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New Tech Note: ‘Using HostProfiles for VSAN’

VMware Virtual SAN technology provides  hyper-converged storage and compute solution. When you run out of space or need more compute and storage, you can expand existing VSAN cluster upto a maximum of 32 nodes.

Are you wondering how to extend the exisitng VSAN settings such as disk groups and IO Policies to a new host without downtime? The answer is vSphere HostProfiles. Developer Center now hosts the technote to show how to use HostProfiles to add new host and extend the exisitng VSAN settings to the new Host.

You can find the tech note titled, ‘Using HostProfiles for VSAN‘ on Developer Center, your one stop shop for all developer resources. ‎For more information on VSAN, including other tech notes, visit the VSAN Architecture page.