ Technology Exchange for Developers VMworld 2010!!!!



Just wanted to let you know about the SUPERB sessions we will be having on Zimbra. These sessions are for both Administrators as well as for Developers wanting to build Zimlets. I love the power of Zimbra but what really made me connect with the good folks is that my dads engineering university uses Zimbra in Guatemala !

Hope to see you at our Technology Exchange for Developers where we will be having deep discussion on Zimbra, you will get to meet the engineers behind this award winning products and ask questions or give us feedback. Register today. http://www.vmworld.com/community/conferences/techexchange


Developing and Deploying Custom Zimbra User Interface and 3rd Party Integrations

ID: ADD-05
Level: Beginner
Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is a modern Web 2.0 platform that allows developers to easily extend product functionality and customize user experiences through "Zimlets" and open APIs. Zimlets are a framework for integrating ZCS with third party information systems and content as well as creating ""mash-up"" user interfaces and new application "tabs' for end-users. Zimlets and Zimbra APIs let developers solve the problems facing organizations such as adding management access to your preferred voicemail server or CRM, which is not possible in legacy platforms. The upside to creating a custom experience is quite large; in addition to increasing the overall satisfaction of end-users with simplified workflows, it is possible to integrate much of your backend IT systems and make email the heart of the business. During this session, we will provide reference examples, such as Salesforce.com, WebEx, and Facebook, and show how developers with a Javascript, HTML, CSS background plus Zimbra's SOAP and REST APIs can customize ZCS to create and deploy their own Zimlets quickly.
Speaker: Raja Rao

Zimbra Deployment Best Practices, Virtual Application Benchmarking and Performance Versus MS Exchange

ID: ADD-06
Level: Beginner
The right deployment, migration and sizing knowledge can be critical in application virtualization as well as in evaluating long-term strategies of cost-effective email and collaboration infrastructure. Zimbra has a flexible and scalable architecture that allows deployment on a single server or multi-server environment; it can also be deployed on physical hardware or Virtual machines with high availability and redundancy and can be monitored directly by vSphere. A thorough understanding of various configuration options is important for both investigating a new platform as well as comparing performance to alternatives such as Microsoft Exchange. During this session, we will walk through deployment strategies, typical advantages provided by virtualized Web 2.0 application architectures, key performance benchmarks and real-world deployment examples.
Speaker: Anup Patwardhan, Jon Dybik

Top 5 reasons why you should attend Technology Exchange for Developers @VMworld2010

Here are the top 5 reasons why your boss needs to send you
to our event.

1. vSphere 4.1 APIs has some significant improvements, specifically around the Property Collector and AD authentication. We will have sessions to update you on what has changed, provide best practices when using them and hear from our engineers who have hands on experience working with our APIs.  See our latest sessions added

2. Access to our engineers – ever have a question that you
needed some guidance on but just never got the answer you needed ? Our
engineers will be not only presenting but there will be plenty of opportunities
for questions and answers.

3. Learn about what VMware is doing from an Application
Infrastructure perspective, the latest technology from newly acquired
organizations, including Zimbra, RabbitMQ, Gemstone – all will be here, great opportunity to invite the Application infrastructure guys. 

4. Labs and more labs. We will have Labs on the following
topics vSphere PowerCLI, vSphere Web Services SDK for Java, and for C#, and
vCloud APIs covering our latest SDKs.

5. Cool giveaways, Free Software, Chance to win an iPad,
and a very nice Bag, and a very nice Polo shirt – We have certainly upscale
here since our last event.

Take a look at what Ravi and Adam have to say…

The bottom line:

This event is dedicated to developers building solutions for
the VMware platform. This is a key event that you need to attend to learn about
where we are going and learn about the latest APIs introduced with the newly
released vSphere 4.1 APIs.

Hope to see you there.


Pablo Roesch

vSphere SDKs / CLIs Product Marketing

PS. Can you spot the typo in the video ? Be the first and I will gladly buy you a beer at the event.