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Coffee Talk Webinar – VIX API – Managing and Automating your Guest June 30th 9:00 AM PST

Title: VIX APIs – Managing and Automating Guest OS
We will show examples of how the VIX API can be used to develop tools
for managing guest environments in VMware products. Included will be a
demonstration of proof-of-concept tools that monitor processes and
transfer files to multiple guests simultaneously. We will also show a
Perl script that combines vSphere Web Services SDK and VIX SDK to
re-size a virtual disk and then the filesystem above it on the fly.

Wednesday June 30th – 9:00 AM PST

Speaker: Matt Lamantia R&D Manager
Level: Advanced

Enjoy the session

Pablo Roesch

vSphere SDK Product Marketing

PDF, MP3: http://communities.vmware.com/message/1554846

MP3 ->Download VIX-API

PDF -> Download VIX-API-Coffee-Talk