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The Technology Exchange Track @ Partner Exchange 2011



I was lucky enough to be the elected Track Owner for the upcoming Partner Exchange and wanted to share some sessions you as a partner might be interested in.

In case you did not know the Technology Exchange track is all about partner integration with the VMware platform. This track is for both Application Developers and vSphere infrastructure developers building solutions.

Take a look at our Session Catolog for complete Technology Exchange listings. This is also a great opportunity to learn the latest roadmap / product directions and meet the engineers and product management teams.

Hope to see you there.

for vSphere Developers…. 

Developers migrating to ESXi….

Session ID/Title: TEX-MGMT-100 A Developer's Guide to Building ESXi Management Solutions

Learn about creating new plugins using the next generation vSphere Client…

Session ID/Title: TEX-IV-202 Integrate with vSphere Client and Join the Family

Use PowerCLI and vSphere SDK to create your own custom performance reporting tools – this is a must attend session for anyone managing large environments…..

Session ID/Title: TEX-IV-300 Have it your way: using vSphere Performance APIs to create you own Performance Charts

for vSphere PowerCLI Administrators…. 

The PowerCLI Engineering team will present new features of PowerCLI and provide some best practices …….

Session ID/Title: TEX-IV-204 Managing large Scale Environments using PowerCLI

New session on using PowerCLI to manage VMware View…..

Session ID/Title: TEX-EUC-201 Automating VMware View 4.5 with PowerCLI  

for Application Developers / ISVs…. 

Session ID/Title: TEX-CLD-203 Leveraging the vFabric Cloud Application Platform for ISVs

Session ID/Title: TEX-EUC-200 Virtualizing Challenging Desktop Applications with VMware View



Dont forget about our Labs…


We will have labs and staff dedicated to PowerCLI and vSphere Web Services SDK for both Java and c#.
















Your shirts are waiting for you – VMworld Tech Exchange


Just wanted to give you a peek at what we have in store for you and I was lucky enough to have Alex M. model the shirt for us.

If you do not know Alex she is the super power behind the VMTN Communities. When she is not busy making sure our Communities are running smooth you can find her on the race track ! Yes that is how she rolls. So hurry up, register for Technology Exchange and get your shirt. 



vCloud APIs are for Developers ! VMworld Tech Exchange


Calling out some important vCloud API Sessions, Labs and resources you might might be interested in knowing about for next week. As you can tell from our post we are very excited about all things vCloud APIs and our event will be a great opportunity to meet our engineers and learn about what is new with the vCloud APIs.

In case you have not had a chance, register today.

Here are some must attend sessions if you are a developer and ready to blast off.

Session Title: Introduction to vCloud API
Session ID: PC8422
Presenter: Vassil Popovski, Mr., VMware, Inc.
Presenter: Prasad Pimplaskar, Sr. MTS, VMware, Inc.
We envision the vCloud REST API to become a key technology for managing, provisioning and automation in the vCloud infrastructure. The API is a major part of the vCloud offering and there will be a significant interest from both Service providers, Enterprises and ISV to implement custom solutions on top of the API or to consume/manage cloud services from the vCloud ecosystem.

In this presentation we will describe the design and the architecture of the vCloud API, will present the key concepts and idioms of the API, and will deep dive into the user (which is focused on provisioning) and the admin API (which is focused on automating and managing the cloud infrastructure). In addition few major usage scenarios of the vCloud API will be explored

Session Title: vCloud API – SDK to Improve Efficiency when Building Your Clouds
Session ID: PPC-14
Abstract:  vCloud APIs provide platform independent means to interfacing with vCloud. vCloud SDK brings these REST based APIs into developer's own environment be it based on Java. PHP or C#. These SDK allows developers to get started quickly with vCloud APIs by providing easy to use client side representations of vCloud resources in their familiar programming languages. They help hide the details of REST, HTTP and the XML based requests and responses. In This session we will introduce you to the Java and PHP SDK and provide the details about how the SDK makes programming to vCloud API easy using various samples.
Speaker: Prasad Pimplaskar
Level: Advanced

vCloud API Lab
Lab ID: Lab 16
Abstract: The VMware vCloud™ API is the key to VMware’s story around federation and ecosystem with the cloud. In this lab we will introduce you to the API and what it can do. You will use real world scenarios to explore the API and figure out when and how to consume the API with several different programming languages. If you are building a cloud then eventually you will need to know about the VMware vCloud™ API and this lab will get you ready for that. No prior programming experience is required although you will definitely benefit from general programming concept knowledge (methods, functions, etc).
Lab Captain: Mike Dipetrillo, and Mike Haines

Bookmark these links:

vCloud API Community for latest information http://vmware.com/go/vcloudapi

VMware SDK Developer Support for your organization: http://vmware.com/go/sdksupport


All about ESX Device Drivers Session at Technology Exchange for Developers


Just wanted to call out a first ever public session on ESX Device Drivers ! This session is ideal for anyone building ESX drivers or just curious about what goes on deep underneath the covers of the ESX platform.

Hope to see you soon, register early as spots are filling fast. 


Session Title: Device Driver Infrastructure in ESX – Overview and Tools for Successful Driver Creation

Speaker: Mang Kwan Ma

Title: Staff Engineer – Ecosystem Engineering


Session ID: PPC-08
Level: Advanced
has an emulated Linux device driver environment to support a wide
variety of network and storage adapters. This talk is intended to
provide a detailed overview of the vSphere device driver infrastructure
to developers who are interested in porting their Linux device drivers
to the vSphere platform. The talk also touches upon the best practices
for porting device drivers, device management, a development tool
(VMware Workbench), testing and certification.
Speaker: Mang Kwan Ma

Top 5 reasons why you should attend Technology Exchange for Developers @VMworld2010

Here are the top 5 reasons why your boss needs to send you
to our event.

1. vSphere 4.1 APIs has some significant improvements, specifically around the Property Collector and AD authentication. We will have sessions to update you on what has changed, provide best practices when using them and hear from our engineers who have hands on experience working with our APIs.  See our latest sessions added

2. Access to our engineers – ever have a question that you
needed some guidance on but just never got the answer you needed ? Our
engineers will be not only presenting but there will be plenty of opportunities
for questions and answers.

3. Learn about what VMware is doing from an Application
Infrastructure perspective, the latest technology from newly acquired
organizations, including Zimbra, RabbitMQ, Gemstone – all will be here, great opportunity to invite the Application infrastructure guys. 

4. Labs and more labs. We will have Labs on the following
topics vSphere PowerCLI, vSphere Web Services SDK for Java, and for C#, and
vCloud APIs covering our latest SDKs.

5. Cool giveaways, Free Software, Chance to win an iPad,
and a very nice Bag, and a very nice Polo shirt – We have certainly upscale
here since our last event.

Take a look at what Ravi and Adam have to say…

The bottom line:

This event is dedicated to developers building solutions for
the VMware platform. This is a key event that you need to attend to learn about
where we are going and learn about the latest APIs introduced with the newly
released vSphere 4.1 APIs.

Hope to see you there.


Pablo Roesch

vSphere SDKs / CLIs Product Marketing

PS. Can you spot the typo in the video ? Be the first and I will gladly buy you a beer at the event.