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Richard Thomchick is the product manager for VMware Developer Center. He has worked for VMware in several capacities since 2007, and holds a Masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University with specializations in Digital Services and Emerging Technologies.

Developer Sessions at Partner Exchange 2015

Now that the VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) 2015 Content Catalog has been published, it’s time to start planning your conference agenda by choosing from more than 170 breakout sessions and workshops that will be offered at the event—including sessions geared specifically for developers like you.


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New Extensibility Features for Cloud Automation

With the recent update to VMware vRealize Automation (formerly vCAC) come a host of new extensibility features, including the release of the REST API and Java SDK, along with the introduction of the vRealize Cloud Client command-line tool.

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Visit Developer Center at VMworld Europe 2014

VMware Developer Center is on site at VMworld Europe 2014! Visit us in the Partner Lounge to chat with subject-matter experts from Ecosystem and Solutions Engineering (EASE) group, or attend one of the many partner and developer focused sessions at this year’s event highlighting our new Federation solutions, NSX, and other innovations.


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Reference Architecture: On-Demand Infrastructure with Secure Networks

As first noted on the vSphere blog, VMware has published a new reference architecture, On-Demand Infrastructure with Secure Networks, that showcases the integrations between VMware vCloud® Suite Enterprise, VMware NSX for vSphere®, and VMware vCenter Log Insight to create an on-demand infrastructure with a secure networking environment.


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Developer Center Updates

We’re pleased to announce that Developer Center has released significant new features and expanded content for Virtual SAN, vCloud Automation Center, and NSX for vSphere, as well as a Cloud Management area where you can use as a starting point for quick access to all cloud management developer resources.


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New Tool: Valgrind, ESXi Version

As part of our ongoing commitment to developers and open source software, VMware has released an ESXi porting of Valgrind 3.7.0, a GPL (GNU General Public License) licensed  instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools. Valgrind Tools, ESXi Version works with ESXi 5.5 and later versions. This suite comprises a number of tools for memory debugging, memory leak detection, and cache and heap profiling.

Download Valgrind for ESXi today and stay tuned for an in-depth article on dynamic memory analysis from the Valgrind team.

New Technical Paper: vCenter Operations Management Packs

VMware vCenter Operations Management Packs extend the capabilities of vCenter Operations Management Suite to third- party products and technologies to enable end-to-end operations intelligence with data visualizations, dashboards, reports, alerts, and actions. And now VMware has published a management pack technical white paper will give you insight into the types of management packs you can create and how to deliver them, along with examples of great management packs from other VMware partners.

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New Log Insight Partner Program

With the recent release of vCenter Log Insight 2.0, VMware has extended its platform for log analytics and machine learning in a variety of areas. As mentioned on the Cloud Management Blog, we’re also making it easier for partners to build Log Insight Content Packs with the new Log Insight Partner Program.

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vSphere 2015 Beta Is Here

VMware is pleased to announce the vSphere 2015 Public Beta program, which represents one small leap for VMware and one giant leap for cloud computing. The new beta, which for the first time is open for everyone to join, includes updates to several limited access SDKs and APIs, along with their associated programs, certifications and documentation—all available on VMware Developer Center.

Join the vSphere Beta Community

Beta participation is vital for us to reach our Day 0 goals together. Early feedback will insure we have enough time to address your issues and concerns in the General Availability release of our SDK and certification plugins. Although this Beta Program has no established end date, and you can provide comments throughout the program, we strong encourage everyone to participate and provide feedback in the first 4-6 weeks of the program (which started June 30, 2014).

Download Gated SDKs for vSphere 2015 Beta

Authorized partner developers who are participating in eligible Developer Center programs can now find SDKs, certification plugins, and associated documentation for vSphere 2015 Beta on VMware Developer Center portal. Early feedback will insure we have enough time to address your issues and concerns in the General Availability release of our SDK and certification plugins.

The Beta release is not to be used for production development or certification purposes. Official certification will start with the Release Candidate (RC) build.

Not sure where to start? Download the vSphere Beta Program Ground Rules or read the Master Software Best Test Agreement before you join the vSphere Beta program. For all issues, and any assistance, please access your Developer Center Partner Network (DCPN) account or contact your VMware program manager for additional help.