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The Lucky iPad Raffle Winner – VMworld Tech Exchange


Just a note about our iPad raffle in case you did not catch it when you visited our website. We plan on raffling off a very cool iPad (1 per day, 1 per person) during Tech Exchange event.

This is great but you might ask what makes this iPad unique ? The iPad will be pre-loaded with select sessions from the Tech Exchange event. This means you will be the first person on earth to get access to the events sessions – making you the most popular person on your flight home.

What you need do to in order to win.

1. Register for Technology Exchange

2. Complete the Session Surveys

3. End of each day we will be announcing winners. Winners must be present to win.

So how do I know if I won ?

We will call you on your mobile phone, we will announce it on our blogs and twitter accounts. So please book market them and follow us.  VMware Developer Blog, @VMDeveloperday


Please note this raffle is not for anyone who has an email address that ends with "vmware.com" 😉

VMUG Portland Trip Report – vSphere APIs for Performance Monitoring Lab


Just wanted to share with you my experience participating in the 1st ever Portland VMUG Performance Lab. This was a 1 day event in the great City of Portland Oregon (go Timbers)

The local VMUG leaders Bill H. and Dominic R. put together a super lab for their users. The Lab was focused on understanding the vSphere Performance metrics and more important showing people how to pull meaningful data using the vSphere APIs.

The lab was delivered by the Ravi S. and Balaji P. aka "The vSphere API Performance Duo". Ravi is the expert in vCenter Performance Engineering and Balaji has been known to bend the vSphere APIs to his will. I think the two together can maybe solve global warming, or at least be able to help your organization understand how to harness the power of the vSphere APIs.

The session has been recorded and will be posted for all to enjoy. If you are interested in harnessing the power of the vSphere APIs in order to pull real performance data – join us at our upcoming Technology Exchange for Developers @VMworld 2010.

As a side note I wanted to call out an interesting aspect of how the event was put together in terms of audience participation. I think it was interesting and it seemed like it did the trick.

The model that Bill, and Dominic put together was designed for partial participation and fluid question and answer. I think this model worked out great as it allowed for people who really want access to the keyboard (hands on kind of guys) as well as folks who just want to ask questions. This also works for folks that just want to sit back and absorb the talk. This is a good model to think about moving for future events.

Thanks again to the great folks from the Portland VMUG for inviting us, this was a great event and hopefully it was useful to our attendees. VMUG Leaders let us know if this sounds interesting to you !

Last minute changes to Lab environment done by Ravi and Balaji…

VMUG users getting ready for the show, we had two sessions, one morning and one in the afternoon.

Could not have pulled this off if it wasnt for the VMUG Sponsors. 

Bill and Dominic introduce the lab – (I really need to get a real video camera)

Session Preview for Developer Days @VMworld 2010


We just released our Dev Day site describing more information about our event.  In case you did not see it look for the "Tech Exchange" Tab in the vmworld.com site. 

We will be posting our sessions in the next few days but wanted to give you a flavor of what to expect. Please keep in mind like all things in life this list is subject to change. 

Cloud / Applications: SpringSource, Zimbra, Gemfire, and RabbitMQ

– Spring into the Cloud: Understanding Spring as a cloud application development platform

– Cloud Data Management using the Gemfire Data Grid / APIs

– Inside VMforce: an Architectural Overview of the Enterprise Java Cloud

– vCenter Chargeback APIs

– Zimbra: Your Zimlets are ready

– RabbitMQ

– vCloud APIs – Architects view and what developers need to know

– vCloud APIs – New tools to make your life easier

Infrastructure: vSphere, vCloud APIs

– Exploring the vSphere SDKs (New features you need to know about)

– Best Practices when using the vSphere APIs

– All about Events and Alarms when using vSphere APIs

– API to the Cloud: War stories from the SDK Developer Support Team

– vSphere APIs – Deep dive into the world of the Property Collector and what you need to know about changes.

– vSphere Client Plug-ins – Reading the crystal ball (Futures update)

– Performance Monitoring using the vSphere APIs

– Managing your Guest OS and what the future holds (VIX API)

– ESXi Management the practical guide for developers

– Hardware Health Monitoring in a world without your COS

– ThinApp SDKs (what a ThinApp SDK  ? yes you heard it here first !) 

– ESX Device Drivers – The mystery unleashed

– vCO APIs

– Surprise session

– PowerCLI – not just for Administrators

For TAP members (under TAP NDA)

– vSphere Roadmap details and integration opportunities

– vCenter Management Roadmaps details and integration opportunities

– Desktop Roadmaps details and integration opportunities

Please tell a friend !

We are still finalizing Europe content, unfortunately this will only be a one day event.


Pablo Roesch

vSphere SDK / CLI Product Marketing

Developer Days @ VMworld 2010


We are happy to announce that we will be having our Developer Day @VMworld 2010. We are still working details and content but wanted to make sure this was on your radar. Event will run in parallel with VMworld at Moscone Center, there will be a moderate additional fee for event. Event can also be purchased as a standalone. More details to follow.

We plan on having two tracks, plus a track dedicated to the VMware Road Maps for TAP Members.

1st Track will be dedicated to all things vSphere APIs (Private Cloud APIs), we have some exciting developments in this area but that is all I am going to say.

2nd Track will be dedicated to our Application Developers, Cloud Developers. We plan to have great session from SpringSource, Gemfire, Zimbra, RabbitMQ and the vCloud APIs.

But enough text from me, hear what Ravi S. has to say. Hope to see you there.


Pablo Roesch