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All about ESX Device Drivers Session at Technology Exchange for Developers


Just wanted to call out a first ever public session on ESX Device Drivers ! This session is ideal for anyone building ESX drivers or just curious about what goes on deep underneath the covers of the ESX platform.

Hope to see you soon, register early as spots are filling fast. 


Session Title: Device Driver Infrastructure in ESX – Overview and Tools for Successful Driver Creation

Speaker: Mang Kwan Ma

Title: Staff Engineer – Ecosystem Engineering


Session ID: PPC-08
Level: Advanced
has an emulated Linux device driver environment to support a wide
variety of network and storage adapters. This talk is intended to
provide a detailed overview of the vSphere device driver infrastructure
to developers who are interested in porting their Linux device drivers
to the vSphere platform. The talk also touches upon the best practices
for porting device drivers, device management, a development tool
(VMware Workbench), testing and certification.
Speaker: Mang Kwan Ma