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All about VMforce – Come join us VMworld Tech Exchange

Interested in building a Cloud Application ? Come learn about VMforce Architecture. Ramnivas will be discussing the VMforce Architecture and he will have plenty of Demos for us to experience. 

Hurry and register today. 

Inside VMforce: an Architectural Overview of the Enterprise Java Cloud

ID: ADD-03
Level: Beginner
the announcement of VMforce, VMware and Salesforce are building an
enterprise Java Cloud that combines the Spring programming model with
VMware flexibility and Force.com reliability and data integrity. This
session will discuss the architecture of this new Platform-as-a-Service
solution and provide a technical overview of how to run Spring
applications that integrate with Force.com services. VMforce will be
available for developer preview in Q4 2010, so VMware developers can
attend this session for a special early preview of this exciting new
cloud platform.
Speaker: Ramnivas Laddad


VMworld Tech Exchange – 5 Reasons why Application Developers need to attend


I get a lot of questions about why application developers should consider attending our event. I think we have a pretty good story from a Virtualization and Cloud perspective I hope you agree. Hope to see you there, so register soon.

Here are the top 5 reasons why application developers need to attend.

# 1. You are a developer looking at Virtualizing your applications and need to learn best practices. We have a great session dedicated to this topic. Tim H. will walk you through some common use cases and go into technical detail on best practices. This is one session you cannot miss if you are on the fence about Virtualizing your application.

Session Title: Virtualizing Applications that used to be impossible
Session ID: ADD-08

# 2. You are a Java Developers looking to build Cloud applications for your organization and you need to learn what VMware has to offer. These are great sessions targeted at Enterprise Java Developers. Sessions are presented by our Engineers from the SpringSource team. Chris R. will be presenting the Spring into the Cloud Session, and Ramnivas L. will be presenting on VMforce. May the force be with us all.

Session Title: VMforce an Architectural Overview of the Enterprise Java Cloud
Session ID:
Session Title:
Spring into the Cloud: Understanding Spring as a Cloud Application Development Platform
Session ID:

# 3. You are developing next generation Cloud services and need to understand the ins and outs of the vCloud APIs and you also want to learn about the new SDKs that are coming soon. This is ideal if you have started your vCloud project and you need to hear straight from the engineering teams who built the code.

Session Title: vCloud API – SDK to improve effeciency when building your Clouds
Session ID:

# 4. You are an architect, lead developer and need to understand how RabbitMQ can help with application messaging when deploying your applications to the cloud. You might also be interested in the power that Gemfire can bring to your Cloud architecture

Session Title: Messaging in the Cloud with RabbitMQ
Session ID:

Session Title:
Cloud Data Management using Gemfire Data Grid
Session ID:

# 5. You have deployed or about to deploy Zimbra and would like to learn best practices when deploying Zimbra and customizing your Zimbra interface for your users – building Zimlets.These are two great sessions targeted at Zimbra Application developers and maintainers. You will learn from the experts, ask your questions and meet the engineering teams.

Session Title: Developing and Deploying Custom Zimbra User Interface and 3rd Party Integrations
Session ID: ADD-05

Session Title: Zimbra Deployments best practices Virtual Application Benchmarking
Session ID: ADD-06

VMworld 2010 – Tech Exchange – 5 minute video guaranteed to make you grin, or wonder what we do with our time…


Just thought we would share an internal video our film crew put together for us. Its meant to be light humor and you might find one or two words that you would not use in front of your parents or kids, so I do apologize in advance. You might ask why are we releasing this video ? We thought it might be fun, and it would help shed some light on who we are and what we do with our time 😉 I usually do not watch any corporate videos but this one is worth a few minutes of your time. 

Tell us what you think, not really sure this humor translates in different countries but worth a shot. Hope to see you there.



Are you using the vSphere / VI Java API ? Please take our short survey


We are running a survey to better understand the needs of the greater community using the vSphere / VI Java API. I am referring to http://vijava.sourceforge.net

The survey takes less than 5 minutes and it would help us understand what you need from VMware.  Does your organization require formal support, indemnification, training or does the current model work for you ?

This survey will be confidential; we will not disclose your name or who you work for. We just want to understand how you are using the vSphere / VI Java API and what you need from VMware.

Link to survey: http://www.surveymethods.com/EndUser.aspx?C4E08C96C4859496C2

Thanks for your time and hope to see you at our Developer Days @ VMworld 2010

Pablo  Roesch

vSphere SDK Product Marketing


Get your kitchen pass and visit VMware Labs – lots of great stuff cooking


I had lunch with my good friend Amitabh Chakrabarty the other day and realized that it might be good to highlight some fun "Flings" they have published on the VMware Labs site. If you do not know Amitabh he is the mad scientist behind the creation of VMware Labs and no a "Fling" is not what you might be thinking. 


A Fling is experimental code released by VMware Engineering for you to test out and play with. I'm not really sure how they got the name approved from the Naming Committee but glad they did.

Take a peek at some very cool "Flings"


Tool that generates time series graphs for selected esxtop fields. Ideal for helping troubleshooting performance problems.

o VMware Guest Console (VGC)

Application to manage Guest OS installed on a VM. This would be very useful for anyone managing large numbers of Virtual Machines.

o VMware vCenter Mobile Access 

vCMA allows you to
monitor and manage VMware Infrastructure from your mobile phone with an
interface that is optimized for such devices. 

Visit the Official VMware Labs site http://labs.vmware.com you might be
able to find a very useful tool to help you manage vSphere.


Pablo Roesch

So glad its friday – Photo of the Week


Think it might be kind of fun to post a photo submitted by you.

Here is one that was submitted by lamw with some slight modifications.

Lets see if you recognize this screen shot. Have a great weekend.



2010 VMware SDK / API Predictions – by Pablo Roesch


It is hard to believe the New Year is already in its second week. I have been a little quiet these past few weeks as it has been hard to recover from my holiday break. I might have spent too much time in an undisclosed remote beach in Central America.


Here are my Top 5 Predictions for 2010.


#1. VMware Developer Community Sample Code site will be easier to use. As you know uploading and sharing code on our community is not ideal. Nava has been writing a plug in to improve the way the code is displayed and shared. It’s still a work in progress and will be released into the wild soon.


#2. VMware Global Support Services will provide SDK Developer / Scripting Support for our end user customers. Right now SDK Developer Support is only available for TAP members, (Select Level and above) We have been working with our friends in GSS and hope to have some good news for our customers this year. It has been long overdue.


#3. William (Lamw) will be the winner of some hard cold cash if no one else submits a script in our Script-O-Mania contest. The Script-O-Mania contest was launched before the break and William was our first and only contestants. Odds of winning are on his side.


#4. Project Onyx will take over our minds and force its will on the SDK / API marketing team. Project Onyx was developed by our PowerCLI development team with the goal to make developing, scripting using our APIs a little bit easier. This is very much a grass roots project and has gained an immense amount of popularity from our administrators and developers out there.


#5. I will find an iPhone app that will not only help me find my way home when lost, but will also open my garage door.   This is more of a fun prediction. I lost my remote controlled garage door opener during VMworld Developer Day and I am waiting for someone to create a really useful application that will open my automatic garage door opener.