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VMworld Tech Exchange Spring into the Cloud Session – Update with BIO


I thought I would highlight one of our most exciting SpringSource sessions for Technology Exchange. This is a great session as it provides a great overview of the Java Cloud Computing environment by THE EXPERT. This is ideal if you are building both Java and Infrastructure management applications. Register Today

Hope to see you there.

Pablo Roesch

Spring into the Cloud: Understanding Spring as a Cloud Application Development Platform

About Chris Richardson if you do not already know him. Also see his Bio below. 


ID: ADD-02
Level: Beginner
This session will provide a brief technical overview of Spring, the most popular enterprise Java development framework, and then will focus on the best practices for Spring-based cloud application development. Using Spring's dependency injection and configuration controls, Spring-based applications can become portable from the developer desktop to the enterprise datacenter and into the cloud. Join the experts from SpringSource to learn how to ensure today's applications are ready for tomorrow's runtime environment.

Speaker: Chris Richardson