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Looking for vShield API sample code ?


Just wanted to let folks know that we just created a new Sample Code category for the vShield APIs. Our first contribution was by CarlosVSZ from vShield engineering team. The contributed scripts allows the user to automate various vShield installation and configuration tasks leveraging the VMware vShield and VMware vCloud Director API's, for example, one showcases the creation of a secured cloud and establishing a VPN tunnel between a private and a public cloud.

 Take a look at the code,there are some nice READMEs included and let us know what you thinkt. Also if you have some interesting samples you would like to share please do so here ! 

Please note – this is just sample code to help you get going and is community supported only. If you have questions be sure to post them on the vShield Product Community where we have a vibrant community helping each other out.