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Hello, VMware Objects: Getting Started with the Property Collector

This is the second in series of articles introducing the VMware Management stack. In the first article, I explained how to:

  • Set up a development environment
  • Work with SSL/TLS security in a development environment
  • Connect to a vCenter Server, log in, and get some basic information

In this article, we will build on the previous example. We will look at the VMware object system in the form of Managed Objects and Data Objects, learn more about invoking methods on Managed Objects, and use the Property Collector to start exploring the vCenter inventory.

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Getting Started With the vSphere Management SDK

If you are a software developer new to the VMware management stack, you may have noticed that the learning curve is a little steep. This is due in part to the breadth of our offerings, and the number of different ways you may need to use VMware products. This can lead to an overload of information.

This is the first in a series of articles that will walk through the process of getting set up and using the vSphere Management SDK. It is targeted at developers of software products that will manage, monitor, analyze, automate or otherwise interact with virtual resource controlled by VMware infrastructure. I’m not addressing device drivers or low level development, nor am I addressing scripts to automate specific IT operations.

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