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Developer Center & Partner Programs at Partner Exchange 2015

Are you all getting ready to witness what the ever-growing cloud company, VMware, has in store for partners at the PEX 2015? To get a feel of the changing ecosystem, come visit our booth on the Solutions Exchange floor located inside the main VMware booth. If you are a partner, experience the various programs/services that can help grow your business. Developers, check out the free certifications, SDKs, programs and resources that we have in store for you to build solutions.

At this year’s event, VMware Developer Center will throw some light on the following:

  • Developer Resources and Programs for Product Development and Certification on VMware
  • Developer Center and the Developer Center Partner Network (DCPN)
  • Partner Programs and Services
  • Meet the Program Experts

Don’t forget to attend session from the ecosystem expert:

  • TEX 4231 – Integrated vRealize Automation Program | Meenakshi Nagarajan |Wed Feb 4th (2 – 3 PM)

To meet our program experts, plan to be in the booth at the following times:

February 3

  • 11:00 AM – 1 PM – Networking and Security
  • 1 PM – 2:30 PM – Cloud Management
  • 2:30 – 3:30 PM – Server, Storage, VAAI NAS, PSA, SVA

February 4

  • 11 AM – 12:30 – Virtual SAN
  • 12:30 – 2 PM – End-User Computing
  • 2 PM – 3:30 PM: Storage – Virtual Volumes, Site Recovery Manager

Check us out on Twitter @vmwaredevcenter for instant updates on our one-stop shop developer portal. Come visit us for any questions about our resources and programs.

Developer Center at VMworld Europe 2014

The last week at Barcelona was not only fun but eventful with great emphasis on knowledge sharing at the Knowledge Zone in the Partner Lounge at VMworld. The zone was buzzing with activity from partners who got conversant with VMware Developer Center  and Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Programs.

The booth exchanged interesting conversations with the crowds gathered at the Knowledge Zone and offered multiple topics of discussion varying from development, APIs, certifications, programs, partner alliance to getting listed on the VCG. It proved to be very helpful for partners to learn that most of the information needed to develop their solutions was public and did not cost a dime.

IMG_20141016_150114      IMG_20141015_111357

The booth offered a raffle yet again like in its VMworld US counterpart. The response was massive with many partners signing up to do the honors. Pictures were taken with the sign board to showcase their encouragement for the VMware Developer Center.


Each day at the end of day, happy faces took home their prized possession- the quadcopter!

To have access to our instant and constant communication of what we are doing next, follow us on Twitter @vmwaredevcenter. We extend our thanks to each participant who showcased their appreciation through their post on social media. Don’t forget to check us out at VMware Developer Center, your one-stop shop for all the development needs.

Developer Center Rocked at VMworld 2014

The rocking week in the Partner Lounge at VMworld 2014 was filled with great talk and activity. VMware Developer Center has seen lots of excitement and enthusiasm around it as it got more and more people interested. Programs and solutions have gained momentum from partners who got to delve further into the details of each.


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Meet us in the Partner Lounge at VMworld 2014!

Have you always been searching in various places to get the right resources to build your solution? You now have an integrated one-stop shop of all the developer resources you need to design solutions for the software-defined data center with VMware Developer Center.

Come join us in the fun at the Partner Lounge at VMworld 2014 to learn more about what we do and also win a raffle. At the photo booth, all you have to do is use the #vmwdev to tweet a picture of yourself holding the Developer Center sign!

Photobooth PicturePlease follow us at @vmwaredevcenter to get live updates of our activities and winners during the show. See you there!